Back Pain and Erectile Dysfunction

Back Pain and Erectile Dysfunction

When you have back pain, it doesn't make you want to have sex. But it is important to clarify that in some cases, back pain can also influence erectile dysfunction problems.

In fact, several causes of back pain can also cause Erectile Dysfunction problems, these include:

– Contractures of the hip muscles

– pinched nerves

– Herniated discs

Do you really want to hinder the blood circulation in your penis? Do you really want to live with nerve damage that may diminish your sensation in your groin and other areas of your body?

If you want to avoid suffering from back pain and erectile dysfunction permanently, you must understand these three conditions and their relationship to back pain and erectile dysfunction.

You will then have to take the necessary measures and treat the disorders that can influence the quality of your sexual performance.

Contractures of the hip muscles and erection

Do you know where your psoas muscle is?

This set of muscles extends along your spine to your groin and the inside of your hip.

Sometimes simply called hip flexors, it's no wonder these muscles can influence erection problems because they can tighten and compress your groin.

This compression could reduce blood circulation and cause other disorders.

You think it's not possible? The famous Mayo Clinic lists "surgical operations and injuries that affect the pelvic area or the spinal cord" among the common causes of ED.

When our flexor muscles are sore and tight, it usually becomes very difficult to sit.

When you sit down, your hips move forward and your legs rotate. The acetabulum (hip joint) is compressed causing many tendons, joints and muscles to twist inappropriately.

This causes pain in your back, hips and legs.

And it also hinders blood circulation and circulation in general in all these areas, especially in the groin.

Overtightened and overstretched hip flexor muscles can cause permanent damage to your back, hips and legs – and impair the functioning of your genitals.

Pain and problems cause emotional and physical stress, and this sends a signal to the brain to tell it that something is wrong.

Your genitals also receive this signal.

Men tend to use their hips a lot during sex, they risk having less enjoyable sex if they can no longer flex their hips properly.

Physical therapists use different techniques to help their patients relax and strengthen their hip flexor muscles, these include stretching, exercises to increase stability and mobility, and strengthening techniques

Pinched Nerves and Erectile Dysfunction

The pudendal nerve allows you to feel sensations in your genitals and the areas around them, so it is of utmost importance. Obviously, damage to this all-important nerve can cause ED, low libido, and many other disorders.

And this nerve has a unique relationship with the spine.

Everyone knows that inflammation of the spine can cause lower back pain. And it is also known that inflammation of this nerve can cause the same type of pain.

Is it possible that people who have lower back pain are suffering from ED symptoms directly caused by this back pain?

Some experts claim that back pain and erectile dysfunction are often symptoms of inflamed nerves. It is therefore enough to treat the inflammation to solve these two problems.

When the inflammation concerns the pudendal nerve, it sometimes gets stuck…

This disorder is called Alcock Canal Syndrome and it causes compression of the pudendal nerve, which can cause chronic numbness in the penis, scrotum, and testicles.

And there are many other nerve conditions that can affect your sex life as well.

One study identified a link between peripheral nerves and decreased genital sensations.

By examining a group of amateur long-distance cyclists, the researchers found that out of 260 cyclists examined, 33 suffered from penile numbness after a long bike ride – and they linked this disorder to a nerve problem. (Source:

It was also surprising to find that 21 of the 33 men affected suffered temporarily from impotence after their bike ride – 11 of them suffered for more than a week.

But these troubles eventually went away when they stopped cycling, however there are many reports of other veteran cyclists suffering from chronic erectile dysfunction due to pinched peripheral nerves.

Herniated disc and erection

A herniated disc can also cause erectile dysfunction and that makes sense since a herniated disc can damage many parts of the body.

You should disregard the term "displaced discs" because this disorder does not actually cause disc slippage, but rather the appearance of a bulge. And it can be provoked:

– By a major shock on your back

– When lifting too heavy a load

– When you cough or sneeze inappropriately

– By an idiopathic tear in the ring that surrounds one of your discs.

The term " Idiopathic " simply indicates that the cause of this tearing is not known.

And it's a shame that your doctor can't offer you an effective solution when these back pains cause erectile dysfunction.

Most specialists know that a herniated disc can harm your sex life, however one study (Source: says doctors rarely give much importance to sexual problems

Doctors just don't take the time to give you advice to help you improve your sexual performance. They usually just write a prescription to prescribe you ED medication, but these treatments don't address the root cause of the problem.

Back Pain and Erectile Dysfunction, Conclusion:

Here's what I can tell you: you need to take steps to treat your back pain and the erectile dysfunction it causes.

But painkillers will not solve the problem.

A study published in the journal Spine even claims that these drugs may increase your risk of developing ED.

This study was conducted on over 11,000 men with lower back pain. It found that more than 19% of individuals who took the highest doses of long-term painkillers also obtained prescriptions for potency drugs (Source: https://www.sciencedaily. com/releases/2013/05/130515094923.htm).

And these troubles got worse over time.

We therefore recommend that you consult a chiropractor or physiotherapist to treat your back pain and erectile dysfunction problems before these problems become more serious. We also advise you to spend less time in a seated position to avoid over-contracting your hip flexors. This will also allow you to avoid impeding your blood circulation and compressing the area located at the level of your groin.

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