15 Things You Don't Yet Know About Male Sex

15 Things You Don't Yet Know About Male Sex

Whether you're a man or a woman who's had a number of penises in your life, we doubt you know all the secrets that the male sex holds. Indeed, we often have false ideas about it, hence the interest in establishing the truth. Here are the top 15 things to know about the male gender.

The 15 things to know about the male gender

The penis has many secrets. Some facts are known to the general public while other information is much less widespread. To help you learn more about your penis, here are the 15 things to know about the male sex.

1/ A penis can fracture

Even if the penis is not made of bone, it can still fracture. A fracture of the penis can indeed occur as a result of too sudden sexual intercourse or after a bad fall if the penis is erect. The injury can be all the more painful as it is the cavernous body of the sex that will be cracked, which can also take longer to heal than for a normal fracture. Also watch out for micro-lesions. These are much less painful and can go unnoticed. However, over the years, these repeated microtraumas can promote the appearance of Peyronie 's disease (source) and with it the emergence of a twisted penis.

2/ The male sexes are getting smaller and smaller

Did you know that in recent years, the average size of a male has been getting smaller and smaller. Indeed, from one generation to another, the average size of a penis will shrink by a few millimeters. A serious study has indeed compared the size of the sexes of 25,000 men over a period of ten years (source). At the beginning of this study, the average size of an erect penis was just over 15 cm, to go to 13.1 cm today (source). The reason for this shrinkage would be changes in our environment, and in particular the use of pesticides and their presence in our food.

The ideal and average size of a penis is 7 and 11 cm at rest, to reach between 11 and 20 cm when erect. When it comes to girth, the average penis is 11.7cm wide when erect. Only 0.6% of men suffer from a micro penis, less than 9.3 cm erect (source). In terms of nationalities, the French are among the men with the largest penises in Europe behind the Hungarians (respectively 14.8 and 16.51 cm erect) and far ahead of the Koreans (source).

3/ It is almost impossible to have a straight penis

If you think you have a bent penis, don't worry. This is the case for more than 20% of men. This is one of the forms of penises and is completely normal. Indeed, these men almost always have sex with a slight curvature upwards, downwards, to the right or to the left. It is however important not to complex on this shape of penis. Indeed, the worry and anxiety associated with this type of complex can lead to the appearance of sexual dysfunction such as reduced libido or erectile dysfunction (source). If your penis tends to curve more over the years, make an appointment with your doctor, because you could suffer from Lapeyronie's disease (source).

4/ A circumcised penis is healthier

Circumcision is not just a religious or aesthetically motivated ritual. Indeed, it especially allows you to ensure that your sex remains healthy. Among its benefits, it would allow your foreskin to dilate well, which would prevent pain during sex. Be careful though, the relationship between circumcision and healthy penis does not make a scientific consensus (source).

5/ It's proven, it's not the size that counts

Maybe you still worry about your penis size. Indeed, it is a subject that complex many men. However, be aware that the latter actually has no impact on the pleasure you can provide to your partner. Indeed, female pleasure is achieved through the stimulation of the clitoris, which you can excite with your hand or your tongue. Also, female orgasms can occur at the entrance to the vagina, the supposed G-spot erogenous zone (source). Thus, it is not necessary to have a long penis to provide pleasure and an orgasm. In addition, the walls of the vagina are flexible and can adapt to all types of penis (source).

So, whether you have a longer or thicker penis, it won't make a big difference when it comes to penetration. In fact, it's even the opposite. A penis that is too big or too wide can tend to scare some women, who for fear of having pain during sex will not be sufficiently aroused and will therefore struggle to reach orgasm.

In addition, certain positions are recommended for men with a small penis in order to correctly stimulate the G-spot of their partner (in particular the position of the Amazon). In any case, your penis is not the only tool you have to excite your sexual partner. Indeed, foreplay and communication play a big role in sexual pleasure. Indeed, it is with these steps that you will increase your desire and that of your partner and thus your libido.

6/ A not-so-essential organ

While many men couldn't live without a penis, our bodies actually have a completely different opinion about them. Indeed, if he feels threatened, your body will be programmed to abandon him. This natural defense system is observed, for example, when you swim in water that is too cold. You will observe that your penis shrunk. The reason for this is the contraction of the blood vessels of the penis and the muscle cells of the perineum (source). This is the human body's way of primarily protecting the organs it needs to survive (like your brain or your heart) by bringing blood and thus heat to them.

7/ Beware of viagra

Viagra would fight against erectile dysfunction and have an erection a few hours after taking the blue pill. However, taking this medication too often can lead to an overdose and thus a permanent erection (source). Besides, it is not possible to take viagra without a prescription and it must be prescribed by a doctor. If you are erect for more than 4 hours, your penis will eventually hurt and suffer irreversible damage. Your torrid night may therefore end in a night in the emergency room.

8/ The left testicle is the lowest

Two out of three men would have the left testicle leaning lower than the right. The reverse is much rarer. The lucky ones who would have a perfectly symmetrical sex are exceptions, since there would in reality be no more than 10%.

9/ One in 400 men can perform oral sex

If you have ever dreamed of being able to satisfy yourself sexually by giving yourself a blowjob, know that it is practically impossible since only 1 in 400 men would be flexible enough to be able to reach their sex with their mouth. For the others, you will have to settle for finding a willing partner.

10/ The powers of sperm

Few men worry about the quality, or even the taste, of their sperm. In reality, it is a much more important criterion for women who, according to an Italian study, would choose without hesitation a man with good quality sperm over a partner whose sperm is mediocre (source).

11/ A hypocaloric penis

Semen is very low in calories. Indeed, the average amount of semen ejaculated from a penis would not be larger than a teaspoon. So that would represent in all and for all 20 calories.

12/ Smoking is dangerous for your penis

You have certainly already seen the messages warning smokers about the risks of tobacco on their sexual health. Know that to get a good erection, you need proper blood circulation. However, this is jeopardized by regular tobacco consumption. In addition, a study has shown that smoking could reduce the size of your penis by 2 cm (source).

13/ The two different types of penis

Nobody likes to put the male sex in boxes, but there are actually two types of erect penis: the flesh penis and the blood penis. The first are generally larger when they are at rest and swell very little during erection. Unlike the latter which tend to expand and enlarge when erect.

14/ The time when masturbation was forbidden

If you find that we live in an increasingly puritanical society, here is a historical fact that should change your mind. In the 19th century, the church prohibited men from masturbating. This, for the good and simple reason that it was then convinced that each man had only a definite reserve of sperm. Thus, it was important to save it to ensure many births to each household (source).

15/ Beware of cancer risks

If penile cancer is little known, it would affect more and more men (source). It seems that this type of cancer is curable. Nevertheless, it would then have to be detected in time (source). To prevent this type of disease, it is strongly advised to make preventive visits to your doctor or a urologist. Also, it is advisable to perform palpations on his penis in order to detect a potential anomaly such as a lump.

To conclude, this article was intended to lift certain taboos. Thus, we revealed to you the secrets of the penis. You now know the 15 things to know about the male sex.

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