Erection Problems And Marriage Life

Erection Problems And Marriage Life

Sex is said to be "the art of loving" for a reason. It usually requires strength and finesse from both partners to be rewarding. Besides, psychological comfort and an appropriate atmosphere are also important. A successful sexual relationship not only forms the basis for a long-term intimate relationship, but also provides a sense of fulfillment that directly affects other areas of life. But what to do when the will is not enough?

Short, weak or absent erection

In the vast majority of cases, erectile dysfunction is related to health, namely: diseases of the heart and circulatory system, diabetes, obesity, neurological and hormonal disorders. Moreover, aging is another common cause of erectile problems. However, it is not so much about erectile dysfunction, but simply a change in the rhythm and intensity of sex life.

Yet reports from recent years indicate that young men, even before the age of 30, are increasingly experiencing poor erections. In most cases, this is related to psychological issues.

Erectile dysfunction: what are the causes?

Nowadays, it is more and more difficult for men to find their own identity. Contemporary media create a culture in which various, sometimes contradictory, models of masculinity are promoted. Until recently, a “real man” was characterized by his resourcefulness, independence, leadership, and constant willingness to engage in sexual activity. Today, all these characteristics are confronted with the demands of a new generation of independent and imposing women. This can translate into submission, delicacy, and the ability to compromise. Men are therefore confused and often face expectations that they are unable to meet. As a result, it results in sexual problems.

In 90% of men, erectile dysfunction leads to a decrease in self-esteem. No wonder as no less than 72% of them believe that sexual performance is the most important attribute of masculinity. However, stress from work and family support, fatigue, poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle can also cause temporary or long-term problems in your sex life.

Sometimes the man fears that he will not be able to meet the expectations of his partner (this especially concerns young couples). At other times, boredom creeps into a long-term relationship, extinguishing the flame of desire. In such situations, the man begins to avoid sex and is often accused of cheating on his partner (every third Polish woman in such a situation blames herself and thinks that her partner no longer finds her attractive). The circle is closed and the man is not always able to take care of it alone.

How to regain sexual performance in small steps?

In order to reduce the risk of erection problems, it is advisable to have an honest conversation both with your partner and with a specialist doctor. This can help you diagnose and treat the problem. However, many men prefer to keep their frustration a secret rather than publicly admitting their health issues. Most often, they seek help on the Internet (approximately 54% of them). Unfortunately, in addition to professional advice, there is also a lot of unverified and even dangerous information. However, the fear of talking about it is simply not necessary, a study conducted by the Millward Brown Institute, commissioned by Permen, shows that 86% of Polish women are attentive and understanding of their partner's problems. They also try to help by initiating closeness and increasing their sexual activity.

Erection problems: drugs and dietary supplements

Medications and dietary supplements can also be used if erectile dysfunction has been confirmed. According to the definition, drugs are used to treat disease states. As for dietary supplements, they are used to supplement the diet with selected ingredients that can support the natural physiological processes that control erection.

The advantage of dietary supplements is that you can get them without a prescription. However, it should be noted that the effects cannot be expected from the first tablet. Indeed, most are intended for regular, long-term use (which is consistent with their definition and purpose). The most common ingredients of this type of preparation improve the functioning of the vascular system, promote blood circulation and positively influence the concentration of testosterone. They also stimulate the body to physical and mental activity.

However, before you decide to consult a doctor or support the body with dietary supplements on your own, it is worth sharing your concerns with your partner. This will build mutual trust and repair the relationship. Indeed, a little spice can sometimes destroy the routine in bed, and various types of aphrodisiacs whether oysters or lace can rekindle the fire that was about to go out.

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