Bathmate Review: Our Opinion And User Testimonials

Bathmate Review: Our Opinion And User Testimonials

Bathmate review: our opinion and user testimonials

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Bathmate is a brand of hydraulic penis pumps. This type of device is used in case of erection problems. We wanted to know if this penis pump brand offered quality products.

After a thorough analysis, our opinion on Bathmate is positive. Thus, we reveal the characteristics of the Bathmate penis pumps as well as the different models, the effects, the contraindications and the prices.

1 Our opinion on Bathmate in brief
2 Introducing Bathmate
3 The different Bathmate penis pumps
4 The effects of Bathmate penis pumps
5 Tips for use and instructions for use
6 Side effects and contraindications
7 Bathmate Penis Pump Prices and Purchases
8 Customer Reviews of Bathmate Penis Pumps
9 What about Bathmate customer service?
10 Summary of our opinion on Bathmate

Our opinion on Bathmate in brief

Bathmate is the leader in hydraulic penis pumps. We have a very positive Bathmate review for the following reasons:

– Their penis pumps are effective – They are easy to use and comfortable – The products have been tested and certified – The prices are reasonable and the value for money is excellent – The money-back guarantee is a guarantee of efficiency – The service customer is effective

Bathmate Overview

Bathmate is currently the penis pump specialist. He owes his success to his very first model, the Hercules pump, offered in 2006. At that time, it was a world exclusive: the very first hydraulic penis pump.

Since then, the brand has evolved and now offers 3 types of penis pumps. The effects of the different sex pumps are quite similar and the difference is largely in the quality of the materials offered and the comfort of use.

The different Bathmate penis pumps

As previously explained, there are 3 models of Bathmate penis pumps today. The choice of penis pump will therefore depend on your budget and the desired comfort. So, here are the different Bathmate penis pump models.

The Bathmate Hydro penis pump

The Bathmate Hercules penis pump is the brand's oldest model. Today it has changed its name to Bathmate Hydro but remains the same product. Thus, the Bathmate Hydro penis pump is a hydraulic device that allows you to fight against male impotence and increase the size of the penis in an ephemeral way.

If this device is the first hydraulic penis pump in the world, it remains the entry level of the Bathmate brand and its operation remains quite basic. Thus, if it seems that the effects are there, this range of penile pump remains the cheapest of the brand. So, if you want a more advanced device, it may be advisable to move towards one of the other types of Bathmate penis pumps.

The Bathmate Hydromax sex pump

The Bathmate Hydromax penis pump has the same operation as the Bathmate Hydro sex pump but its construction materials are of a better quality for greater comfort during use. In the same way, this device has more options such as adjusting the suction power of the pump.

In addition, the Bathmate Hydromax model has been designed to adapt to all types of penis. For this, there are several sizes of pumps. Thus, it is advisable to

HYDROMAX3 : for penises less than 8 cm in erection – HYDROMAX5 : ideal for penises between 8 and 13 cm in erection – HYDROMAX7 : suitable for penises between 13 and 18 cm in erection – HYDROMAX 7 Wide Boy : for penises of 13 to 18 cm in erection and more than 16.5 cm in diameter – HYDROMAX9 : ideal for penises of 18 cm to 23 cm in erection.

The Bathmate HydroXtrem Penis Pump

The Bathmate HydroXtrem sex pump is the latest device offered by the Bathmate brand. This is also hydraulic but also has a pear system to allow you to empty the air from the tube manually. This dual purpose device is also available for different sizes. So you will find:

HydroXtreme5 : for penises up to 13 cm in erection – HydroXtreme7 : designed for penises with an erect size between 13 and 18 cm – HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy : suitable for penises with an erect size between 13 and 18 cm and over 16.5 cm in circumference – HydroXtreme9 : for penises between 18 and 23 cm erect – HydroXtreme11 : ideal for penises over 23 cm.

