Decreased Male Desire During Pregnancy

Decreased Male Desire During Pregnancy

We always talk about desire disorder in women during pregnancy. This phenomenon also affects men when their wives become pregnant. Desire manifests itself through visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory stimulus and physical contact. A psychological disorder in men during the gestation period can lead to a decrease in sensitivity to one of these stimuli. This then causes a decrease in desire.

Decreased desire during pregnancy: a common phenomenon among men

Sexuality during pregnancy is not a taboo. On the sex side, men react differently to the pregnancy of their partner. A few stay the same while others are more and more passionate and want to have sex all the time, but the majority find themselves at a loss of desire. In France, more than 80% of men experience this decline in desire until the birth of the newborn. Most often, these men can feel envy for other women, and the problem just arises with their pregnant wife. It could also be that he really doesn't feel like doing it.

The reasons for a flat libido when the woman is pregnant

Psychological disorder is the main cause of reduced desire in men during pregnancy. It constitutes a blockage of envy in both men and women. This disorder is caused by several very varied reasons.

– At the level of human consciousness. Aware of the state of his companion, the man thinks that the pregnant woman is different from the others. He then considers that the fact of making love with her constitutes a non-respect of the pregnancy, of the very body of the woman or of the baby which is growing in her womb. – Disgust. The female body changes shape during pregnancy. The one that excited him before became big and full of brownish and purplish spots. The man then finds it difficult to get used to this new body. Visually, he experiences disgust. – Concern for the state of health of the woman and the baby. Consciously or unconsciously, the majority of men think that the pregnant woman is fragile, and that a sexual act can hurt her and the baby. – The difficulty of taking the appropriate position – The anxiety of becoming a dad. – The irascible behavior of the pregnant woman. Most pregnant women are quick-tempered and often irritable. Men get exasperated by this behavior and lose all sexual desire.

The reactions of pregnant women to this phenomenon

In France, the majority of pregnant women complain about the sexual behavior of their partner. They notice in particular that their partners have less desire for them, and rarely make love to them. One in five women say they never made love during gestation because the future dad didn't feel like it. They feel unhappy and often think that their spouse no longer loves them because they are fat. They are sometimes afraid that their men will look elsewhere and abandon them with the baby. The lack of sexual relations can affect the pregnant woman and these emotions can have repercussions on the baby, unless abstinence is prescribed for medical reasons.

How to revive envy?

Psychological balance is the solution to a decrease in desire in men during pregnancy. To do this, it is necessary to detect the origin of the disorder of desire. If your 2 bodies are having trouble getting closer, think about discussing it. Don't be afraid to talk openly about anything that's bothering you. Your spouse will know how to understand and do her best to improve your sexuality. If it is the fear of harming the health of your baby and your wife that blocks you, know that sexual intercourse does not represent any risk for them, unless the doctor following the pregnancy forbids it. To reassure you, ask the gynecologist for advice. Regarding the best position to take, a little patience and imagination will be enough to arrange everything. Be aware, however, that not all positions are suitable when the belly is growing. Adopt those which are not likely to tire the woman and which do not compress the belly. Sexuality during pregnancy is a new experience. It can offer new possibilities of positions that you have never adopted. A pregnant woman has rounded buttocks and swollen breasts: good reasons to show her even more desire!

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