5 Ways To Increase The Volume Of Sperm Expelled

5 Ways To Increase The Volume Of Sperm Expelled

As everyone knows, semen is evacuated through the penis during ejaculation. The average quantity of sperm expelled is generally between 2 and 5ml with each ejaculation. This quantity varies during a man's life and it peaks between the ages of 30 and 35, then it decreases from the age of 55 and beyond.

Today it is quite easy to buy products that have been designed to increase the volume of sperm expelled. But you may decide to try more natural solutions, such as dietary supplements, this type of product will also save you money. Here are 5 ways to increase the volume of sperm expelled:

[highlight]Drink A Lot[/highlight]

The amount of sperm expelled depends on the amounts of water and other fluids that have been absorbed by the body. This is explained by the composition of semen which is mainly an aqueous solution, and it is the liquid it contains that acts as a lubricant for the sperm. According to some studies, we need to drink two or three liters of liquid every day to preserve our body.

[highlight]Avoid Exposing Your Genitals to Heat[/highlight]r

Your penis is very fragile. You must imperatively avoid exposing it to strong heat in order to preserve it. We therefore recommend that you avoid long car journeys, spending several hours on hot seats, staying too long in saunas and steam rooms.

[highlight] Avoid Wearing Too Tight Underwear[/highlight]

This advice will also allow you to avoid exposing your genitals to excessively high temperatures. If you want to preserve your semen and sperm you should try to expose them to a temperature below your average body temperature. When you wear underwear that is too tight, the temperature of your scrotum increases, which has the effect of reducing the quantities of semen and sperm produced by the body.

[highlight] Avoid Sitting with Crossed Legs[/highlight]

This philosophical position can greatly reduce the amount of sperm produced by your body. When you sit with your legs crossed, you press your scrotum against your body, which has the effect of raising its temperature above average.

[highlight]Drink Less Soda[/highlight]

Soda contains a large amount of fructose, and this substance greatly impairs the functioning of organs, such as the liver. It can also affect the amount of sperm produced by the body. Studies show that men who drink soda produce 30% less sperm than men who drink little/no soda.

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