5 Myths About Testosterone You Can Do Without

5 Myths About Testosterone You Can Do Without

Just thinking of the word “testosterone” brings to mind images of drug and steroid abuse in sports. The truth is that “testosterone” is one of the most important hormones. It is the abuse of this hormone by various means that leads to health problems. As a hormone, testosterone is behind a series of beneficial functions and processes.

Here are some testosterone myths that we are going to dispel.

The illegality of testosterone

A number of people believe that drug treatments containing testosterone are illegal. Prescription testosterone supplements are perfectly legal and are recommended by doctors to treat various illnesses. Testosterone is not only legal, but it is also very important. The development of male genitalia is the result of the action of testosterone. It therefore plays a very important role during puberty. The various physical changes that occur in a man during puberty are the result of testosterone. The functions of testosterone include producing sperm, promoting erection, ensuring a healthy libido, and much more. Testosterone is only illegal if you buy it without a prescription.

Testosterone is dangerous

This myth is due to the steroidal nature of testosterone. But the fact that testosterone is a steroid hormone does not make it a dangerous product. The human body produces many natural steroid hormones. An unfamiliar person may associate the danger with the word "steroid", but steroids are primarily molecules with a carbon core made up of four fused rings. Even estrogen and cholesterol are steroids. The myth that steroids are dangerous and illegal comes from sports where the word "steroids" refers to an entirely different substance. In sports, steroids are actually anabolic steroid hormones that help in the development of muscles and bones in the body. Even the use of high concentrations of testosterone has been found to be safe. This myth therefore has no place in society.

Testosterone intake associated with violent behavior

One of the most common myths is that testosterone use leads to aggressive behavior and uncontrollable behavioral changes. Various studies conducted have not only revealed that this is just a myth but also proved beyond any doubt that the use of testosterone does not lead to violent behavior. However, it is worth noting that low levels of testosterone are likely to cause irritability and anger. When testosterone levels are normal, there is a marked improvement in mood. In summary, if testosterone has an effect on mood, it is quite the opposite of what we think. Indeed, it is not high testosterone levels that cause behavioral changes, but rather low testosterone levels.

High levels of testosterone and baldness

Higher testosterone levels are linked to male pattern baldness. The truth is that men with full hair and men with very little or no hair have the same testosterone levels. There is no doubt that increased levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body promote hair loss, and it is testosterone that is actually converted into DHT. But it is the genes that are mainly responsible for hair loss and not testosterone. Whether you have high or low testosterone levels, if hair loss is going to happen, it's inevitable.

Testosterone and prostate cancer

The most serious accusation that testosterone faces is that it promotes, in high concentrations, the development of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is not the result of high or low testosterone levels. Also, men on testosterone therapy do not show an increased incidence of prostate cancer. However, there is a point of convergence between myth and reality. It is found that castrated men, and who therefore have a high blood concentration of testosterone, are more likely to develop prostate cancer.

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