10 Tips For A Stronger And Longer Erection

10 Tips For A Stronger And Longer Erection

A question that often comes up among people who have trouble having where to maintain an erection: how to have a strong erection?

Here are our ten tips to answer your question:

Eat Right: One of the keys to having a healthy erection is a healthy diet. You shouldn't overload on heavy foods or eat hard-to-digest meals if you plan to have an intimate moment in the near future.

Getting in the right position: Getting into the best position can improve and maximize the size of your erection.

Calm Your Nerves : Stress turns out to be a big problem when you want to have sex. Studies have shown that a high level of anxiety and stress related to work, for example, can be a huge drag on your libido. Because stress can lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol—which can lead to heart disease—living a life full of anxiety can stop an erection dead in its tracks.

Limit your sensitivity to last longer: The classic way to limit over-sensitivity is to wear a condom, which you should do anyway in a lot of cases. If you don't need to wear a condom with your wife, you can try focusing on other things. Mentally teleport if you think you're going to lose control. The trick is to carry your mind far enough and just long enough to avoid ejaculating too soon – but without losing your erection.

Minimize laptop use: This erection killer might surprise you. If you use your laptop regularly while resting it on your lap, this equipment could mess with your equipment. It turns out that the heat from your computer (if you use it on your lap) could have harmful effects, not only on your sperm but also on your erections. So put this laptop on a desk and keep using it risk-free.

Manage the medications you take: Medications used for certain illnesses such as depression, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety are becoming more common these days. But unfortunately, these drugs kill your erection. If you take this type of medication, talk to your doctor to make sure you don't take too much – otherwise, goodbye sex life.

Brush your teeth : Brush your teeth. (Yes, really.) Scientists have found a direct correlation between gum disease and erectile dysfunction. Because gum disease is linked to heart problems and can affect good blood circulation, good dental hygiene can save your sex life.

Exercise: Do abdominal exercises. This will help your abdominal muscles support and maintain your erection, as opposed to holding your belly. Being physically fit will help you feel good about yourself and boost your self-confidence. Being comfortable in your body like this will encourage you to have sex and therefore improve your libido. You can also train your penis with Kegel exercises. These exercises will help you get a bigger size and they will help you stay harder.

Don't smoke and drink too much : Smoking cigarettes gives you poor blood circulation. And when you want to get hard, the blood flows faster. So here's one more reason to quit smoking. Drinking too much alcohol numbs your member and can cause your prostate to swell. So, don't overdo it with alcohol if you don't want to have problems in love.

Don't masturbate too often: You'd rather save your performance for Madame, not your hand, right? If you ever needed an excuse not to masturbate, here's a really good one… It takes a bit of self-control – and most of us have that! Not true??

To have a good hard and natural erection: Think of a long-term solution

Know that there are many pills to get an erection quickly such as Viagra or Cialis except that their effect only lasts 24 hours and this can cost you dearly if you like to multiply reports like me. I'm not hiding from you that I've also been taken in like many people who have been looking for pills without knowing what to buy.

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