Are Penis Enlargement Exercises Really Effective?

Are Penis Enlargement Exercises Really Effective?

Men have been doing exercises specifically designed for the penis for many years. Many people claim that they are ineffective without having bothered to learn about it.

Penis enlargement methods are becoming increasingly popular these days. It is possible to find honest manufacturers and effective products among all the advertisements and misleading advertisements that abound in the market.

Men generally decide not to try methods and accessories that are specially designed to enlarge the penis because they are convinced that they are all ineffective. These men usually do not bother to inquire about this subject. Rumors have no real value and do not allow us to know the effectiveness of these products and techniques.

Are Penis Enlargement Exercises Really Effective?

Primitive tribes still use weights, various objects and exercises in order to modify their appearance and body parts.

Women of the Paduang tribe use metal rings to lengthen their necks, and members of other tribes hang weights from their lips or earlobes to conform to their own standards of beauty.

The feet of Chinese women from the nobility were bandaged to reduce their size because it corresponded to the criteria of beauty of the time. Men have been using techniques to alter their appearance forever, so it's no wonder they've come up with methods just for the penis.

Many techniques to improve penis size have been discovered among the Arab tribes. The methods of enhancement used by men depended on the social status of the person concerned and could also be linked to male rites of passage.

Men quickly realized that it was possible to modify their bodies using objects or exercises. For a long time the only traction devices they could use were weights but it was also possible to stretch the penis manually.

The basic principle of improving appearance lies in the adaptability of the human body in response to an external stimulus. Everyone knows that it is possible to increase the size of the muscles by using them more at the gym.

Repeatedly performing exercises with your penis, such as those offered by SizeGenetics, therefore encourages the body to produce the cells that make up the tissues of the penis in greater numbers and improve its length and girth in order to adapt to this new situation.

The most effective exercises in this area are those of the method called jelq. These exercises were designed to enlarge the penis by performing movements similar to those used during milking. These movements increase blood flow inside the corpora cavernosa, which is a spongy tissue in the penis.

Over time, this blood flow will stimulate tissue development to improve penis size both flaccid and erect. Dr. Brian Richards conducted a study of specially designed penis exercises in the 70s and he found that jelqing could help about 90% of patients improve their penis size. The improvements obtained were obviously variable, but this study showed that men managed to improve the size of their penises by two centimeters or more.

The exercise program specifically designed for the penis that is offered by SizeGenetics is one of the most effective. Hundreds of customers have managed to improve their penis size by practicing the exercises that have been developed by the experts at SizeGenetics. You can check the reliability of this method.

You can also check out the SizeGenetics site and read the reviews and testimonials that have been posted on the forum. Clients are thrilled with the results they get from this program. We believe that men can regain their confidence by improving the size of their penis.

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