Aphrodisiac Honey: Is it Possible to Use Honey for Hard-on?

Aphrodisiac Honey: Is it Possible to Use Honey for Hard-on?

Between the stress of daily life and our bad eating habits, it is not surprising that erectile dysfunction affects more and more men. But contrary to what one might think, this does not mean that viagra sales are on the rise. Indeed, it would seem that the male sex is turning more to natural solutions to fight against erectile dysfunction. On the occasion of this article, we are going to look at a well-known aphrodisiac for men from grandmother's recipes: aphrodisiac honey for a hard -on.

Of course, using foods that are within our reach comes in handy. Once you've finished reading, you can easily implement the few tips I'm going to give you for using honey. But if you are looking for a really effective and complete solution, nothing beats a drug to make love longer.

Aphrodisiac honey: this golden and sweet substance

We have all tasted honey before. This sweet substance produced by bees is a delicacy that humans have been consuming for at least 40,000 years. It must be said that honey is particularly rich in nutrients. It also provides a lot of energy, with 310 calories per 100 g. To give you an idea, we get 271 calories in a 100 g beef steak.

In reality, this is not surprising since honey is a food intended to ensure the survival of bees during complicated periods, especially during winter. In addition to its energy content, honey is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and of course sugar. Because as you know is made from the nectar of certain flowers. Or from what is called honeydew, when it comes to honey made from the sap of certain trees, such as the fir tree.

To produce 500 g of honey, bees forage more than 8,700,000 flowers and work for 7,000 hours.

Honey has been used since Antiquity, for its sweet taste, its nutritional values ​​but also to beautify the skin and heal wounds. Because one of the most remarkable properties of honey is undoubtedly its antiseptic power. Moreover, during the First and Second World Wars, honey was used to accelerate the healing of soldiers' wounds (source).

Today there are hundreds, even thousands of honeys. Lavender honey is well known, as is acacia honey. But there are also more exotic honeys such as lychee honey or honey from Yemen.

How can aphrodisiac honey help to get a better hard-on?

In France alone, more than 40,000 tons of honey are consumed per year. This golden substance is an integral part of our diet and many of us have a jar of honey in the cupboard. Now you will discover that it can also be used to fight against erectile dysfunction. Honey for erection is a home remedy that has been used for hundreds of years (source).

How does honey affect the quality of erections?

As you certainly know, honey is generally used for its antiseptic power, as well as for the beauty of the skin. Women have used it as a mask for the dermis since ancient times. As for men, well they have been consuming it for eventful nights for ages. Indeed honey is one of the aphrodisiac foods: let's see why.

For starters, know that honey acts a bit like viagra. Indeed it helps to improve the quality of blood circulation in the penis. Specifically, it contains arginine. This amino acid significantly increases the synthesis of nitric oxide. Which improves vasodilation. In other words, honey for a hard on is effective because it helps your penis to engorge itself with blood. It hardens, swells and is thus maintained more easily.

And then honey is used to get a hard on because it also contains zinc. You may not know it, but zinc is involved in the production of testosterone.Testosterone is the male sex hormone par excellence (source).

It governs, among other things, your sexual desire, your eroticism and your vigour. In addition, it participates in the production of sperm. You might therefore also observe more abundant ejaculations.

Finally, honey is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. In addition to their general health benefits, it will take care of the thousands of small blood vessels that are in your penis.

How to consume aphrodisiac honey to get a better hard-on?

If you want to use honey to get a better hard-on, nothing could be simpler. Just consume it daily. Generally it is enjoyed for breakfast but you can eat it whenever you want. On toast or better: to replace the white sugar that you may put in your tea or coffee.

By the way, speaking of tea, you can take the opportunity to combine it with another well-known aphrodisiac: ginger. A little honey with aphrodisiac ginger juice to boost your libido in the morning.

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