Decreased Libido in Men at 40

Decreased Libido in Men at 40

Libido or sexual desire is defined as an unconscious search for pleasure. It depends on each person and certain factors. The decrease in libido is marked by a total or partial lack of interest in sexuality. If for a long time, it was considered that the low libido is a problem of women, we note that for some time, this problem affects both women and men, especially those who are over 40 years old.

Symptoms of low desire in men at 40

The decline in desire in men is very palpable as they age. We speak of a decline in desire in midlife when there is an unexplained reduction or disappearance of desire. This can happen momentarily, but with high repetition. We cannot say that there is a drop in libido in the event of an isolated loss of sexual appetite. It may also manifest as a systematic reluctance to engage in sexual activity. Generally, this last symptom is associated with psychological causes.

The causes of low libido in men over 40

As we have seen, sexual performance decreases with age. This is also the main cause of low libido in men aged 40 and over. At this age, man finds himself at a stage where he has to face certain changes. It is known that in men, the source of desire hormone is testosterone, and the production of testosterone gradually decreases as he ages. This decrease is 1% per year, and begins at age 30. Along with this come the other physical changes the 40-year-old has to deal with, including the fact that the erection may be less vigorous, and the ejaculations less powerful. All of these changes, although normal, can affect a man's desire in his 40s. Low libido can also occur for psychological reasons. We know that desire takes place first in the head. It can be easily affected by emotions and many other factors. The most common causes are stress, economic life, fatigue, family problems.

How to cure it

Men have always had this fear of not assuming sexually, especially since with age, the reduction in sexual performance is normal. As discussed earlier, there are certain physical changes that 40 year old men face. The obligatory passage to this stage should not affect the desire. According to a sexologist, sexual pleasure can even be intensified by exploring new erogenous zones even in your forties. For those who have a low libido for psychological reasons, the best way to remedy it is dialogue at the couple level. Likewise, it is essential to banish all negative thoughts. Knowing the origin of anxiety also solves the problem of low desire.

Increase your libido and improve your erection with stimulants

Do you have libido or erection problems and this is ruining your life? Are you looking for quick and effective solutions to regain a hell of a libido? Know that it is quite possible to take stimulants to improve your erections, or to boost your sexual desire as much as possible. It also helps improve your stamina, so don't hesitate to turn to this type of male enhancer. We will therefore, with the help of this little guide, present some potential causes of your impotence problems, and remind you who sexual stimulants are intended for.

What could be the causes of your impotence?

Impotence is very common in men and is not necessarily serious. Indeed, it can very easily be resolved with stimulants, and is usually caused by:

– hormones – stress – or fatigue

So these are fairly common symptoms, so you don't have to feel abnormal if you're concerned.

Who are stimulants for?

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