Aphrodisiac Drink: Our Recipes To Boost Your Libido

Aphrodisiac Drink: Our Recipes To Boost Your Libido

If you want to boost your sexuality and give your libido a boost, an aphrodisiac drink will not be too much to make your evenings more intense and unforgettable. Far from chemical stimulants and sometimes dangerous to health, a more natural alternative exists. Here is our selection of aphrodisiac drinks.

In case of low libido, ie sexual desire, or to stimulate erection, a natural aphrodisiac can be an effective ally to help you in your sex life.

1 Tangawis, fresh ginger juice
2 Lovers' herbal tea
3 The aphrodisiac drink of joy
4 The Guatemalan Love Filter
5 The watermelon cocktail
6 Banana milkshake
7 The Piña colada, the aphrodisiac cocktail
8 Honey Lemonade
9 Honey Vanilla Hot Chocolate
10 The Katuba
11 The Damiana
12 African aphrodisiac drink

Tangawis, fresh ginger juice

Ginger juice also called Tangawis in Ivory Coast, Senegal or Morocco, this aphrodisiac drink is very popular with couples. Here are the ingredients:

– 4 to 5 roots of fresh ginger, – 1L of pineapple juice.

– Peel the ginger and cut the roots into small pieces. – Pour them into a saucepan and cover them with water. – Mix everything with an immersion blender. – Add 1L of pineapple juice, – Filter the drink using a strainer and do not hesitate to squeeze the ginger. – To be enjoyed very fresh.

Renowned since the dawn of time, many studies have confirmed its effectiveness as a sexual stimulant (source). Indeed, its pungent taste would have a particularly effective heat effect on the naughty ideas of consumers. This would therefore promote blood flow to the genitals and stimulate the production of testosterone.

The aphrodisiac ginger is a common constituent of libido-boosting drinks and recipes. It is the most famous aphrodisiac for men.

Lovers' herbal tea

Lovers' herbal tea was already present in the Middle Ages, this herbal tea is essentially made with hogweed leaves and roots. It is similar to the famous Chinese ginseng, very famous for its aphrodisiac virtues. Here are the ingredients:

– 20 grams of hogweed root leaves – 1/2 liter of water

It's simple, infuse the leaves for 10 minutes then filter. Drink this hot herbal tea three times a day after each meal.

The aphrodisiac drink of joy

Already known in the 17th century, it is now widely used in herbal medicine to fight against fatigue and boost libido. Here are the ingredients:

– 50cl of white wine, – 3 tbsp of caper roots, – 1 tbsp of angelica (flowers and leaves), – 10 cardamom seeds, – 2 tbsp of honey, – a zest of lemon, – 1/2 clove of vanilla, – 1/2 glass of rum or vodka (about 12cl).

– Heat the white wine without bringing it to a boil. – Pour in the caper roots, the angelica, the cardamom, the honey, the lemon juice and the vanilla pod split in 2 with its seeds. – Cover and simmer for 5 minutes. – Add the rum or vodka when the mixture is completely cold. – Filter the preparation and keep it cool for a few minutes before serving it.

The Guatemalan Love Filter

An ancestral aphrodisiac drink straight from South America, it brings together all the most stimulating ingredients. Here are the ingredients:

– 2 cups of milk, – 1 tbsp. at s. of cocoa, – 1/4 cup of hot water, – 1 c. at s. of honey, – 1 tbsp. at s. brown sugar, – 0.5 cl of natural vanilla essence, preferably, – 8 cl of rum or tequila, – 2 drops of Tabasco sauce, – 1 pinch of ginger powder, – 1 pinch of salt.

The recipe for this aphrodisiac drink:

– Heat the milk without bringing it to a boil. – Dissolve the cocoa in a little hot water and then add it to the hot milk. – Stir well and add honey, brown sugar, vanilla essence, rum or tequila, Tabasco sauce, salt and finally, ginger. – Mix well and enjoy well chilled.

The watermelon cocktail

If you fancy a little freshness, a recent study discovered that the amino acid, citrulline, present in watermelon would help fight against erectile dysfunction. Here are the ingredients:

– ½ watermelon, – 1 pomegranate, – ½ lime juice, – ½ lemon juice.

The recipe for this drink:

– Mix the flesh of the watermelon with the deseeded seed. – Then add the juice of the two lemons. – To be enjoyed very fresh.

banana milkshake

To combine gluttony and stimulating effect, this milkshake recipe will satisfy you. Indeed, vanilla would promote well-being and psychological relaxation. Also, the banana, rich in potassium, will provide the necessary to avoid hypertension. Here are the ingredients:

– 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, – a little vanilla powder, – 3 very ripe bananas, – 500 mL of milk.

Recipe :

– In a blender, add the scoop of vanilla ice cream, the vanilla powder, the three bananas and the 500 mL of milk. – To be enjoyed well chilled.

The Piña colada, the aphrodisiac cocktail

To stay fresh, the famous Piña Colada cocktail is actually a concentrate of aphrodisiac ingredients. Here are the ingredients for a single drink:

– 4cL of white rum, – 2cL of amber rum, – 12cL of pineapple juice, – 4cL of coconut milk, – a little grated nutmeg, – a stick of cinnamon, – a vanilla bean, deseeded.

The recipe for the Pina Collada:

– Pour the white and amber rum, the pineapple juice, the grated nutmeg, the cinnamon stick and the vanilla pod and its seeds into the same container. – Let everything infuse then filter. – Add the coconut milk and mix again. – Pour everything into a glass- For more indulgence, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the bottom of the glass

honey lemonade

If you are a fan of comforting drinks, honey lemonade will satisfy your taste buds. Honey helps to dilate the blood vessels and thus to promote the blood flow to the genitals. In addition, the clove present in lemonade is also very famous for increasing all these effects. Here are the ingredients:

– a bowl of water, – the juice of a lemon, – a little cinnamon powder, – 2 tsp of honey, – a clove (quantity according to your preference).

Honey lemonade recipe:

– Heat the bowl of water without bringing it to a boil. – Mix the lemon juice, cinnamon, honey and cloves. – Mix well, leave to infuse and filter to prepare it. – To be enjoyed as soon as it is ready.

Honey-Vanilla Hot Chocolate

Finally, to end on a very gourmet note, the combination of cocoa, honey and vanilla make this aphrodisiac drink a must to boost the libido. Here are the ingredients:

– a bowl of milk, – 2 tbsp of cocoa, – 2 tsp of honey, – a little vanilla powder.

The recipe for vanilla honey hot chocolate:

– Pour the bowl of milk into a saucepan without bringing to the boil. – Add the cocoa, honey and vanilla powder. – Mix well and simmer for a few minutes. – To be enjoyed as soon as it is ready.

The Katuba

Katuba is a plant of Brazilian origin and would be particularly effective for vasodilator and guarantee a better erection. It is also known to improve the production of dopamine, the pleasure hormone (source). It is preferred infused to obtain all its benefits and it is a famous aphrodisiac for women in Latin America.


Damiana can be taken in the form of an infusion, its leaves would stimulate the production of hormones as well as relax (source).

African aphrodisiac drink

This aphrodisiac drink from Africa is a mixture of several spices that go together perfectly. It is intended for both men and women. This drink has the effect of increasing your sexual appetite with all its components.

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