7 Natural Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

7 Natural Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a very common male sexual disorder. Men all experience ejaculation problems during their lifetime, but this disorder always causes great frustration.

Men lose their confidence when they fail to prolong the duration of their sexual intercourse. This type of disorder also causes significant stress. When they occur regularly, premature ejaculation problems can even have disastrous consequences on couple relationships.

Just like many other sexual disorders, it is possible to treat premature ejaculation and this article will allow you to do it in a natural way.

Consume Foods Rich in Zinc

Our diet greatly affects all areas of our lives and this also affects our sexual performance. It is essential to modify your lifestyle to treat premature ejaculation in a natural way and you will easily achieve this by modifying your diet.

We recommend that you consume foods rich in zinc because this trace element greatly improves male sexual performance.

Zinc regulates the production of testosterone, it stimulates libido and optimizes the quality of erections.

A study also indicates that the consumption of zinc can delay ejaculation without altering libido, sexual stamina and other factors.

As you can see, zinc can boost testosterone production and it also optimizes sexual performance. We would also like to point out that zinc improves endurance, thus optimizing the body's performance during sexual intercourse and sports activities.

It is therefore not surprising to find that this trace element is used in the composition of many food supplements specially designed to optimize male sexual performance, such as maleextra.

Zinc is particularly interesting because you just have to modify your diet to consume enough of it. Zinc-rich foods include oysters, spinach, beef, shrimp, beans, seeds, watermelon, garlic, nuts, and mushrooms.


Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub that grows in the Middle East, in some African countries and mainly in India.

The roots and fruits of this plant have been used for several centuries to treat various diseases. This plant is also called Indian ginseng or winter cherry.

This plant is one of the most important ingredients of Ayurvedic medicine, this traditional medicine was created more than 3000 years ago in India.

Today, ashwagandha is frequently used to make dietary supplements designed for men. This ingredient is used in particular to increase the production of testosterone and fight against premature ejaculation.

According to the principles of Ayurveda, premature ejaculation is a disorder that occurs when Vata is aggravated. Vata regulates all movements of the human body and mind. Vata also controls blood circulation, breathing, the elimination of wastes that accumulate in the body and the evolution of thoughts in the human mind.

When men's vata is increased, they may experience problems with premature ejaculation because they fail to control their orgasm during intercourse. Ashwagandha improves blood circulation during the phases of sexual stimulation thanks to its relaxing effects.

Ashwagandha root is available, but most men prefer to use supplements that are made from this plant.

Numbing Creams

In case of premature ejaculation, the man usually ejaculates one to three minutes after penetration. Some men sometimes ejaculate even before having penetrated their partner. These men end up avoiding all sexual activity because of these disorders because they all want to improve their performance quickly. Numbing creams can help them achieve their goal! These products contain substances that have a strong anesthetic effect. These creams therefore reduce the sensitivity of the penis in order to help men prolong the duration of their sexual intercourse.

To optimize the effectiveness of these products, we recommend that you apply them to your penis before having sex. You will have to let the product act before wiping your sex. You must respect the recommended deadlines! Why do you have to wipe your penis after application?

This step is important because it prevents the cream from coming into contact with your partner's genitals and reducing their sensations.

Numbing creams can affect the quality of sexual intercourse if they act on the female genitalia. Both partners must feel maximum pleasure to take full advantage of this moment of intimacy.

The results of a study that was published in the journal Andrologia indicate that lidocaine-prilocaine cream 5% is effective in treating premature ejaculation and that it must be applied about 20 minutes before having sex to achieve an optimal result.

Kegel Exercises for Men

It may surprise you, but Kegel exercises that are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor can also effectively treat premature ejaculation naturally. These exercises help men to optimize their sexual performance and extend the duration of their intercourse without spending a penny.

Kegel exercises for men effectively strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which support the bowels, bladder and also affect male sexual performance. These exercises are very practical because they can be done at any time and in any circumstances.

The classic Kegel exercises also help men fight against urinary incontinence and avoid the inconveniences associated with this type of disorder.

In addition, a study conducted by Therapeutic Advances in Urology demonstrates that strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is an innovative and effective treatment for premature ejaculation.

Before you begin a Kegel exercise session, you need to locate your pelvic floor muscles. To achieve this, you can interrupt the flow of urine during urination or contract the muscles that help hold in flatulence.

Once you have identified the affected muscles, you will be ready to perform Kegel exercises. We recommend that beginners contract these muscles and hold this contraction for three seconds, then relax these muscles for three seconds before starting again.


Here is a second inexpensive "treatment" that helps fight against premature ejaculation. We have included intercourse in this list because sexual activity can be very helpful for men who suffer from this type of disorder. As we have already mentioned, men tend to avoid having sex when they encounter premature ejaculation problems.

Their reaction is understandable because they prefer to avoid disappointing their partner and facing embarrassing situations again.

However, it is very important to continue having intercourse to continue improving your sexual performance. We therefore recommend that you increase the frequency of your sexual relations. Why is sexual activity so important? Regular sexual intercourse improves sexual performance. Sex also treats one of the main causes of premature ejaculation: performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety is a widespread problem that can prevent men from creating a deep and fulfilling relationship with their partner. The quality of sexual intercourse does not only depend on its duration or penetration.

Intimacy and trust can improve your well-being and help you relax. Sex therefore has a real impact on sexual disorders. Frequent sexual intercourse effectively strengthens the bonds that unite the two partners. Regular sexual activity soothes performance anxiety and helps men fight premature ejaculation.

Ginger and Honey

Ginger is a frequently used ingredient for culinary and medicinal purposes in Asia and India. This food is also very popular in Western countries.

Ginger is used for medicinal purposes as it effectively treats digestive disorders and nausea. It also has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties and provides many other benefits.

In addition, ginger increases body temperature and improves blood circulation. Regular consumption of ginger can even help men delay ejaculation and fight erectile dysfunction. If you like ginger, you will surely appreciate it more when pairing it with honey.

Why use honey?

Honey is a natural sweetener that helps keep the line. It stimulates the body, improves the quality of sleep, has powerful antioxidant properties and also provides many other benefits. Most people are unaware that honey also has libido-boosting effects.

Honey and ginger go together perfectly! This association is particularly harmonious because the sweet flavor of honey attenuates the pronounced taste of ginger.

In order to use these ingredients to treat premature ejaculation, we recommend that you add half a teaspoon of ginger and half a teaspoon of honey to a glass of lukewarm milk and drink this mixture just before going to bed..


Okra, also called Okra, is a very widespread plant in Asia. This plant has many health and well-being benefits.

Okra is particularly rich in fiber, so it improves intestinal transit and can also prevent diabetes. Okra can be used to treat asthma, prevent colon cancer, treat obesity, prevent the development of kidney disease and it also contains many antioxidant substances.

This herb is frequently used in powder form to treat premature ejaculation. The use of this remedy is very easy: just add ten grams of powder and two teaspoons of candy sugar to a glass of warm milk or a glass of water and drink this mixture every night before sleep.


Premature ejaculation can be caused by many factors, but in most cases, the origin of this disorder includes both physical and psychological factors.

Like many sexual disorders, premature ejaculation can be treated, but this problem can be complicated when men do not dare to talk about these problems with their doctor.

Premature ejaculation is a widespread problem that affects many men during their lifetime. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that can help you treat this disorder at home and this article allows you to discover seven natural remedies that are particularly effective in this area.

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