After how long does sperm renew itself?

After how long does sperm renew itself?

After how long does sperm renew itself?

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Sperm is the male genital fluid containing the spermatozoa and thus vector of the fertilization of the oocyte of the woman. This is renewed during spermatogenesis, thus ensuring quality sperm to promote male fertility.

But then, how does the renewal of the sperm take place? After how long does sperm renew itself? We invite you to learn more about how sperm is renewed and the factors that can affect the quality of this renewal.

1 After how long does sperm renew itself?
2 The course of the sperm renewal cycle
3 Renewal of spermatozoa after intercourse
4 What can affect sperm renewal
5 How to improve sperm turnover?
6 Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Proper Sperm Renewal

After how long does sperm renew itself?

The spermatogenesis cycle lasts a total of 64 days on average. However new sperm cells are created every day. The sperm produced is then stored in the seminal vesicles for a maximum of 64 days (source).

Thus, it takes 64 days for the sperm store located in the seminal vesicles to be completely filled. Nevertheless, man produces sperm and semen on a daily basis. Thus, after each ejaculation part of the stock is expelled and it is renewed quickly.

The course of the sperm renewal cycle

Spermatogenesis takes place in a 64-day cycle. Nevertheless, daily the man will produce more than 1500 spermatozoa per second. Thus, each cycle, the body sees the appearance of nearly 8 billion spermatozoa.

However, each ejaculation only expels between 20 and 300 million sperm. Indeed, the body retains the rest of the male gamete for future ejaculations (source).

Renewal of spermatozoa after intercourse

The sperm can then be stored in the body for more than 64 days. However, the quality of it may deteriorate over time. Indeed, the male genital fluid contains a protein called spermine present in high concentration.

It is known to be very sensitive to oxidative stress. This is why with a diet very rich in sulfur or after a long storage period, spermine will oxidize, thus modifying the smell of sperm, the taste of sperm but above all, making the sperm yellow (source).

Such an aspect can alter the quality of the sperm and the spermatozoa may prove to be less mobile as they age. However, motility is one of the primary criteria for the quality of a spermatozoon (source).

Thus, by having frequent sexual relations or masturbation, the stored sperm will be evacuated via ejaculation. This makes it possible not to keep the sperm in the body for too long and thus to renew the stock in order to maintain a quality stock.

What can affect sperm turnover?

If the sperm is constantly renewed, certain factors can alter the rate of sperm renewal after sexual intercourse or not. Among these factors you can find:

Age : over time, spermatogenesis may take longer and the man may produce fewer sperm- Cigarettes : the compounds present in cigarettes can alter male fertility and with that the quality of sperm and its renewal (source). – Drugs : like cigarettes, drugs have a very negative impact on the production of spermatozoa and thus the renewal of sperm (source). – Alcohol : excessive alcohol consumption can reduce the testosterone level of the male body and with this reduce the quality of spermatogenesis (source). – Lubricants : some lubricants can be toxic and it is best to choose a liquid that promotes fertility, such as canola oil for example (source). – Certain medical treatments: certain treatments such as radiotherapy or medicines for hypertension and depression can affect sperm production (source, source, source). – Epigenetic or environmental factors such as pesticides or other toxins that can have a detrimental effect on the genetic code of spermatozoa and thus alter their quality (source, source).

How to improve sperm turnover?

To improve sperm renewal and thus its quality, some solutions come up most often in the scientific community:

– Insufficiently frequent but also too frequent ejaculation can affect the quality of sperm and its renewal. Indeed, ejaculation makes it possible to evacuate a certain quantity of sperm, on average from 1.5 to 4.5 ml per ejaculation (source). Thus, the sperm will stagnate less in the body, which will allow to keep a good quality of the semen. – Semen, like all body fluids, is made from nutrients that your body absorbs from your diet. So, if you improve your diet, you can improve sperm turnover. To obtain good quality sperm, there are several foods to favor (source):

– – Oranges, lemons, grapefruits… all fruits that are rich in antioxidants. – Oysters, beef and chicken for the zinc contained in these foods. – All dairy products, for their vitamin D – Various cereals and vegetables for vitamin B9 – Nuts, seeds and eggs because they contain L-Arginine, an essential amino acid for sperm renewal.

Of course, for optimal sperm turnover, you must adopt healthy eating habits. Avoid fatty, salty and sugary foods.

Healthy lifestyle habits for good sperm renewal

As you will have understood, for sperm renewal to be optimal, you must adopt healthy eating habits. The practice of a sport as well as sufficient sleep are also determining factors.

Indeed, sleep is directly related to the hypothalamic-pituitary complex. This complex located in the central nervous system controls hormone secretion, in particular testosterone, which is strongly involved in sperm production but also in other sexual functions such as erection, libido and ejaculation.

A testosterone deficiency can cause erectile dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction, but also ejaculation disorder and reduced libido (source). It is therefore useful to know how to know your testosterone level.

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