Does my penis size depend on my body shape?

Does my penis size depend on my body shape?

You've probably heard that saying "big feet = big penis" before, but can your body shape really determine your potential penis size? Well, according to many studies, size is directly related to penis size. In a recent study of 3,300 Italian men, researchers found that the taller the man, the bigger his penis.

And that's not the only study…

In another survey of 25,000 men (MSNBC poll), it was found that men under 172cm tended to have small penises, while those over 183cm had large penises.

But what if I'm not tall?

Before you panic, just because you're one of the smallest in stature doesn't mean your penis is small.

However, if you are uncomfortable or unhappy with your penis size, there are plenty of ways to increase your penis size, counteract your genetics, and achieve your goal without spending a fortune.

Cut your pubic hair: this technique is really inexpensive (unless you don't have a pair of scissors) but will add 2cm to the appearance of your penis. You see, the problem with pubic hair is that it hides part of your penis which makes it look smaller. So, by cutting pubic hair and keeping it short, your penis can instantly look bigger. Watch your weight: You may not be able to control your size or your genetics, but you can make sure your stomach isn't hiding your penis. Just aim to stay fit and you can improve your penis size. Penis exercises: these can be divided into 2 groups. Kegel (which strengthen your pelvic muscles, improving your stamina) and jelqing (exercises that stretch your penis). Now, in terms of size enhancement, jelqing is the most effective, as the milking motion increases blood flow to your penis and stimulates the cells. One particular exercise can add 2cm to your penis because it involves stretching your penis away from your body and encouraging the part of your penis that remains inside your body to expand. Penis extenders: For more convincing gains, penis extenders can help. Vouchers don't have to be expensive and they are worth their money in the long run. How they work: By applying traction to the corpora cavernosa in your penis, this causes cells to detach and multiply. As these new cells build up in your penis, this allows it to hold more blood; hold harder erections for longer; reduce premature ejaculation and curvatures of the penis and, above all, have a few more centimeters. In one such study, after wearing a penis extender for 4-8 hours a day for 6 months, all 18 participants experienced average gains of 1.9 cm and 2.8 cm, which persisted for months. after discontinuation of use of the device. For more information, read our article on sizegenetics.

NOTE: Not all penis extenders work the same or use the same materials. For best results, make sure the device is backed by its own clinical study; is made from Type 1 medical materials; incorporates Comfort Way technology and has a warranty.

Any of these methods can help you uncover hidden inches and improve your penis size.

So forget that your size and genetics can determine your penis size and take back control of your body today. With the right technique, you can achieve any size you want.

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