Aphrodisiac Honey: The Benefits And Dangers

Aphrodisiac Honey: The Benefits And Dangers

Honey is a magical substance made by bees from the nectar of flowers and is a symbol of procreation. You may have heard of the medicinal properties of honey, but did you know that honey is also good for sexuality? Most potent honeys come from bees that collect nectar from aphrodisiac flowers like marjoram, orchids or jasmine.

The use of honey as an aphrodisiac actually dates back to ancient times. It has been associated with love and sex in ancient books like the Bible and the Kamasutra. Even the word honeymoon came into being due to its ability to boost sexual desire and prowess. Is honey beneficial for men? Yes, most newlyweds were given a honey and milk drink that would boost their sexual performance because the benefits of honey for sexuality are so widely known.

Does honey really help with a hard-on?

The Food and Drug Administration defines an aphrodisiac drug as "any product whose label indicates that it will arouse or increase sexual desire, or improve sexual performance." We love telling people about the health benefits of raw honey. So it stands to reason that if you feel healthier, you're more likely to have better sexual performance than if you weren't, right?

Those who advocate honey as an aphrodisiac tend to point to its boron and B vitamins. Honey contains boron, a trace mineral used to strengthen bones and improve muscle coordination. The results of a study published in Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal conclude that boron has a beneficial effect on the body's use of estrogen, testosterone and vitamin D.

According to Green Facts, however, there are only 7.2 mg of boron per kilogram of honey. This would mean that for 3mg of boron, the lowest active daily dose, you would need about half a kilogram of honey, more than that whole jar. That's a lot to consume. Foods like plums and raisins contain more than three times as much boron, but no one considers them to be aphrodisiacs. In our opinion, plums are not really suitable for a romantic dinner.

Honey is also rich in the chemical chrysin. Similar to boron, chrysin blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Studies have shown that it can increase testosterone in the short term.

Honey and nitric oxide

Some health benefits of honey are specific to men. Research shows that just a 75-100 gram serving of honey can significantly increase blood nitric oxide levels. Along with preventing cardiovascular disease and improving the effectiveness of a workout, nitric oxide is also the chemical behind penile erections. When nitric oxide is released from the wall of blood vessels during physical activity and wakefulness, blood flow is increased. This is probably also why many homeopaths recommend ginger and honey for erectile dysfunction.

Honey is energy

For every tablespoon of honey, you ingest 17 grams of carbohydrates. We love this sweet boost! Are you sleepy on your date? Take a spoonful of honey.

Raw honey is rich in vitamin B2 (known as riboflavin) and vitamin B1 (thiamin), which help fuel the body by converting carbohydrates into sugar, as well as vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) which lives in your blood plasma where it helps balance hormones. Remember that honey is metabolized into sugar, which affects your blood sugar levels. A boost of energy is a kind of excitement, after all.

So, one way or another the aphrodisiac honey helps in the overall improvement of your health as well as male sexual functions.

The origin of the honeymoon

While the origins of the word honeymoon are widely disputed (with many pieces of folklore to go along with them), one explanation has to do with the bride's fertility during the first month of marriage. In medieval times in the 5th century, newlyweds received a month's supply of mead, a fermented drink made from honey and water. Babylon's calendar was lunar, so this supply would last them a full moon (They hoped this drink would help the couple conceive during this cycle). Although honey itself does not affect fertility (which we are aware of), it can affect sexual activity.

The different types of honey to boost libido:

– Manuka honey – Sidr honey – Royal honey – Ginseng honey – Nigella honey – White honey from Kyrgyzstan – Euphorbia honey from Yemen – Jujube honey

Healthy drinks made from honey mix

One of the best ways to get all the sexual benefits of honey is to consume honey in the following ways:

● Honey and hot water

A glass of honey and hot water boosts metabolism and keeps body fat under control. Having this blend first thing in the morning will give you an energy boost that will help you wake up even better than a cup of coffee.

● Honey and milk

Milk is a rich source of calcium, vitamin D and protein while honey is a rich source of B vitamins, boron and antioxidants. So it only makes sense to mix them together and create a sweet drink that will provide you with enough vitamins and minerals to keep your body fit and healthy.

● Honey tea

Tea is known for its soothing properties and healthy antioxidants, honey is also known for these properties. So combining them both gives a boost to the medicinal properties and relaxes your body.

● Honey lemonade

After a long workout or a tiring day at work, a honey lemonade drink will help treat sore muscles and give you an energy boost while maintaining body fat levels while increasing your stamina.

● Iced tea with honey

Who doesn't love iced tea and what better way to consume honey than with iced tea. Nothing refreshes better than an iced honey tea on a hot summer day. It stimulates your blood flow and increases the level of good hormones in your body.

Warning on the composition of aphrodisiac honey

ANSES has previously reported that honeys marketed as natural aphrodisiacs actually contain ingredients not listed on the label and could have dangerous side effects.

French law enforcement, customs and health product safety authorities said in a joint statement that anyone purchasing these products “cannot consume them in the first place, but destroy them”.

The products, marketed under names such as black horse and Jaguar Power, claim to be natural but actually contain chemicals such as sildenafil or tadalafil, they say.

These are the main substances contained in erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, which are only available on prescription in France.

The agencies warned that the substances could have serious side effects in people with heart conditions, and said clinics had reported several cases of people consuming the products in recent months.

Source of the ban on Black Horse honey: https://rappel.conso.gouv.fr/fiche-rappel/1583/Interne

Source of the Jaguar Power honey ban: https://rappel.conso.gouv.fr/fiche-rappel/1584/Interne


After knowing so many benefits of honey for sexuality, you must now buy it and especially natural aphrodisiac honeys. But you should not consume much amount of honey as it will not only increase your blood sugar level but also lead to weight gain. It is necessary to consume honey in moderation along with a healthy diet to increase your sexual performance.

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