Penis Enlargement Cream: Our TOP 4 Penis Enlargement Ointments

Penis Enlargement Cream: Our TOP 4 Penis Enlargement Ointments

The size and size of the penis is the number 1 complex of the male sex. To remedy this, there is a whole panoply of solutions: there are non-drug methods that make it possible to enlarge the penis, reconstructive surgeries, food supplements that also boost libido and cream to enlarge the penis.

In this article, it is this last solution that will interest us. We are going to see our top 4 of the best creams and how they can help you have a big penis to enlarge your penis.

1 The best penis enlargement creams
2 Why use an ointment to enlarge your penis?
3 Cream to enlarge the penis: how does it work?
4 How to use a cream to enlarge the penis?

The best penis enlargement creams

The best creams do not do everything and it is often necessary to associate the taking of a pill to enlarge the penis. Among the best, we recommend Member XXL which has proven itself. Find our opinion on Member XXL where you can see its composition, its effects and the feedback from users.

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#1 Titan Gel

Titan gel cream is known to deliver good results. With its active ingredients, it would allow thanks to a regular application, to obtain the few desired centimeters. Other advantages, its application is rather pleasant (avoid all the same the testicles and the glans) and it has effects on the duration of the erection. This ointment therefore lengthens the penis and makes it last longer. For best results, apply this gel with a dose of Member XXL.

Thanks to its composition based on guarana, Maca root and Tribulus Terrestris, the blood flow is stimulated. Your testosterone is thus being boosted. Results: you no longer have erectile dysfunction and you find a fulfilling sex life.

It is advisable to apply Titan Gel to an erect penis at least 30 minutes before intercourse. For more information, read our review of Titan Gel.

#2 Maxi Penis

Maxi Penis is an ointment to enlarge and enlarge your penis. Its active ingredients act on the cavernous bodies to lengthen your penis. Results: you gain in size and thickness. Positive point also, this ointment is pleasant to apply. Like an aphrodisiac, it acts as stimulation and excitement to improve your sexual performance.

Maxi penis will give you good sensations during sexual intercourse and will give you the centimeters you need while helping you maintain your erection. No known side effects.

#3 Develop Sex

To lengthen your penis but also to last longer during your sexual intercourse, Developp Sex is the ideal ointment. Based on ginseng, its application increases sexual desire and can be done during foreplay. After a while, this cream will allow you to gain a few inches.

#4 Gigaman

By applying it before making love, Gigaman stimulates your penis and it appears longer and wider. This cream will help you maintain your erections longer. Your partner will also immediately see the difference.

Why use an ointment to enlarge your penis?

Whether you have a penis in the national average, ie 13.12 cm, a small penis or a larger penis, what matters is the size you want to have.

The study published in the British Journal of Urology International reveals that the length of a flaccid penis is 9.16 cm on average. The length of an erect penis is 13.12 cm on average. As for the average circumference, this is 9.30 cm for a flaccid penis and 11.66 cm for an erect penis (source).

According to the TargetMap site, France is ranked 4th in the world, with an average of 16.1 cm. This puts us ahead of our Italian, Spanish and German neighbours. At the head of the peloton we find the Congolese with an average of 18 cm. At the end of the ranking, the Koreans, with barely 10 cm.

Whether you have a small penis or not, penis enlargement cream has no contraindications and all men can apply it.

Penis enlargement cream: how does it work?

The penis is an erectile body. That is to say that he has the ability to lie down. How? Thanks to the thousands of small blood vessels of which it is formed. They are the ones who will gorge themselves with blood and allow the penis to straighten. Once filled, venous return is blocked and the penis remains hard until ejaculation, before slowly returning to its flaccid size.

The cream to enlarge the penis will mainly act on the blood circulation. Indeed, it is the main cause of a small penis, after genetic causes. In addition, the cream to enlarge the penis will also have a positive impact on the quality of the erection.

This type of ointment is usually made from natural ingredients and poses no health hazard. In its composition you will find:

Vitamins that help take care of blood vessels as well as penile tissues. Several plant extracts renowned for their aphrodisiac properties and for their impact on blood circulation. Sometimes natural substances that would promote the storage of fat in the penis. And often l-arginine which would stimulate the dilation of blood vessels. There is some data to suggest that L-arginine supplements may improve blood vessel function and blood flow in specific populations. However, study results are conflicting and many have found that L-arginine has no beneficial effect (source 1, 2, 3 and 4).

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