Don't Let Stress Kill Your Sex Life

Don't Let Stress Kill Your Sex Life

Sex has many health benefits, and experts always insist on its de-stressing virtues. But stress can also get in the way of a healthy sex life. A stressful day at the office can continue in the bedroom, for example. We are so caught up in what is stressing us out that we can't get rid of it, and it is therefore difficult to have an erection. This can stress your partner out, who will want to know what's wrong.

A performance failure often means less sex in the future, because the memory of the failure can weigh on a relationship, making future erections less easy. At this point, a vicious circle can occur. This type of situation can lead to performance anxiety, which in turn can cause erectile dysfunction. Many men avoid sexual intimacy for this reason. Not only does this damage your own psyche, but also that of your partner. He may think you won't find him as desirable as you used to be. Don't let stress kill your sex life. Here are some ways to combat it.

Often, talking about it with your partner is enough to relieve the problem. Although it may feel like a defeat, sharing your feelings and what's going on is actually a form of strength. Your partner will be understanding, supportive, and help you solve the problem. But ignoring it will only make things worse. Tell your partner how you feel and how this is contributing to the problem. For many, sharing is enough to solve the problem.

When you go to have sex, get in the mood. Lighting, music, erotic dialogue, mutual massages, dirty movies and other get-ups or acts can help. Take your time with foreplay. On the other hand, find ways to relax in a healthy way after work, before engaging in sexual activity. Sports, meditation, listening to your favorite music or a hobby can help.

Find ways to stop thinking about the worst. When you imagine failing at something, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead of thinking about it, focus on what is happening in front of you, on your feelings. If you can't stop thinking about the worst, seek out a counselor or a sex therapist. See a doctor to make sure there are no physical problems that are interfering with your sex life.

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