5 Exercises To Enlarge Your Penis And Lengthen The Penis

5 Exercises To Enlarge Your Penis And Lengthen The Penis

If you are complexed by the size of your penis (you have a small penis or micro penis), you may be interested in exercises to enlarge your penis. These different massages and stretches could help you gain several inches, strengthen your penis and have better erections.

To perform them, you will need your hands, a little lubricant but also a good dose of patience since you will have to do it several times during the day, and for several weeks to have a chance of see some results.

In this article, we show you the most interesting exercises to get a bigger penis. But also the precautions to take to observe real results. Without taking any danger with your sexual health.

1 Tips before starting the exercises to enlarge your penis
2 Know the anatomy of the male sex well to do good exercises
3 1. Kegel exercises to enlarge your penis
4 2. Jelqing, another exercise to enlarge your penis
5 3. Warming, another solution for a bigger penis
6 4. Stretching the penis to gain inches
7 Recommendations for performing these exercises correctly
8 The limits of these exercises

Tips before starting the exercises to enlarge your penis

Before beginning these exercises, it is important to choose the method that will be most effective for you. Indeed, to be effective, you will have to do it regularly and over a long period of time.

It is therefore better to commit to a single exercise to enlarge your penis, and not to scatter yourself. Also start with a simple technique, before moving on to more complicated movements, for which you risk injuring yourself.

Then adapt them to your needs, again to avoid injury. Then remember to let your penis rest between each exercise: to increase the size of your penis, you must exert tension on it and let your penis rest to avoid fractures.

A good diet and regular sports activity would also be beneficial in strengthening your muscles.

Know the anatomy of the male sex well to do good exercises

Before starting your exercises to lengthen your penis, it is important to understand how your penis works. The penis is made up of muscle tissue. And it is precisely the latter that you will have to work on so that your penis gains in strength and flexibility.

Strength exercises usually consist of stretching your penis. The main purpose of these is to improve blood circulation in the cells of your member.

These exercises would gain a few centimeters in penis size and improve the division of your cells. They would therefore be more effective when your penis is at rest, and not erect. The recommended solution for these exercises is the use of an expander such as Phallosan Forte, which makes it safe to do this.

For best results, your cells will need to fill with blood. A good supplement like Member XXL, which comes in the form of capsules containing natural products) can also be a good supplement for faster and longer-lasting effects.

Currently, for 2 boxes purchased, Member XXL offers the third. In parallel with the exercises, the use of the most effective supplement on the market allows faster and more visible results. On the other hand, buy it ONLY on the official website available at the link below

Beware, however, of the risk of damaging your penis. So do not go too hard when you perform these exercises to enlarge the penis.

As for flexibility, the exercises will consist of strengthening the muscle at the base of the penis. These exercises would allow you to better control your erection and ejaculation. To be effective, they must be combined with strength exercises and be patient, because the first results do not appear from the first days.

These exercises would be effective if they are practiced correctly, in particular by combining them with strength exercises. It is recommended to practice both types at the same time and to be patient, because the results do not appear in a day. Taking a supplement is not essential, but can improve the results. Also be careful not to force so as not to have erection problems.

1. Kegel exercises to enlarge your penis

The most well-known exercises to lengthen your penis are those of Kegel, named after the doctor who made them popular as early as the 1940s.

They are very popular with men wishing to enlarge their penis since they:

– help to treat problems of premature ejaculation and to be more enduring in bed; – allow you to have better orgasms; – facilitate erection and reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction; – reduce the risk of prostate cancer and incontinence.

Before performing these exercises to enlarge your penis, you will need to locate your PC muscle (for pubococcygeus). This muscle is the one that will allow you to have a longer organ, but also to control your erection as well as your orgasm.

To find it, just put two fingers on the skin between your testicles and your anus. Then try to hold your urine. This will cause the muscle to flex.

Once you find it, Kegel exercises will involve working that muscle repeatedly. And to keep it flexed for several seconds for 10 times to start, then longer and as many times as possible. Listen to your body, because these pressures must become easier and easier. If you feel any pain, stop, and start again when it's gone. (source)

You can get help from an app. It will not only give you visual cues to find your PC muscle more easily. But will also remind you to do your exercises during the day, rigor being essential for good results.

