5 Reasons Men Want to Enlarge Their Penis

5 Reasons Men Want to Enlarge Their Penis

Every day, many men test enlargement methods in order to improve the size of their penis. Some of them decide to try out of curiosity and others wish to obtain concrete results to finally appreciate the size of their sex. These men all want to get a bigger penis, but their motivations aren't always obvious. You will discover the five reasons most frequently cited by men who want to enlarge their penis and the means that can allow them to achieve their goal.

All women value sex size

Women do not all seek partners with a large penis. Several studies have even shown that women prefer larger penises for their one-night stands or one-night stands. And in reality, every woman has her preferences when it comes to penis size. Some women appreciate large penises and others find them repulsive. If you decide to enlarge your penis to attract more women, we advise you to think carefully in order to define the type of relationship you want to build. It is also essential to evaluate your sexual performance objectively because a larger penis will not allow you to impress your future partners if you are not up to it on this level.

Your sex is disproportionate

Opinions may differ when it comes to sizing, but most women appreciate their partner's penis size being proportional to their body size. Men who work out, exercise, or shave their private parts sometimes feel like their penis looks smaller even though its size hasn't changed. We recommend that they use penis extenders to enlarge their penis without reducing its circumference in order to obtain a natural and harmonious result.

The curvature of your sex is disabling

It is natural to have a curved penis, but too much curvature can prevent some men from having an erection and make sexual intercourse painful. The most extreme cases are caused by Peyronie's disease. Even if this pathology has not been diagnosed, the curvature of the penis can be reduced by using penis extenders. These devices allow men to straighten their penis while maintaining a normal curvature to improve their sexual stamina and provide more pleasure to their partner.

You are under pressure from outside

This is surely the worst reason that pushes men to enlarge their sex. These pressures can come from adult videos, TV shows and movies and they have a big influence on some men because they don't like the size of their penis. People have been under social pressure for a very long time regarding beauty standards and physical standards. It is very difficult to ignore these criteria but it is possible to fight against their influence. We recommend that you educate yourself on the true scientific facts that define the average penis size and standard sexual performance around the world. If you find that your penis is really too small, you can try the various penis enlargement methods and other techniques that can help you improve your sexual performance. You need to set a realistic goal without letting yourself be swayed by the physical standards that have been set in Hollywood.

Men don't know the standards

The average size of an erect penis usually reaches 13 or 14 centimeters. This information surprises most people because everyone thinks that a penis should be around 17 or 18 centimeters. This preconceived idea has become widespread over time because men rarely talk about the size of their penis. Nowadays, many studies have been conducted in order to assess the importance of penis size and to clearly define the standard in this area. We advise you to take the time to find out about this in order to form your own opinion. This knowledge will give you confidence and allow you to improve your overall sexual performance.

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