Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Often we think about the unfair bodily images and messages the media puts on women, but rarely discuss the pressures put on men. Besides being tall, broad-shouldered and chested, men are also expected to be tall below the waistline.

Those who feel embarrassed by length or width tend to feel emasculated. Internet porn propagates this male desire to be huge. But what men often forget is that the men in these movies are carefully selected for their size.

Pornstars have well above average penises. The truth is that just as people come in all kinds of heights, weights and all have different body shapes, penis size is also very different depending on the individual. The latest study also shows that a clear majority of men have medium-sized penises. Very few are found in the lower sizes. Thus, men should stop feeling embarrassed because of the size of their penis. Almost all of them have exactly what it takes to please a woman.

This statistic comes from a well-known 2007 Colombian study that surveyed 52,000 men and their partners. 85% of women were happy with their man's height. 66% of penises measured were of average size. 22% were taller and only 12% were short. This means that the majority of men are average or above.

There are plenty of reasons why men feel self-conscious aside from the proliferation of pornography. Many are overweight and therefore abdominal fat makes their penis appear smaller. The angle that most men view their penises also makes them look smaller. A side view is best, it might help the moment you and your partner see each other naked for the first time.

Straight men are, for the most part, disgusted by the sight of another man's penis. As a result, they don't have much experience seeing or touching other penises and therefore know little about what the norm is. Everyone should be in tune with who they are, even if your penis size doesn't satisfy you. All men have what it takes to please a woman. Technology is everything. Love yourself and be natural with your partner and she'll think you're an amazing lover no matter how tall you are.

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