Do tall men have bigger penises?

Do tall men have bigger penises?

Penis size has always been a topic of interest among teenagers and adults. Every man wants to boast of a huge natural endowment. Even society, in general, stipulates that larger penises are preferable to smaller or medium penises. But a question of interest remains. Is the size of a penis really related to the size of men?

The answer is definitive, yes. As surprising as it may seem, there is some evidence that penis size may be related to body size. A study involving 3,300 Italians came to the conclusion that the anatomical feature closely related to penis size was height, and that taller men often tend to have larger penises. In support of the idea that height is an indicator of penis size, the results of the MSNBC/Elle survey. com on the profile of more than 25,000 men, also indicated that men with large sizes often have larger penises than men with small or medium sizes.

But then, you may be wondering, from what size is a penis considered big?

How big is a big penis?

Worldwide, a penis considered "normal" measures 9.16 cm at rest and 13.12 cm when erect. So in real life, any penis size beyond the average penis size listed above is considered large. It should also be noted that the size of the large penis should only be about 2-5 cm above the average penis size. Anything over 18 cm is considered too big and can hurt a woman during penetration, or even damage the cervix. If the size of the penis in circumference is also too large, the risk of tearing the woman's vagina and inflicting unimaginable pain is also a possibility. For a comfortable and pleasurable penetration, a "too big" penis size simply does not do. But then, neither does a "too small" penis.

But what if you don't have a big penis?

Well, rest assured! There are no studies that perfectly confirm that only body size matters and therefore, you shouldn't be bothered if you are not tall. Additionally, research has also revealed that most women who are attracted to large penises are only looking for one night stands. But when it comes to having a long-term partner, it's a completely different scenario. Most women preferred their men's penis sizes to be an ideal length. So your penis size is fine, big or not. No reason to worry.

What determines penis length?

Penis size varies widely by country, race, age, health level, and many other factors.

The most important determining factor that researchers know about is actually genetics. The genetics you inherit from your parents and ancestors are largely responsible for your penis size. Another correlation has been established with general health and having a bigger penis.

How to make your penis look bigger?

Nevertheless, if you are really too worried and dissatisfied with the size of your penis, there are some measures to take into account to make your penis look bigger.

Shave your pubic hair: Having hair that is too long and thick can cover up to 2cm from the base of your penis, making it look smaller than it is. Therefore, neatly trimmed and clean pubic hair helps to achieve a more visible penis size. Always watch your weight: Although there is nothing you can do about your height based on your age, you can diet to lose weight. The base of the penis can also be hidden by a few centimeters if there is a mass of fat on the pubic bone, especially for men with a large belly. Experts are also of the opinion that excess fat in the body prevents blood from filling the corpora cavernosa and erectile tissues of the penis.

Can I increase the size of my penis?

. To increase the size of your penis, different options are available, with varying success.

One option is to use penis extender devices. You tie a stretcher all day to your penis for a while to stretch it out. The penile traction device (penis extender) basically works through traction, where small tears in the tissue open up, the body's natural repair process filling the tear with new cells.

Methods like Jelqing have been shown to give a slight increase in size, but this can be dangerous in certain situations. Another option is to use a penis enlargement vacuum pump, where it works like penile therapy, creating air inside the sealed cylinder, helping you achieve a much bigger erection. The device is called a "penis pump", where with regular use the device creates micro tears, forcing the body's natural healing to create new cells in the swollen tissue, thus increasing the size of your penis.

Home methods to enlarge your penis are less effective than operations, but many believe that paying more than 14,000 euros for such an operation is too much money.

Some men think common sense says the only way to increase height is to have an operation, operations have a high success rate, 80% of men are satisfied with the results.

Ronan MOAL Sexologist gives us more information on video


The factors that show a man having a larger penis size vary and do not depend solely on size. If in any case, you are unhappy with your penis, there are plenty of ways to help you at least fit into the average sized crowd.

As mentioned, surgery could do this, but it's not the most popular because it's expensive and risky. Some men have used penis devices and jelqing, but it can be quite uncomfortable and with varying results.

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