How To Increase Libido In A Man?

How To Increase Libido In A Man?

A man's libido can drop at any time. In this case, his desire to make love decreases in parallel. It takes action to raise the libido in a man. Namely that a man's libido does not work the same way as a woman's. Indeed, in men, the process of orgasm is rather linear, and the connectors of their body do not activate similarly to those of women. Here are some tips to increase the libido in a man.

Induce the desire to have more libido

To increase a man's libido, it is important to trigger his desire. This step relies mainly on the actions of his partner. Indeed, man is easily visually aroused. Also, his spouse can act in this direction. To encourage him to make love, she can for example appear in front of him in a naughty outfit, take good care of her body and wear the sexiest lingerie in her wardrobe. It is also necessary that she reproduces scenes that incite her to desire. To provoke a man's desire is in a way to make him struggle. We should not immediately enter the heart of the matter. Some naughty gestures can have an effect on him. Everyone has their own way of showing it. But in any case, a couple must always leave room for an alchemy of their two bodies. He should also not hesitate to practice mutual sensual caresses in the right place and at the right time. Which will increase male desire, given the fact of the hypersensitivity of the skin.

Surprise with gestures

For a man to achieve maximum pleasure and want to go all the way, it is essential to surprise him with gestures. Being bold and being direct will not bother him. His partner must therefore be subtle. For example, she can adopt different sensual poses to arouse the envy of her companion. To do this, she will have to know the erogenous zones of the latter's body. Petting can build up the pressure. It must be recognized that the lobe of the ears, the contour of the kidneys, as well as the nipples are essential erogenous zones. Kisses and caresses in these places will trigger real excitement in him. It is advisable to always keep a permanent contact of the two bodies. Sometimes playing him the striptease scene can also have an effect.

Don't be afraid to hurt him

The penis is a sensitive area with thin skin, and women are often afraid to handle it. However, this organ is still quite firm. There is no question of being afraid of hurting our man, when holding the rod. It can be petted and held firmly. The rule remains the same when you practice fellatio. However, avoid lingering too long at the risk of seeing all your efforts postponed. Finally, at the time of penetration, the fact that you touch and brush his testicles exacerbates his desire, while these little jewels often neglected, bring up an unequaled pleasure in your lover.

Desire on your plates

If a man is struggling to raise his libido, aphrodisiac foods can help him. Indeed, we find in our diet substances with stimulating effects, like the alkaloids found in spices, chocolate or pomegranate. Some foods also contain volatile essences and other components that have a stimulating effect on sexuality and emotions. They can help combat fatigue and stress. There are also foods that help men prepare their bodies to take action. The substances contained in them improve blood circulation, strengthen veins and expand blood vessels. This promotes the flow of blood to have a good erection. This is the case for seafood, oysters and honey. In addition, certain foods promote the production of sex hormones responsible for sexual desire. For example, the zinc contained in shellfish, walnuts, eggs, asparagus, quinoa… interact to improve testosterone levels. The selenium found in garlic, almonds, onions or mushrooms also ensures the formation of sperm.

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