SizeGenetics 2022: Full Penis Extender Review

SizeGenetics 2022: Full Penis Extender Review

It is sometimes difficult to be a man! Believe my experience, although I am obviously not the only one in this case. My problem lasted many years and started in my teens: with a penis that was too small in my opinion, I developed a lack of self-confidence. This showed up from my first sexual experiences and got worse over time. Rather than enjoying a fulfilling sex life, I was stuck with this problem. Having met my partner all the same, I continued to be complexed, feeling that I could not completely satisfy her in bed. And then, one day, I finally decided to find a solution to remedy this penis problem once and for all.

If several solutions seemed to be offered on the market, exercises, pills, penis extender, my choice fell on this last solution, and in particular on SizeGenetics. Well took me. This penis extender, in a few months, gave me the extra 2 centimeters. These 2 centimeters, they made all the difference between my complex before and my sexual fulfillment today…

Of course, when I started using SizeGenetics, I was rather skeptical about the usefulness of extenders. How could this affect the size of my penis? However, it must be recognized that after a few weeks during which the results seemed to be desired, they finally came. So actually, I did not expect to see my penis double in size or length, but it must be recognized that the two or three centimeters that I hoped to gain have arrived.

SizeGenetics, the number 1 penis extender on the market

SizeGenetics is not the only penis extender on offer. Indeed, the principle of traction of the penis to increase the size or the circumference of it is not new, the Indian fakirs make use of weight, there are thousands of years, to arrive at the same end. But it is not for nothing that SizeGenetics is the number 1 device in this field: indeed, very complete, with no less than 58 possible combinations of use, it adapts to all penis morphologies, even if this one is curved. Moreover, it also makes it possible to correct curvature defects. In addition, the strength of SizeGenetics consists in the total absence of pain associated with its use, its CE certification, as well as the quality of its manufacture. In short, a complete device, with a good quality/price ratio.

Sizegenetics is a type 1 medical device that has been clinically tested and has been approved by the FDA as a penis enlargement device. It’s just one of the few top-selling popular extenders that go the extra mile to gain FDA approval (which is rare in this industry).

According to the manufacturer of the Sizegenetics extender, you should expect the following when using SizeGenetics:

– An increase in self-confidence – An increase in the size of your penis. – The ability to better satisfy your partner. – Lasting and stronger erections – A strengthening of the curved penis or Peyronie’s disease

Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of SizeGenetics

One thing people like me love about SizeGenetics is that it’s been clinically researched to see if it really does what it promises.

In a 2008 study, 15 men were chosen to participate in the study. Each of the participants wore the device at least 4 hours a day for 6 months.

After 6 months, participants achieved the following results:

– An average increase of 2.3 cm in the flaccid length of their penis – An average increase of 1.7 cm in the erect length of their penis

The results showed that indeed the participants were able to increase the size of their penises, with some gaining more size than others.

What gain should you expect?

Here is a screenshot of the clinical study of 10 participants who used the Sizegenetics extender. Overall, they achieved a 28% gain in 4-6 months.

How SizeGenetics works

To know how SizeGenetics intervenes in the size (length and width) of the penis, it is necessary to do a little anatomy. Indeed, the penis is composed of corpora cavernosa, which fill with blood at the time of erection. By nature, the size of the erect penis is therefore dependent on the space available in these cavernous parts. But these are made up of cells. SizeGenetics mission is to gently and gradually stretch the penis. The cells present in the corpora cavernosa will therefore be more distant from each other, causing a phase of healing of these cells and then a phase of creation of new cells. Logically, during erection, the cavernous parts are larger, receive more blood and noticeably increase the size and diameter of the penis. Furthermore, this improvement is long-lasting, even when the user stops stretching phases with SizeGenetics.

The use of SizeGenetics is quite simple: just place the device around the penis, using the dozens of different combinations, to obtain the best comfort and the solution that best fits the shape of your penis. The variable pressure, which can reach 2800 grams, the most important penis extender, is to increase gradually over the weeks, like the duration of daily use of the device. Moreover, the product is sold with a DVD explaining precisely how it works. In my opinion, it is much more convenient to wear SizeGenetics at night, but it is also possible during the day, even under jeans.

Finally, even if it was not my case, the scientific studies published on the sidelines of the arrival on the market of the device have demonstrated its ability to intervene to reduce the curvature of certain penises or even to offer a solution to sufferers of Peyronie’s disease, a harmless disease in which the penis has a curvature resulting from tissue sclerosis. Again, numerous user reviews have proven the reality of the benefits of using SizeGenetics.

Buy SizeGenetics from the official website

The advantages of SizeGenetics

What struck me when I received my SizeGenetics package was the quality of the material. We are far from the low-end chinoiseries that can be found here or there. No, it is a solid, complete penis extender, optimal for use without any pain. It’s simple, from the start of its use, it never bothered me and I quickly no longer thought of it when I wore it. If SizeGenetics stands out from its competitors, beyond its proven effectiveness, it is above all for the comfort it provides.

Moreover, you should know that the extender is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Indeed, if no results appear after four months of use, it is possible to return the product within two months and obtain a refund equal to twice the purchase price. Indeed, in some men, the first effects are only felt four months after purchase. Hence the interest of regular and long-term use.

Also note that the device is sent, in the full version, with the PenisHealth DVD. This includes exercise programs that will complement wearing the device and speed up the enlargement process.

The composition of the SizeGenetics kits

There are thus three different kits, with varying prices. If the basic version will be more affordable, it will not include the three different sizes of elongation bars or the comfort system and its 58 different modes. It is therefore desirable to turn to the comfort kit, or even the complete kit. The latter indeed includes, in addition to the PenisHealth DVD, comfort dressings, a specially designed moisturizer, a SizeGenetics locking system and even a leather storage case.

Click here for more information on the Packs

Where to buy SizeGenetics?

Due to the success of the extender, it is unfortunately possible to come across counterfeits on the Internet. Thus, legally, you should know that only the official site is authorized to offer SizeGenetics for purchase. This is also the only way to possibly benefit from the money-back guarantee, but also from customer service, available before, during or after the purchase. Accessible at any time, he will give you all the useful advice to facilitate his experience.

The site is currently in English but you will have no problem placing your order, just add the sizegenetics pack that suits you to the basket, fill in your details and pay for your order. After a few seconds you will receive a confirmation email and delivery details.

You know everything! All you have to do is do like me, take the step towards a more fulfilling sex life!

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