Bathmate (Notice & Operation): Hydraulic Penis Pump

Bathmate (Notice & Operation): Hydraulic Penis Pump

Increasing the size of his penis is the wish of many men and, incidentally, of a good number of their partners. For this, there are nowadays several different solutions, which all have their advantages: we can cite the pills used as food supplements or penis extenders. One of the most promoted solutions these days, however, remains the penis pump, and in particular the star models in the sector, the Bathmate pumps. Indeed, these, which exist in nine different models, give very satisfactory results in a few weeks, while being safe and easy to use.

How the Bathmate penis pump works

To understand how the Bathmate hydraulic pump works, it is necessary to say a few words about anatomy and in particular to explain how an erection develops. Indeed, when the man is sexually excited, his brain secretes a hormone which will invite the blood to invest the erectile tissues located in the penis. By entering these cavernous bodies, the blood will logically swell and harden the penis. Unfortunately, we are not all endowed in the same way and each penis has, so to speak, an area available for the arrival of blood. Once there is no more room, the penis takes its maximum size.

So what does Bathmate do?

The purpose of the penis pump is to increase the size of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. Thus, during an erection, more blood will invest the penis, through the blood vessels. And this one will be wider and longer. To achieve this result, the pump uses hydraulic technology. Thanks to the water present in the pump, then used in a bath or shower, and the pumping effect, the device will create a suction which will gradually distend the cavernous bodies and achieve a lasting increase in size over time. after a few weeks.

The manufacturer states that the pump, in the best case, increases the length of the erect penis by 7 cm and the overall volume of the member by 80%. If these results will be reserved for the lucky ones, regular use for several months can reasonably save nearly 3 cm in length. Also, the pump has proven effectiveness in straightening bent penises.

How to use Bathmate hydraulic pumps?

As we have just said, the penis pump is used under water, during a bath or a shower, for more convenience. For concrete and lasting results, it is advisable to carry out three sessions of 15 minutes per week. The ideal is undoubtedly to use it daily, but it can become slightly restrictive.

First, fill the pump with hot water. It is then enough, after having closed the valve present at the end of the device, to insert the penis inside, taking care to flatten the pump to the pubis. Once this step has been completed, the valve is opened again and the back and forth movements are started. That's it!

Gradually, the feeling of pressure is felt. It is by no means painful, although it may seem confusing the first few times. When all the water has evacuated through the valve, stop pumping and let the pressure build up for about 5 minutes, before pumping again a few times. After about 15 minutes of this treatment, we stop. One of the advantages of Bathmate pumps is that they all include a metering pump. And from the first use, a first result will be visible. Indeed, the sex will be longer by a few millimeters. At first, these results are not lasting and fade after a good half hour in the best case. It is therefore the frequency of use of the pump over several weeks that will consolidate these results. But nothing prevents you from taking advantage of the momentary increase in penis size to have sex and make your partner discover its immediate effects.

The pump does not require any product (gel, lubricant) or special maintenance.

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The advantages of Bathmate pumps

There are several types of penis pump on the market. While a few can deliver results, they rarely use Bathmate's hydraulic technology which offers many benefits. Thus, these models are very pleasant to use, with an absence of pain and even comfort of use. It must be said that the design of the device is of high quality: the materials are solid, with a specific polycarbonate tube for medical use, without toxic agents, and a rubber bellows designed for optimal comfort at the base of the penis. In addition, the water will make it possible to limit the sensations of friction which exist on other non-hydraulic pumps. In addition, Bathmate pumps have been designed for very simple one-handed operation.

The different Bathmate models

Every penis is different. Thus, so that each man finds shoe with his foot, if one can allow the expression, nine Bathmate models were developed. The Hercules model is the entry-level product. With standard suction power, it is compatible with penises up to 20 cm. It has no comfort pad or one-handed valve system. However, it offers good results for less expandable wallets. The Goliath model is also standard, but fits penises up to a length of 23 cm.

The Hydromax range includes three pumps, which can be used for penis sizes up to 14, 20 and 23 cm. Its power is 35% higher than the Hercules model, while integrating the pad and the one-handed valve system.

Finally, the Xtreme range includes no less than four references. While the pumps are almost identical in use to those in the Hydromax range, the power is still ten times greater, for even longer lasting results. They also have a hand pump that avoids having to perform pull-up movements. These Bathmate models are also offered with their storage and maintenance accessories.

Buy Bathmate Pump

All Bathmate penis pumps are available for purchase from the manufacturer's official website. It is possible to find them elsewhere, but this will take away the two-year guarantee offered by the manufacturer. In addition, given the success of the models, counterfeits are increasingly common, with quality and efficiency that leave something to be desired. It is therefore strongly advised to order via the official website. Of course, delivery is free and discreet!

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