Absence Of Libido: What To Do?

Absence Of Libido: What To Do?

The libido is this sexual energy which generates the drive, and which makes us want to make love. Since adolescence, this deep sexual desire has surely varied in human beings. There was a time when it peaked, and a time when it went downhill, even stalled. In case of absence of libido, do not despair. This feeling never died. It sleeps within us. So what to do to wake her up, knowing that the decline or absence of sexual desire has a great influence on the life of a couple. Refusing your partner's advances all the time can lead to frustration in the other person. Sometimes it leads to arguments that can lead to a breakup. Before the situation worsens, solutions must be sought. Here are some suggestions.

couple dialogue

The first step is to establish dialogue at the level of the couple. Whatever the cause of the low libido, it is easier to face it and to be successful in the treatment, when we talk about it. It also happens that we can know the real essence of the problem, and find the appropriate solutions each time we discuss it. In this way, the patient can talk openly about what is happening to him. He will have less worries and guilt. Through their statements, the partners can seek solutions. Moreover, the dialogue proves that one does not sit idly by. It shows that we are looking for the best ways to remedy it. In this approach, there is no question of blaming one or the other of the partners. We don't force ourselves to make love either. In reality, it is a free discussion as a couple. The goal is to spread the problem and seek the solution together. It is through these discussions that one can for example decide to resort to the use of aphrodisiac products, to change sexual habits or to follow a therapy with a sex therapist. It must be recognized that sometimes it does not take much to awaken the libido.

Get out of the routine

After the dialogue, the second step to regain libido is to get out of the sexual routine. Thus, it is recommended to change the mood a little in bed. A romantic atmosphere, with soft lighting or candles, and sensual music can have an effect. Sometimes escaping to other places can be essential: for example, spending the weekend in a hotel out of town. Such an escape allows you to get out of the usual context of the house, the children and the worries related to them. Practicing a sensual massage with essential oils can promote the return of desire. In addition to providing relaxation, this gesture physically brings people together and reduces stress. The massage should be done without the intention of acting out. You can also try to change the way you make love and practice different positions during lovemaking. We can also convince our partner to make some effort to discover and stimulate our erogenous zones. For you, ladies, naughty lingerie and various provocative outfits are sold in the various departments of fashion boutiques. You just have to take a look.

Use aphrodisiacs

In addition to these acts, the use of foods or aphrodisiac products is also indicated. To regain tone, we focus on vitamins and food supplements that help fight stress and fatigue. A course of arginine-based products for 4 weeks may very well have an effect on the libido. Otherwise, aphrodisiac herbal stimulants such as banded wood or guarana are also distinguished. They are mixed with a drink and a regular intake can increase the desire. But the libido is also found on the plate. So to wake it up and increase it, spice up your dishes with aphrodisiac foods: ginger, coriander, thyme, cloves, cayen pepper. Always eat healthy and balanced. Avoid alcohol and tobacco. If after all these solutions, you do not notice any improvement, consult your doctor, because your problem may be psychological or pathological.

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