Is sperm cold or hot?

Is sperm cold or hot?

Sperm is a precious liquid: it is the source of life! Suddenly, when we detect an anomaly, we quickly worry, which is completely normal. It must be said that the sperm a semen is capricious : you can sometimes have yellow sperm, a thicker sperm, the quantity of different sperm and even sometimes a sperm with a particular taste. What about his temperature? Some men report cases of cold semen, let's see this together.

1 Why do I have cold semen?
2 My semen is cold: is it serious?
3 What are the consequences of cold semen?
4 Are there solutions for warmer sperm?

Why do I have cold semen?

As everyone knows, our body temperature fluctuates between 36.1°C and 37.8°C. However, this does not mean that the semen is at this temperature. Indeed, it is produced and stored in the testicles, which are … outside the body! And yes, it is no coincidence that the testicles are suspended by the scrotum.

You will certainly have noticed that when it is cold, the testicles tend to move closer to the body. Conversely, when it is hot, they move away from it. This phenomenon occurs in order to regulate the temperature of the semen.

Indeed, spermatogenesis, ie the production of spermatozoa, is optimal at a temperature between 32°C and 34°C. In addition, spermatozoa are better preserved when they are cool. Moreover, too high a temperature can indeed have a negative impact on fertility (source).

So here is a first explanation why some men have the impression of having cold semen. Indeed, although the liquid passes through the erectile ducts that are in the penis before being ejaculated, it is not enough to increase its temperature significantly.

This means that the semen, once outside the penis, has a temperature close to 32°C. It may feel cold, compared to skin temperature, normally 37°C, or even more, if you are warm!

My sperm is cold: is it serious?

As I told you, it is very likely that cold semen is more of a sensation than a fact. We have indeed seen together that the normal temperature of sperm is 32°C, which may seem cold.

In this case, it is completely normal, there is no need to worry. It even means that your semen is of very good quality.

However, there may also be a dysfunction in the muscle that allows the movement of the scrotum: the cremaster muscle. Indeed, it could be that for one reason or another, your testicles remain far from your body (source). When the outside temperature is cool, these are not warmed by your body temperature.

To find out, you can test the cremasteric reflex : rub the inner side of your thigh with one hand, starting from the groin to the base of the abdomen. If the testicle on the same side moves up, it means that your cremaster muscle is functioning normally.

If not, you may have a lesion, which explains cold semen. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor.

Another way to find out if your scrotum is properly regulating your semen temperature is to take a test in the shower. Turn on the hot water and let the water slide over your genitals.

Your testicles should descend. Then lower the temperature while maintaining the jet on your penis. Normally you should see your testicles rising. This is normal, they come closer to the body in order to raise the temperature. If you don't see any movement, talk to your doctor.

What are the consequences of cold semen?

As I told you, the movement of the scrotum helps regulate the temperature of the sperm so that spermatogenesis takes place under optimal conditions. In addition, to survive, spermatozoa need a very precise temperature.

This means that having cold semen could have two consequences:

1. Low sperm production and in rare cases the complete absence of sperm. We then speak of aspermia. (source) 2. Or, infertility because sperm are not produced in sufficient quantities or die prematurely. (source)

That's why if you observe cold semen, you should not hesitate to discuss it with your doctor. He will certainly check the proper functioning of the cremaster muscle and can prescribe a spermogram, a semen examination.

Are there solutions for hotter sperm?

If you observe cold semen, it means that your testicles are abnormally low in temperature. To remedy this, you can adopt several solutions to try to warm up this part of your body.

But be careful, it is not a question of drastically increasing the temperature, since heat can also have a negative influence on spermatogenesis.

So, opt for cotton briefs that will let your parts breathe while maintaining an optimal ambient temperature. You can also slightly increase the temperature of the shower water.

However, it is not recommended to take very hot baths, to place significant heat sources on your testicles or to wear jeans that are too tight.

In any case, if you observe cold semen as well as the absence of movement of the scrotum, it is better to consult a doctor. He or she may be able to refer you to a urologist. Whatever the case, he will be able to tell you the solutions adapted to your situation.

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