13 Reasons To Have Sex Every Night

13 Reasons To Have Sex Every Night

After a long day full of all kinds of activities, sex is still the best thing to do to relax. This is because the majority of people are always fed up, anxious and distracted.

Because of these forms of stress and depression, we shouldn't let it affect our own mood, but rather, stay motivated and still have sex at night.

Quite a few people are said to have sex several times a week due to several associated positive impacts.

Those who do not have frequent sex most often have illnesses, business trips and other exhausting circumstances.

These reasons tend to keep them from having sex with their partners as many times as they want.

The pleasure felt during sex is not the only side that we should see. Sex has several other benefits that one can benefit from having frequent sex especially during the night.

Most of them are based on scientific principles while others are beneficial to health. Here are the top 13 reasons that clearly show the importance of having sex at night;

1. Sex helps keep your immune system healthy

It is advisable to calm down, relax and prepare for sex when showing signs of a cold. Having sex several times a week leads to high levels of immunoglobulin.

It is an antibody that protects against infections and colds. Relaxation increases the release of immunoglobin and this cures the common cold in about 90% of cases.

2. Frequent nighttime sex helps lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is a condition closely linked to heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease. Research results show that having sex on a regular basis helps lower diastolic blood pressure.

Sex tends to relax body processes especially when one reaches orgasm. It is this relaxation that lowers blood pressure. This has a positive impact on all heart diseases.

3. Sex at night helps burn excess calories

Sex is a demanding task in itself and it mostly depends on its intensity. Having sex for about half an hour helps burn over 144 calories.

The more you move, the more calories you will burn, because you will be doing an intense effort for a short period of time.

4. Sex relieves stress

Research findings from a University of the West of Scotland professor show that people who have had sex once or more for at least two weeks are highly motivated and able to handle stressful circumstances.

Situations may include public speaking and tactical decision making. In general, therefore, more sex means that one would become less stressed and more intelligent.

5. Sex makes you look young thanks to the anti-aging creams used;

Research shows that people who have sex at night are often considered to be 12 years younger than their actual age. Having sex more often helps release hormones that make you look young.

Estrogen helps soften the skin and make it look young and beautiful.

6. Sex promotes sleep

Sex, as an act, triggers the release of endorphins that make you feel relaxed. It also de-stresses your body and mind, preparing it for good sleep.

7. Sex reduces pain

Epinephrine and dopamine are the endorphins that act as the body's natural pain relievers. They are massively released in your body after an orgasm.

8. Frequent sex helps reduce prostate cancer in men

Research shows that men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month are less likely to get prostate cancer. However, this does not take into account what stimulates you to ejaculate.

9. Sex reduces menstrual pain

The scientific principle behind this is that during female orgasm, the uterus contracts and at the same time rids the body of cramp-causing molecules.

10. Sex makes us geniuses

Having sex every night, once or several times, makes you more fertile, extends life expectancy and protects against diseases. It also helps develop a super genius brain. You will become a super hero.

11. Also, sex makes you feel more like a man or a woman.

Sex also improves communication thus avoiding relationship and family problems.

12. Sex lengthens life expectancy

Studies show that people who orgasm at least three times a week are more than 50% less likely to die than their counterparts. However, the research did not consider other medical issues that may arise.

13. Frequent sex improves the fertility rate

Frequent sex reduces sperm count but improves sperm quality afterwards. This is because the more often you have sex, the better the quality of the sperm produced. For women, sex helps balance hormones and regulate the menstrual cycle. This improves their chances of conceiving.

Sex should not be seen as a form of physical pleasure, but rather as a practice with many significant health benefits.

Many think that having sex every day is impossible because they put in a lot of effort throughout the day. In fact, sex reduces daily stress and depression that one may have endured throughout the day.

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