As your muscles get stronger, you can repeat them 2 to 3 times a day, for 5 to 10 reps each time. Remember to let your penis rest to avoid injury.

2. Jelqing, another exercise to enlarge your penis

While Jelqing may sound a bit barbaric to you, it simply derives from the Persian word meaning masturbation. This natural technique, used for several centuries, would make it possible to gain up to 2 cm in penis size.

Concretely, it will be a question of reproducing the gesture of masturbation in order to promote blood circulation in your sex. By pulling more or less hard on your penis, which can be dangerous in itself, you will create micro-fractures in your muscle tissue. And thus lengthen your member.

For this exercise to be effective, you will have to do it for about 10 minutes a day, over 2 weeks to a month and a half. It is advisable to use lubricant to avoid irritation and discomfort that this massage can cause. This will also warm up your penis (for this you can also wrap it in a hot towel or take a good shower).

The movement is however significantly different from masturbation since you must form with your thumb and your index finger the OK sign. Keep your palm facing up or down and start at the base. Then go up to the top of your sex by exerting pressure so that the blood goes up. The pressure should not be too strong to avoid injury. Stop immediately if you start having a migraine.

Jelqing should be performed when your penis is between flaccid and erect.

There is not enough science or research to be sure whether this technique works or not. Here's a quick look at a scientific study that suggests what's possible with similar (but more rigorous) stretching techniques using traction devices:

A 2011 review of the penis enlargement literature found that traction devices provided results comparable to surgery, recommending traction devices as first-line treatment (source).

3. Warming, another solution for a bigger penis

This method must be done in addition to other exercises to enlarge your penis. Indeed, it is not so much a massage as a warm-up to promote blood circulation to your sex. But also to make the skin of the penis more elastic.

To do this, simply wet a hot towel, wring it out and wrap it around your member for a minute. Then repeat 2 or 3 times before drying your penis well.

Then, apply lubricant to avoid friction and irritation of the skin of your penis. You can then start your exercises (such as Kegel exercises or Jelqing). This should limit the risk of injury.

4. Stretching the penis to gain inches

You can perform this stretch sitting or standing, while your penis is slightly erect. Indeed, if you have a hard-on too hard, your corpora cavernosa will be too hard. The use of a penis extender is recommended.

Research on penis stretching techniques is limited. None of the studies conducted point to any particular technique as an effective way to permanently lengthen the penis.

However, a temporary increase in size may be possible. On the other hand, a study conducted in 2011 showed that men wearing a traction device for 9 hours a day and for 3 months gained 2.5 cm in length.

Regarding penis extenders, the study showed that the length of the penis would increase by 1.5 cm in men who used a penis extender for 3 months (source).

To stretch, close your hand around the base of your penis to apply light pressure. Then slide your hand up to the glans, as slowly as possible (between five to 10 seconds). Stop at the very top of your penis and hold this position for a few seconds (as long as it doesn't hurt).

Repeat with the other hand, still holding your penis by the base of the glans (with your free hand). Try to replicate the motion you would pull a rope. And always repeat the same ones.

For best results, repeat these steps at least 10 times a day. Start with 10 reps, then gradually build up to sets of 50 reps. It shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes.

Recommendations for performing these exercises correctly

To perform these exercises to enlarge the penis, some recommendations should be taken into account:

Remember to lubricate your penis to limit irritation. – Do not force or pull too much at the risk of injury. – Be rigorous : these exercises require practice and time to be effective.

The limits of these exercises

You now know what exercises can be considered to enlarge your penis. Be careful not to place too much hope in these natural methods, which do not work on all men. Plus, they take a lot of practice and patience.

For best results, combine these exercises with taking supplements to enlarge your penis. This strategy will allow you to significantly improve blood circulation to your corpora cavernosa. It could also help you have a bigger penis, better erections and a more fulfilling sex life.

If you want to combine these exercises with another solution to enlarge the penis, use a penis pump or an extender. For more information, here is our article on extenders and our article on penis pumps.

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