5 Causes of Male Infertility You Should Find Out Quickly

5 Causes of Male Infertility You Should Find Out Quickly

More and more couples are suffering from infertility problems. In the past, these problems affected men less than women, but this is no longer the case today because both sexes are now equally affected. If you think you are affected by any of the factors described below and you or your partner have had fertility problems in the past, you can talk to your doctor and ask them to offer you treatment.

Stress When you are under chronic stress, your body produces toxins and can no longer produce enough hormones. It can affect your reproductive system and general health.

Whatever the cause of your stress: professional, relationship, family, financial problems, you must find a way to relax and let go. If you don't succeed, you will have to suffer the consequences, and these include infertility problems.

Sexual Dissatisfaction Even if you have regular sexual intercourse, you can suffer from infertility problems if you are not sexually fulfilled. Marriage problems, a monotonous sex life and other factors can cause emotional stress or feelings of frustration, which has the effect of reducing the production of viable sperm. To solve these problems, you will have to privilege sincerity and communication within your couple, in order to entrust your desires and your needs to your partner. Sex should be kept fun and relaxing because it shouldn't cause stress or be seen as a chore.

Overheating of the TesticlesOverheating of the testicles is mainly caused by having your laptop on your lap and wearing underpants that are too tight. Sperm cells die when the testicles overheat. So you need to keep your genitals cool! For this, we recommend that you wear loose underwear or boxers and always rest your laptop on a protective support when using it on your lap. If you can, we even advise you to put it on a table or desk.

Drug Use To sum it up: drugs have many negative effects on your body and mind, and so do medications, especially painkillers. All drugs, even cannabis, can cause male infertility problems. Alcohol and tobacco have the same effects, so it is recommended not to consume them.

Obesity Being overweight affects your body, your hormones and can also cause infertility problems. Another problem: most overweight people suffer from deficiencies and malnutrition. Their diet that is too high in fat does not provide vital nutritious nutrients. A healthy diet and 15-30 minutes of daily exercise are enough to improve your health, mood, fitness and fertility.

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