Delaying Gel: We Tell You Everything About These Ejaculation Delaying Gels

Delaying Gel: We Tell You Everything About These Ejaculation Delaying Gels

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation problems or who simply want to last longer in bed are constantly looking for practical and effective solutions to delay their enjoyment, and thus satisfy their partner in the best possible way. We present to you the delay gel, an interesting product on many levels but which suffers from a few small flaws.

Find out how this delay gel works, how to use it and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

1 What is a delay gel used for?
2 How anti premature ejaculation gels work
3 Learn to use a delay gel
4 Advantages and disadvantages of delay gels
5 What are the best alternatives to delay gels?

What is a delay gel used for?

Sexual performance is often measured by duration in bed, and men who can't last long enough suffer from this inability to delay ejaculation. This is a situation that can become dramatic, because not being able to control your ejaculation long enough to satisfy your sexual partner can have tragic consequences.

A man may lose self-confidence, come to avoid sex for fear of disappointing, or even fall into depression following this lack of performance. In a society where we insist that a real man must be able to make his partner come, it's not easy not to be able to do it. On your partner's side, it's also a concern because not being able to reach orgasm can be terribly frustrating…

Fortunately, there are solutions including the delay gel. As its name suggests, it is a gel with a retarding effect that you will apply to your penis, massaging it to make it penetrate. This type of product will, in a way, put your penis to sleep, to allow you to hold on much longer. Here's how this delay gel works.

How do premature ejaculation gels work?

A delaying gel will act on several elements related to your erection. Its main purpose is to reduce the sensitivity of your penis so that the excitement is more easily controllable. The effect is close to a light anesthesia and your physical sensations will therefore be less intense.

In addition, a good delay gel will also help you know how to have a strong erection since it can improve blood circulation. Thus, the corpora cavernosa of your penis will more easily fill with blood, which will trigger more massive erections. Visually, this corresponds to a larger and more imposing penis, which will delight those who want to increase the size of their penis.

Finally, delay gels will also contain active agents capable of stimulating your libido. We think of Maca Root or various other plants that can act as a natural aphrodisiac. (source) By penetrating into the cellular tissues of your penis, they will activate your desire to make love.

If we combine these three actions, we realize that the delay gel is a complete product which allows you to stimulate your sex life, to improve it by allowing you to control your ejaculations more easily and to be able to satisfy your partner both in the duration and in the quality of the penetrations, with a harder and bigger penis.

Let's see how a delay gel is used, before discovering its main advantages but also the shortcomings suffered by these delay gels.

Learn to use a delay gel

A delay gel is very easy to use, but there are a few recommendations to follow for optimal action.

First, you should know that you will have to massage your sex (washed) for a few moments between 15 and 30 minutes before taking action. It is therefore necessary to provide a minimum so as not to be caught off guard. The effect lasts a few hours and it is therefore possible to anticipate the application in certain situations.

For the delay gel to have its effect, you have to put it directly on your penis and gently rub it in so that it is absorbed by your skin. You will soon feel the desired anesthetic effect.

You can run this app alone, or make it a couple game that will spice up your foreplay. This can strengthen the complicity between 2 partners and prevent this action from becoming taboo.

Be careful, however, because some of the most powerful delaying gels could also dull your partner's sensations. So, after applying it to your sex, it is advisable to clean it with a damp cloth or even rinse with soap. This will avoid having sex with someone who doesn't feel anything.

Simple, practical, effective, delaying gel seems to be a good solution to fight against ejaculation disorders. But let's see the drawbacks that are specific to it.

Advantages and disadvantages of delay gels

If these products seem very interesting, they do however suffer from a few small drawbacks that it is good to know. We have therefore listed, for you, the positive and negative points of delay gels.


The ease with which you can use a delay gel obviously plays in its favor. With a quick application and an almost instantaneous effect, it is a product that will delight those who love practical solutions.

Note also the often natural composition of these gels, based on plants or fruits known for their beneficial effects on libido and ejaculation control.

Finally, we love the ease of obtaining this type of product, sold in pharmacies and supermarkets.


Its anesthetic strength, which is one of its qualities, is also one of its biggest flaws. If to last longer in bed, you don't have to feel anything anymore, it's a bit of a shame… The loss of pleasure linked to this reduction in sensitivity is a real concern, and it can affect the person applying the gel but also their partner. Suddenly, your parts of legs in the air will no longer have the same flavor.

The addiction caused by this delaying gel can also be a major drawback. Some men can no longer do without these gels. The simple fact of no longer applying this product resulted in even faster ejaculations.

Also be aware that the intensity of orgasms may be reduced as you use these types of products. It is therefore necessary to think carefully about when you use it and above all not to abuse it.

What are the best alternatives to delay gels?

If the delaying gel as a point solution is an interesting solution, it will not effectively solve your problems of too fast ejaculations. It is better to turn to more complete and equally natural solutions.

We think in particular of the food supplement Testo Ultra (Discover our opinion on Testo Ultra) which is an alternative solution very simple to use and much more effective. With its capsules to be taken daily, you will have a lasting effect and a particularly interesting triple action: it will act simultaneously on the quality of your erections, on your ability to delay your ejaculation and on your libido. Enough to become a real stallion, with lasting effects.

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