9 Yoga Poses To Improve Sexual Stamina

9 Yoga Poses To Improve Sexual Stamina

Yoga originated in Asia, particularly India. Its popularity has skyrocketed in the western world over the past 20 years due to its many benefits. Yoga is a kind of spiritual exercise that connects body and mind. It involves a series of challenging poses that relax the mind through meditation and tone the muscles of the body. The result is a feeling of rejuvenation and peace. Yoga can be particularly beneficial for sexual health. Here are the nine best yoga poses to rejuvenate your sex life:

1. Sarvangaasana

This is an intense yoga pose that involves lifting your entire lower body and abdomen upwards so that your entire body can rest on your shoulders and head. It is an inversion pose as the legs are above the head and the head is resting on the floor. Preferably, the hands should be placed on the lap belt. This pose increases blood flow to the thyroid gland. The result is an improvement in thyroid function. Benefits of this pose include high energy levels due to higher metabolism and deeper breathing to boost oxygen delivery.

2. Uttanapadasana

This is a simple pose where you lie on your back and lift your lower trunk at a right angle. This pose strengthens gastrointestinal function and is known to relieve constipation. Gastrointestinal function is fundamental to health as it is responsible for supplying energy to organs throughout the body. This pose is known to be beneficial in improving transit.


This pose involves lying off the floor and slowly lifting your abdominal areas upwards so that only the legs and head remain on the floor. This pose improves sexual abilities in both men and women. In women, it increases the functioning of the ovaries while in men, it boosts sperm production. Yurveda experts recommend it especially for couples prone to infertility.

4. Paschimotasana

This pose is simple and involves touching your toes while placing your head between your knees while you sit on your yoga mat. This pose is beneficial for strengthening gastrointestinal function as it boosts metabolism. In men, it can also successfully alleviate problems regarding premature ejaculation. Also, it stimulates sperm production and makes sperm more potent. 5. Gomukhasana

This pose involves sitting with your legs crossed, which is the typical initial meditation pose. After which, both of your hands should meet behind your back with one arm going over the shoulders while the other goes under the shoulder next to the waist. Once the two hands are in contact, they must be separated without letting go. This pose is especially beneficial for patients suffering from a hernia. As the pose focuses on the abdominal region, it also strengthens the respiratory system, liver, and kidneys. Another advantage, it offers better control of ejaculation in men.

6. Bhujangasana

This pose involves lying on your stomach and simply raising your upper body, while your hands are placed on the floor. It is especially beneficial for lower back pain because it strengthens the back muscles. Neck pain is also relieved by this pose. Other benefits include improved ejaculation in men as it strengthens and increases blood supply to the heart.

7. Dhanurasana

This very beneficial pose involves lying on your stomach and holding your legs up with your hands just above your buttocks. This pose has many benefits for the back, stomach, and reproductive system. It relieves back pain, increases stomach function and, in particular, eliminates ejaculation problems in men.

8. Brahmacharya

This pose involves resting your upper trunk on your lower trunk. It looks like a normal sitting position, except that the body rests on the legs which are slid under the buttocks. The position improves the functioning of the testicles and the digestive system, it is also known to stimulate libido and sexual appetite in people whose sexual arousal has greatly decreased.

9. Garudasana

This is quite a difficult pose. It consists of wrapping one of your legs over the other leg and balancing on only the unrolled leg, while the knees are bent slightly. The hands should also be wrapped together. This pose has many benefits due to its strengthening abilities and the fact that it stimulates circulating blood. It particularly benefits testicular and prostate gland problems, combating premature ejaculation and improving reproductive and urinary tract function in both men and women.


All in all, yoga has many benefits. It strengthens the heart, circulation and improves the supply of nutrients to the organs. The secret to success is to do the poses consistently, in a slow and relaxed rather than frantic manner, and to use deep breathing and relaxation techniques to enhance the experience.

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