Can urine cause problems during ejaculation?

Can urine cause problems during ejaculation?

All men have already experienced this situation: Waking up with a morning erection, which is also referred to by the slang expression "morning sapling", and having an urgent urge to urinate, which complicates the situation. Some men wonder if this is a common problem. See the following article to find the answer to this question.

Presentation of the Anatomy of the Penis

The parts of the penis that are stressed during erection are:

The corpora cavernosa: In the event of sexual stimulation, the blood flows inside the two chambers of the penis which are made up of spongy tissue. This blood flow makes the corpora cavernosa rigid in order to cause erection.

The glans: The end of the penis that is covered by the foreskin. Circumcision designates the removal of the foreskin and the glans remains permanently exposed following this intervention.

The spongy bodies: This spongy tissue extends from the front of the penis to the glans. It keeps the urethra open during erection.

The urethra: This is the channel that allows the body to evacuate urine and semen during ejaculation, via an orifice called the "meatus".

Mechanism of erection

During the sexual stimulation phase, the blood vessels that are located inside the corpora cavernosa begin to expand to fill with blood. These vessels then retain the blood inside the penis in order to cause the erection.

The membrane around the corpora cavernosa helps the vessels to effectively hold blood inside the penis when it becomes erect. When the muscles of the penis contract, the blood flow is interrupted inside the penis and the blood is evacuated so that the erection gradually decreases.

The different types of erection

It may seem surprising but not all erections are the same. In reality, there are 3 different types of erection, namely, psychogenic erection, nocturnal erection and reflexogenic erection.

The psychogenic erection

This erection is caused when the brain emits signals and transmits them to the genitals via the spinal cord. Psychogenic erections are therefore caused by erotic sensory stimulation (visual, auditory, olfactory or tactile) or cerebral excitation (thoughts, fantasies)

Nocturnal erection

Morning erection or Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) refers to an erection that occurs during sleep or when waking up. The various researches that have been carried out have not made it possible to identify precisely the factors that cause this type of erection. However, this phenomenon can be explained by certain theories. This type of erection can be caused in particular by the neurons which regulate the release of norepinephrine / noradrenergic cells and more precisely by the interruption of the activity of the latter during the REM sleep phase which is accompanied by MOR. (Rapid Eye Movements). Specialists associate the activity of noradrenergic cells with that of the enzyme inhibitor of the penis. When this inhibitor ceases to act on the organism, the excitatory neurotransmitters of the penis which are stimulated by testosterone are activated and cause an erection.

The reflexogenic erection

The reflexogenic erection corresponds to an involuntary reflex that can be triggered without any sexual stimulus. This type of erection can especially appear when the bladder is full. The nerves that control this reflex lie within the sacral nerves in the spinal cord and they can react when a man's bladder is full.

The description of these three different types of erection indicates that the erection of the penis does not occur only in the event of sexual intercourse. This process preserves the penis and optimizes its functioning during sexual intercourse as well as outside periods of sexual activity.

What to do if you feel the urge to urinate when your penis is erect?

Some people claim that it is impossible to urinate when the penis is erect. However, you just need to follow a specific method to be able to urinate when you feel the need.

In this type of situation, it seems impossible to orient the penis in the direction of the toilet bowl without hurting yourself. You don't have to force it. To succeed in urinating normally, you must first let your erection decrease somewhat. When your penis will be less rigid, you will have to concentrate in order to let your urine flow.

When you start to urinate in the erection phase, it is possible to feel some unpleasant sensations which fade quickly, however. Some men have trouble urinating because they feel like their urethra is constricted as they struggle to get urine out. But all of these feelings are perfectly normal.

In addition, during the phases of sexual stimulation and erection, a small muscle prevents urine from flowing into the urethra in order to allow seminal fluid to flow into this channel during ejaculation. In this situation, the man must wait until his erection decreases enough to be able to urinate again.


The male organism has a specific mechanism that prevents urination and ejaculation from occurring at the same time. This process is carried out thanks to the contraction of the muscles which are located at the base of the bladder and which obstruct the conduit which connects the urethra to the bladder.

These muscles prevent urine from flowing during ejaculation. This explains why men find it difficult to urinate when their penis is erect.

However, we recommend that you consult a doctor if you experience pain or notice anything abnormal.

You can share your concerns with your practitioner to check if your sensations are normal. Your doctor may also advise you to see a urologist who can examine you and identify the cause of your problem. We also advise you to have an annual check-up to check the progress of your health.

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