The effects of Bathmate penis pumps

Penis pumps are becoming increasingly popular. This, because they are particularly effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Indeed, the penis pump promotes (source):

Good quality erections. That is to say with a penis properly irrigated with blood and therefore swollen and hard. – Longer sex. Your penis will be able to stay erect longer while providing you with increased sensations. – Increases excitement. The penis pump helps improve penile blood circulation. This has the effect of making your member more responsive to stimuli. – A feeling of a larger penis. The suction effect will make your penis swell and keep it erect. However if you are looking for how to enlarge your penis, you will have to use other solutions.

Advice for use and instructions for use

First of all, you should know that the principle of a penis pump is to create a vacuum around the penis in order to stimulate blood circulation. Indeed, this phenomenon of suction causes an increase in the influx of blood.

To create this vacuum, most penis pumps stick to the basic vacuum mechanism. Thus, you pump with back and forth movements until you obtain a significant pressure (without however that it is painful). Nevertheless, the Bathmate pump is equipped with a hydraulic system. Therefore, it is not air, but water that you will have around the penis. Thus, this has several advantages:

– You do not need lubricant since water will act as a substitute. – This pump is specially designed for use under water. You will therefore be able to take advantage of your baths and showers for your sessions. – The pressure of the water massages your penis, which causes greater comfort in general. – The pump can be used 3-5 times a week

Thus, to use this device you will need (source):

Fill the pump with water.Correctly insert your penis into the cylinder provided for this purpose. Place the tube correctly on your penis. Pump the water contained within the tube using a valve located at the end of the pump to create a vacuum effect. Remove the penis pump once the penis is erect.

Side effects and contraindications

The penis pump is generally safe. Nevertheless, some side effects may appear, especially if you do not use the device correctly. The risks involved are generally (source):

Pain or bruising: if you use too much power with the Bathmate penis pump. – Bluish complexion, numbness and feeling cold: if you have not placed your penis correctly in the device. – Ejaculation problems: the sex pump can cause painful ejaculations in some cases. – Increased bleeding: Blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia may cause increased bleeding when using the penis pump. It is therefore important to check with your doctor that you have no medical history that could cause a side effect when using the penis pump. – Lack of firmness during erection: the penis pump creates an erection but it is not natural. Thus, in some cases, the penis may lack firmness during erection and therefore cause a soft erection.

Prices and purchases of Bathmate penis pumps

To get a Bathmate penis pump, it is advisable to go directly to the brand's website. We will explain all the purchasing methods to you later.

Bathmate penis pump prices

The prices of Bathmate pumps vary according to the model but also the size chosen. Here are the different prices for Bathmate penis pumps:

– Bathmate Hydro: €94.95. – Bathmate Hydromax: between 110.95 euros and 171.95 euros. – HydroXtreme: between 179.95 and 343.95 euros.

The prices thus depend on the size of penis pump chosen. In general, the price increases with the size of the device.

Where to buy a Bathmate device?

It is highly recommended to go through the official Bathmate website. Indeed, in this way, you will be able to benefit from:

60 day satisfaction or 100% money back guarantee. Promotions and offers. Discreet and free delivery.

In addition, there are fake Bathmate penis pumps. These are generally of very poor quality and hold increased risks. It is then interesting to go through the official Bathmate website to avoid coming across a counterfeit.

Customer Reviews of Bathmate Penis Pumps

To make this review of Bathmate as complete as possible, we have gathered three user feedbacks and their testimonials.

What emerges from these testimonials is both the effectiveness of Bathmate pumps but also the comfort of use. The user reviews of users are quite positive and the impact is significant on their personal life and their life as a couple.

What about Bathmate customer service?

Bathmate customer service is attentive and responsive. As a first step, Bathmate is setting up an FAQ to answer the most frequently asked questions. Thereafter, if your problem is more advanced and you need personalized help, you will be able to contact the brand via the contact form on the official website.

Summary of our opinion on Bathmate

Our opinion on Bathmate is very positive. Indeed, these hydraulic penis pumps are of very good quality and the opinions of Bathmate customers seem to be just as positive. There are different penis pump models such as the Bathmate Hydro or Bathmate Hydromax.

Each of the devices is of very good quality and the price varies according to the model and the desired size. The effects of the penis pump are numerous, but there are, however, side effects and contraindications that should not be taken lightly.

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