Bois Bandé: 100% Natural Aphrodisiac, Origin And Benefits

Bois Bandé: 100% Natural Aphrodisiac, Origin And Benefits

Bois banded is the bark of a tree called Muira Puama of the Euphorbiaceae family. This wood is defined as an excellent sexual stimulant with aphrodisiac property for men and women. Where does this remedy come from? What are its benefits?

Origin of banded wood

Bois bande comes from the bark of a tree present in the forests of the Antilles. It normally grows in a natural environment making its species little exploited. Initially, the Bois Bandé was mixed with rum, alcohol or as an infusion. It is known to all as man's wood or hardwood as it brings virility. Indeed, bandaged wood was used by the Indians to solve the problem of male impotence. It is a common disorder in older men that is characterized by decreased testosterone production. Muscular pains such as rheumatism are resolved with bandaged wood. It has a neuroprotective and anticholinergic property to block the work of neurotransmitters. Only the bark of the tree from the Antilles forests is used for the various treatments. To do this, it is torn from the trunk and then dried directly in the sun. Finally, the pieces of bark are packaged in a bag.

Bois bande: a 100% natural aphrodisiac

The studies provide an astonishing result about the characteristic of this bark that many qualify as a magic remedy. It remains a natural product that does not contain any harmful chemical components. Yohimbine is the element present in the wood bandaged and contributes to arouse the desire. This substance promotes vasodilation of peripheral vascular areas. Vasodilation consists of an increase in the diameter of blood vessels leading to their dilation. Consequently, the circulation of blood becomes more intense in the male reproductive organ. Body temperature and testosterone secretion increase to easily cause erection. In men, it acts to induce erection and leads to improved libido. This is of paramount importance for the proper functioning of the couple. In women, wood bandaged brings a surge of sexual desire. Indeed, the sexual stimulation of a woman is favored by taking the bandaged wood. It should be noted that the bark of Muira Puama also tones the body.

Bois banded can be consumed in several forms:

Liquid: as its name suggests, it is the bark extract mixed with ginseng or ginger. These components are strictly natural. Bois bande in liquid form is sold in drugstores and is taken as a food supplement. • Capsule: the food supplement market is undergoing a certain evolution. Researchers are coming out with several forms of banded wood to make it easier to eat. The capsule is a new form of this product that can be seen in parapharmacies. • Arranged rum: traditionally, banded wood has been associated with rum to intensify the sensation of heat. Precisely, the assortment of rum and bandaged wood remains pleasant to drink despite it being alcohol. • The piece of bark: it can be perceived in its original form stacked in a plastic bag. This form remains the most used since it proves to be more effective.

The benefits of banded wood

Bandaged wood has an important reputation for solving erection problems in men. Sexual relations and well-being evolve within the couple. Consumption of wood bandaged is recommended for men suffering from erection problems to obtain potency and sexual vitality. It helps those who want to improve erectile capacity. The bandaged wood amplifies the physical performance during the sexual act. Moreover, the bark of banded wood is taken naturally without the existence of chemical components. Bark wood soaked in rum also provides benefits. It must be macerated for two months in a liter of rum to enjoy the erectile virtues. It is enough to consume a small amount of the composition to obtain the desired sensation. The advantage of this combination remains the use of natural product without artificial flavor. It brings the fulfillment of the couple thanks to the power and sexual vitality. Increased sexual performance is a major benefit conveyed by the bark of the Muira Puama tree. Loss of sexual desire and concern for erection are no longer present thanks to bandaged wood.

The preparation

The preparation of the bandaged wood requires special attention in order to obtain the desired results. In the past, the West Indians added the dried bark in rum accompanied by a few cloves. It will be necessary to wait weeks before enjoying the brownish liquor that emerges. If it is used for an infusion, it is necessary to boil a liter of water added to 30 grams of wood bandaged for a perfect composition. Wood bandaged in liquid form should be dissolved in water or juice. It will take 250 ml of drink for 5 to 10 drops. The infusion or liqueur must be taken 2 hours before intercourse to enjoy their benefits.

Contraindication and medical opinion

Like all remedies, wood bandaged should be consumed in moderation. It is advisable to seek the advice of a health professional to determine the condition of the person. Bois bande is prohibited for pregnant women or breastfeeding women as well as people who suffer from heart problems.

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