Bander Mou: Why And What To Do In This Situation?

Bander Mou: Why And What To Do In This Situation?

Slack erection is a problem that can affect any man during his life, and which can have certain harmful consequences for the man and his couple. Many studies have analyzed the causes of a soft erection, the consequences and the solutions to no longer have a soft erection.

1 What is a hard-on?
2 Who is slack?
3 Why am I getting soft? The causes of a weak erection
4 How to stop getting slack? Practical advice for a hard erection
5 Consequences of getting slack

What is a soft bandage?

Before explaining to you the causes and consequences of getting a hard on, what does that mean? Soft erection means that the man has a soft erection, and unfortunately cannot allow penetration. Very often, we hear about “half-soft”.

You should know that a hard-on can happen to anyone. It is enough to have a low moral or a big physical fatigue so that the penis is no longer at 100%.

According to an FIFG welding, 61% of men say they have had erection problems at least once in their life. The problem tends to worsen with age.

Who is slack?

Very often, we make the link between erection problems and age. It's not completely untrue. However, be aware that only men can be affected by this problem. What you need to know, and that regardless of the age of men, erectile dysfunction is closely linked to the health, morale and physical fitness of men.

Why am I getting soft? The causes of a weak erection

To know how to stop getting slack, you have to understand where the problem comes from. According to numerous studies, they are psychological or physiological.

Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age. After the age of 50, they are due to an aging of the organism, to a disease which influences sexual performance or to the side effects of medical treatment.

There are many pills that we detail a little later in this article that help fight this. But you have to keep in mind that these must be prescribed by a doctor to be purchased.

Fatigue is one of the first causes of a half soft. If you want to have a good erection, it is important to be in good shape. Indeed, erection is possible thanks to a blood flow to the erogenous zone: the penis. If you're extremely tired, you'll struggle to get a hard dick.

Diseases are often linked to the fact that a man has a soft band. Diseases, in particular neurological, such as Parkinson's or diseases that have effects on blood circulation in the arteries. In addition, diabetes problems can be the cause of your inconvenience. If you suffer from these pathologies, talk to your doctor who can prescribe medication.

An unhealthy lifestyle is the last cause of a soft erection. In poor lifestyle, we can include junk food, but also cigarettes, alcohol or illicit substances (drugs). All of these things will be the root of your inability to get a hard on normally. In the youngest, these various factors are generally the answer to "why do they have a soft erection?" »

These factors, whether individual or combined, therefore impact on a man's ability to obtain a lasting erection that allows him to have a full and satisfying sexual intercourse.

It is still good to remember that a temporary erectile disorder happens to everyone. It can be a sudden fatigue, a concern that runs through the head and there is no reason to make a drama if it is only once or twice. On the other hand, if the situation becomes chronic, this can have serious consequences as we detail below.

How not to bend more softly? Practical advice for a hard erection

The first thing to do is to identify the potential cause(s) of these erectile disorders. Once this is done, it will be easier to understand how to get rid of slack, by choosing the natural products or methods that are best suited to your needs.

Change your daily life

If your troubles are only psychological, it seems the best idea is to learn how to relax and relax the body. To do this, there are different solutions:

– Meditation – Yoga – Learning to breathe – Sport in general, to free your mind

But when it comes to physical ailments, there are healthy, natural, and effective remedies that can boost a man's libido. There are pills, to be taken with meals, or complementary methods (source).

The help of the pills to no longer have a hard-on

Researchers have identified certain ingredients and natural elements, which have the ability to cause a vigorous erection in men. There are some hard-on pills with this type of ingredient. Cialis, Viagra or Levitra are also part of it (source).

Their action is fast, since they can act as soon as they are taken for some, and can be of long duration. In anticipation of a naughty hug or before a date that could potentially lead to sexual intercourse, these pills will help men suffering from impotence.

After taking, it only requires a few sexual stimulations to offer good results. However, it is necessary to remember that these pills require the consultation of a doctor before being purchased and used.

Injection or erection pump

For some men, taking the pill may not work. The body is not sensitive to the elements that compose them or the erection problem is too strong. In these cases, there are alternatives.

Penis pumps are used to inflate the penis before a sexual act. All it takes is a bit of privacy, in the bathroom for example, to activate the pump that will give your sex power and vigor to achieve a decent sexual relationship.

Against impotence, it is possible to make injections directly into the penis. This has the advantage of staying local, and acting immediately. Men who choose this method testify to a marked improvement in their erection in the long term.

When the erectile disorder is physical, and it comes from a blockage in the blood vessels preventing blood from flowing to the penis, it is then possible to have recourse to surgery. This is a rarer solution, which is only necessary in extreme cases.

Consequences of getting slack

The consequences of these erectile problems are numerous.

On a purely physical side, you won't be able to enjoy your sex life by being unable to maintain a strong erection. This impacts your pleasure but also that of the person who shares your bed. As a result, in the medium to long term, couple relationships can seriously deteriorate on the subject.

In addition, it has a strong impact on a man's self-confidence : he will lose his self-esteem, withdraw and find it increasingly difficult to imagine having sex with a woman.

It is a vicious circle, which must be stopped. This evil affects many men, but fortunately, solutions exist.

You know how to stop getting slack: find the cause of the problem, use the best natural products and try to offer yourself a healthier daily life so that your body and mind are well. Your sexual performance will be at the level of your expectations and you will be delighted, at least as much as your partner.

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