Can an Impotent Man Have Pleasure?

Can an Impotent Man Have Pleasure?

Impotence is a sexual problem that can handicap many men. This erection problem will result in an inability to penetrate his partner, and therefore to obtain or keep an erection long enough to maintain a "fulfilling" sex life. In today's article we offer you to understand the causes of impotence. We will also answer the famous question: can an impotent man have pleasure?

1 What is impotence?
2 Can an impotent man have pleasure and reach orgasm?
3 How to give pleasure to an impotent man?
4 How to have sex with an impotent man?
5 How to help your impotent partner?
6 Can impotence be cured?
7 How to maintain the sexual connection with your partner?

What is impotence?

Male impotence is a physical condition resulting in difficulties, even an inability to obtain and maintain an erection rigid and long enough to be able to penetrate and satisfy his partner. Not only will the man have difficulty getting his sex to be rigid, but any change in position during intercourse can cause him to lose his erection.

A 2007 study published in the American Journal of Medicine noted that the risk of impotence increases with age. It is even higher in men who have also been diagnosed with one or more cardiovascular risk factors (source).

Can an impotent man have pleasure and reach orgasm?

Impotence is therefore not a definitive situation. Moreover, an impotent man can perfectly feel pleasure, and even reach orgasm. Indeed, sexual pleasure does not necessarily result from a rigid sex, nor from ejaculation.

Ditto for your partner who does not necessarily need to be penetrated to feel pleasure and to enjoy. Indeed, some women are more clitoral than vaginal, and many of them reach orgasm following stimulation of the clitoris, and vaginal penetration.

Impotence is therefore not a reason to stop being intimate with your partner. It shouldn't get in the way of your love life either. Communication and targeted therapy can help you overcome it, or continue to thrive sexually despite your erectile dysfunction.

How to give pleasure to an impotent man?

To give pleasure to an impotent man, you have to try several techniques. Indeed, there are no universal solutions, each man will have his preferences.

Masturbate him: Masturbation can be a good way to give pleasure to an impotent man. It must be touched at the levels of the erogenous zones in order to stimulate it. Do not hesitate to accompany your caresses with kisses and sweet words. – Fellatio: If you want to give pleasure to your impotent man, practice fellatio. Insist on the part of the glans which is part of one of the erogenous zones in men – Use another voice: If your man has problems getting an erection, you can stimulate his anus to give him pleasure in another way. With your tongue, fingers or sex toys, you can help her discover new pleasures.

How to make love with an impotent man?

Making love with an impotent man is not that easy. Indeed, if you want to have a classic sexual act, you will have to be patient. The impotent man will have problems getting an erection. Without an erection, it is difficult to have penetration. To make love with an impotent man, you will have to forget about penetration and opt for other sexual acts : fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming…. Think and innovate in the way you have sex to satisfy both partners.

How to help your helpless partner?

Male impotence is a source of concern for men who suffer from it. They may lose self-confidence, which may further aggravate their problem. But it must also be understood that erectile dysfunction can be hard to bear for the partner, who may feel less desirable or attractive.

It is for this reason that the first thing to do is to communicate openly to maintain an intimate life and sexual relations (even if they do not pass through penetration).

The two partners will thus be able to discuss their frustrations and the solutions they can put in place to maintain their intimacy and continue to give each other pleasure. The most important thing is to remain open-minded, to understand the expectations and needs of his or her partner and not to dramatize the situation.

Can impotence be cured?

If the impotence has an organic origin, it is possible to take sexual stimulants such as Viagra. These would play on the secretion of an enzyme that causes loss of erection and would attach to its sensors to prevent it from spreading too quickly in the body. Penis pumps would also have good results. Some men also have rigid prostheses fitted, but these are extreme cases (in the event of contraindications for stimulants or if other solutions do not work).

If the cause is psychological, therapy may be advised (with or without his or her partner). A sex therapist can help you regain your self-confidence, manage your stress or your desire so that you can reach your full potential.

How to maintain the sexual connection with your partner?

Male impotence or sexual weakness will definitely make you want to be more creative. Spending more time on foreplay may allow you to control your desire, or increase it gradually to facilitate an erection.

Therapy (with a sex therapist) can also help. It will allow you to understand and remedy the real cause of your impotence (which is most often psychological). A therapist can help you regain your self-confidence and overcome performance anxiety, which may be the cause of your erectile dysfunction. If you feel close enough to your partner, you can also offer to accompany you. This can allow her to exteriorize the frustrations she may feel.

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