Buy Levitra Without Prescription: Can You Buy This Treatment Without A Medical Prescription?

Buy Levitra Without Prescription: Can You Buy This Treatment Without A Medical Prescription?

Men suffering from sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction find it difficult to talk to their doctor about it. Problem: by not talking about their erectile problems with a health professional, they avoid a medical consultation, which is essential. Many men therefore decide to treat their problem alone and turn to taking non-prescription drugs such as Levitra. However, this practice is dangerous for health. In addition, buying Levitra without a prescription to treat erectile dysfunction is prohibited in France. We explain the risks of buying Levitra without a prescription and the alternative to it.

1 Why buy Levitra without a prescription?
2 Why is buying Levitra on the internet and without a prescription risky?
3 Buy Levitra without a prescription: this is impossible in France
4 Effective substitutes available without a medical prescription

Why buy Levitra without a prescription?

Levitra is a treatment for combating male impotence problems (source 1 and 2). It relaxes the walls of the blood vessels and therefore better irrigates the penis in order to obtain a better erection. It is its composition rich in Vardenafil (a natural active agent which makes it possible to inhibit phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) which makes it possible to support the erectile process (source 1 and 2 and 3).

Vardenafil will block the enzyme responsible for constricting the walls of blood vessels. It will thus facilitate the transport of blood to the penis. It usually takes 30 to 60 minutes for Levitra to take effect. After taking, the erection can last up to 12 hours. But for Levitra to work, sexual arousal is needed.

Erectile disorders affect many men and very often these problems increase with age (source 1 and 2). Although they are frequent, talking about erectile dysfunction is not easy: for most men, broaching this subject is taboo, embarrassing, even shameful. Unfortunately, these feelings prevent them from consulting a doctor and encourage them to adopt two practices that are dangerous to health: self-medication and the purchase of drugs on the internet that are accessible without a medical prescription.

Today, the sale of Levitra without a prescription is prohibited. A consultation with the doctor is therefore necessary to obtain Levitra. And this is reassuring. Indeed, before taking Levitra (or any other treatment), it is important to consult a doctor so that he can examine you and prescribe the appropriate dose of Levitra, in accordance with your state of health.Getting a prescription from a doctor also avoids buying counterfeits. Indeed, many imitations of Levitra have appeared on the Internet. Containing harmful ingredients, these counterfeits are ineffective and dangerous to health (source).

Why is buying Levitra on the internet and without a prescription risky?

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is therefore essential to consult a doctor so that he can examine you, understand the cause of your problem (which may be physical or psychological) and give you a medical diagnosis. Depending on your state of health, your medical history and your situation, the doctor may then decide to prescribe a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Indeed, taking medication is not always necessary.

The Risks of Buying Levitra on the Internet

Buying Levitra without a prescription and on the internet therefore deprives men with erection problems of medical follow-up. Buying online also prevents them from receiving essential information about Levitra: dosage to follow, side effects, drug interactions, drug reliability, etc.

Buying Levitra on the internet and without a prescription also exposes you to serious health risks :

Not knowing the composition of the product : by purchasing Levitra online and without a prescription, you risk buying a treatment containing questionable ingredients, even dangerous to your health. You therefore expose yourself to significant side effects! – Lack of information on the origin and reliability of the chosen treatment. By choosing Levitra on the internet and without a medical prescription, you also lack information on the dosage to be respected, the frequency of taking the treatment, the undesirable effects, the contraindications… Before taking Levitra (and any medicine), knowing these different points is essential for a risk-free decision! – Risk of buying a counterfeit medicine : many counterfeit Levitra offered at low prices have appeared on the market. By buying Levitra online and without a prescription, you have a good chance of buying counterfeit Levitra with a dubious, ineffective composition and real health dangers (source).

Levitra is known to interact badly with certain medications which can inhibit its effects or cause possible side effects. For example, it is not recommended to take Levitra with medicines intended to treat heart problems or chest pain, but also with all nitrate-based products such as nitroglycerin or isosorbide.

Also be careful if you are taking riociguat or alpha-blockers (such as doxazosin) to treat an enlarged prostate or a blood pressure problem. You may experience dizziness, especially if you take too high a dosage which may cause low blood pressure.

Other products can also delay the elimination of Levitra from your body, which can again be dangerous. Be especially careful if you are taking azole antifungals, macrolide antibiotics, or treatment for HIV or hepatitis C.

The dangers of self-medication

Using non-prescription drugs to treat symptoms that you have diagnosed yourself is called self-medication. But this practice also represents a real danger to health (source):

– Non-prescription Levitra may contain harmful ingredients with adverse health effects. – Increased risk of adverse effects : by not knowing the exact composition of the medicine purchased, you do not know what side effects the treatment may cause. Side effects caused by Levitra include: problems with hearing and sight, nausea, dizziness and lightheadedness, stuffy nose and breathing problems, headache, flushing, epileptic seizures or loss of memory. – Lack of information on possible drug interactions. – Improper use of the treatment : by buying Levitra without a prescription, you cannot know the exact dose to follow (Levitra is available in several dosages). Only a doctor is able to tell you what dosage should be followed depending on your disorder and state of health. A doctor can also tell you how to take Levitra properly. By turning to self-medication, you therefore miss out on important information about how to administer and what dosage to follow.

Buy Levitra without a prescription: this is impossible in France

As explained above, in France, and more generally in Europe, Levitra is one of the treatments that can only be purchased legally if you have a prescription issued by a doctor. Even if it is very effective, Levitra can cause side effects, if you have serious contraindications. A consultation with a health professional is therefore mandatory to avoid serious health concerns, a risk that can be easily avoided by taking into account your general condition and your medical history.

Without a prescription, you cannot therefore obtain Levitra legally. This is a concern for many men, as sexual impotence remains a taboo subject for many of them. It is indeed not always easy to confide in your doctor, nor to defy the gaze of your pharmacist when buying a sexual stimulant. Fortunately, it is possible to turn to food supplements available without a prescription and to fight against erectile disorders.

Besides Levitra, you should know that it is also impossible to buy Cialis without a prescription and to buy Viagra without a prescription.

Effective substitutes available without a medical prescription

One over-the-counter alternative is Viasil, a proven over-the-counter Viagra equivalent sold online. To buy it, go only through the official website of the manufacturer.

Viasil is a dietary supplement that allows its users to achieve lasting and stronger erections through stimulation of the organism. These different effects are explained in detail in our Viasil review.

To conclude, the sale of Levitra without a prescription is prohibited in France. Consultation with a doctor is mandatory, due to potential side effects and drug interactions. Your doctor can give you a prescription to buy Levitra in Pharmacy. The sale of Levitra on the Internet is illegal and dangerous because of the many counterfeits that are ineffective or even dangerous for health. An alternative is to take a dietary supplement such as Viasil for sale on the Internet.

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