Best Pill For Getting Hard: Our Comparison And Complete Ranking

Best Pill For Getting Hard: Our Comparison And Complete Ranking

Pills for erection are increasingly popular solutions to help men suffering from sexual impotence, an erectile dysfunction that increases with age (source). Erectile dysfunction can be cured in the short term by taking a sexual stimulant (the best known being Viagra) to facilitate erection and restore a normal sex life.

Today, there are a number of pills that help treat erectile dysfunction. If you are looking for a solution to treat them, here are the best drugs to get hard with and without a prescription.

1 The best pills for erection without a prescription
2 The best prescription erection pills
3 Which bandage product to choose?
4 What are the restrictions and contraindications to taking a drug for erection

The best pills for erection without a prescription

The two major disadvantages of Viagra and its generics are the numerous side effects and the need to consult a doctor in order to obtain a prescription to be able to buy these drugs to bend in pharmacies. Indeed the sale of Viagra on the Internet in France is totally illegal and you will risk buying counterfeit or even dangerous drugs.

The alternative to this situation are the competent diets which have proven their effectiveness on thousands of men thanks to 100% natural products without side effects. If you want to avoid the consultation with your doctor, here are two over-the-counter pills.


Viasil is a natural hardening product whose main effect is to stimulate the body in order to promote erections both in terms of intensity and duration. Intended for men suffering from lasting or periodic sexual impotence, it is also suitable for those facing a drop in sexual desire.

To ensure these effects, Viasil relies on proven plant extracts such as :

– pomegranate extract which would improve testosterone secretion (source), – Tribulus Terrestris which would boost energy levels and libido (source), – Panax Ginseng which would remedy erectile problems (source), – zinc which would increase the level of testosterone (source).

Due to its natural composition, Viasil does not cause any adverse effects, provided you respect the dosage : it is to be taken 30 minutes before sexual intercourse over a period of 3-4 months maximum. All the information on this product for getting a hard-on (composition, dosage, effects, contraindications and customer reviews) is available in our opinion on Viasil.

Male Extra

Composed of natural active ingredients recognized for their effects on erectile disorders, Male Extra is a product for getting a hard-on that boosts libido, promotes erections and even increases their size, without causing any side effects. To allow these effects, Male Extra stretches the cells and blood vessels of your penis and promotes blood flow into the penis to help erection and maintain it. The stretching of the tissues resulting in micro-tears of the penis will thus allow the penis to lengthen but above all to keep this size over time.

Male Extra is to be taken at any time of the day, at the rate of three capsules per day. The duration of the treatment is variable and depends on the desired results, as explained in our opinion on Male Extra.

Best Prescription Hard Pills

The erection pills presented below help to regain a stronger and longer erection by promoting blood circulation to the cavernous bodies of the penis. To use them, you must make an appointment with your doctor, as they are only issued under medical prescription. We remind you that the sale of these pills on the Internet is prohibited in France.


Developed by the Pfizer laboratory, Viagra can be an effective way to treat erectile dysfunction without affecting sexual desire. It can therefore help you temporarily maintain an erection for sexual intercourse: Viagra allows you to obtain an erection that can last 3 to 5 hours according to men, and its action can begin 30 minutes after taking the pill ( source), however, sexual stimulation is essential for it to be effective. Another advantage of Viagra is that it can treat certain conditions such as high blood pressure. To obtain it, a medical prescription is necessary. Indeed, buying Viagra without a prescription is not authorized in France.

To ensure these effects, Viagra stimulates blood flow to the penis to promote erection. Depending on your weight, state of health and taking medical treatments, you can follow a dosage between 25 and 100 mg.You should refer to the dosage given by your doctor and follow their recommendations because Viagra may interact with certain medical treatments, such as those prescribed for heart disease and blood pressure.

Viagra also has some side effects : stuffy nose, headache, fever, flushing, chest pain, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, painful erections for several hours. More serious side effects are rare, although they can include allergic reactions and heart problems. Regarding contraindications, this bandage product may not be suitable for people suffering from certain chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis.


Cialis works on erectile dysfunction by relaxing the smooth muscles of the penile blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow. This hard-on product has two main advantages:

its speed : the erection appears after 30 minutes (source), sexual stimulation is still necessary. – its durability : Cialis can last from 24 to 36 hours (source).

Composed of Tadalafil, however, it will be necessary to follow a precise dosage, determined by the doctor according to your age and your medical conditions. Usually, the doctor starts with a low dose and then adjusts it to the amount that's right for you. Note that buying Cialis without a prescription is not allowed in France.

Cialis can cause mild side effects (headaches, back pain, muscle aches, heartburn, hot flushes, etc.) or more serious ones such as hearing problems, dizziness, allergic reaction, erection prolonged… To avoid these side effects, it is important to follow the advice given by your doctor. It is also important to avoid drinking too much alcohol while taking Cialis at the risk of exposing yourself to medical problems such as orthostatic hypotension which can cause headaches, dizziness or even fainting (source).


Levitra increases blood supply to the penis. This only happens during sexual arousal. The erection is therefore not instantaneous: after taking Levitra, it is generally necessary to wait 30 to 60 minutes to obtain a better erection which can last between 8 and 12 hours.

Levitra can cause some side effects : headache, dizziness, back pain, stomach pain, indigestion. There are also certain contraindications: heart problems, liver or kidney problems, stomach ulcers, hearing problems… It is essential to inform your doctor of all your medical history.

Regarding the dosage, Levitra can be taken at a low dose (5 to 10 mg) that you can dissolve under your tongue, or at a higher dose (20 grams) to be limited to a single dose per day. During your Levitra treatment, acidic foods such as citrus juices should be avoided.

We remind you that in France it is forbidden to buy Levitra without a prescription.

The Spedra

Spedra is another prescription drug for erection that can treat male impotence if sexual stimulation occurs. To act, Spedra promotes the secretion of nitric oxide in the body in order to relax the muscle cells of the penis and promote blood flow to the sex which, once filled with blood, will be erect. Its effects can appear 15 minutes after taking and last 6 hours (source 1 and 2).

Spedra can cause side effects such as a drop in blood pressure. If you are following a nitrate-based treatment (to treat angina pectoris, for example), this bandage product is not recommended. Regarding the side effects observed, we can cite: migraines or congestion of the nasal passages. If you notice any of these effects (or any other), consult your doctor.

It is essential to respect the dosages recommended by the doctor (50, 100 or 200 mg) determined according to your weight and your state of health. At the same time as your treatment, avoid overly large meals as well as grapefruit juice (too acidic) and alcohol so as not to inhibit the effects of this sexual stimulant.

Which bandage product to choose?

Choosing quality erection pills is essential to take advantage of their different effects. All the products presented above are proven to be effective and will help you improve your erections.

For more effects, however, it is necessary to make some changes in your lifestyle:

– Stop smoking. The nicotine present in cigarettes narrows the blood vessels and prevents blood from flowing to the penis. If the blood vessels are in poor condition due to tobacco, an erection may therefore not be possible (source). If you are a heavy smoker, research suggests that the risks of developing erectile dysfunction are much higher. Quitting smoking can thus reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (source). – Losing weight can also be a good solution to eliminate erectile dysfunction (source). – Exercise: According to studies, physical activity combined with a healthy diet can improve erectile function. – Reduce alcohol consumption (2 glasses per day maximum).

What are the restrictions and contraindications to taking a drug for erection

It is imperative to be in good health to take a product to bend. These pills are not recommended for people with heart disease and taking another drug treatment.

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