Ejaculation Problems: The Different Ejaculation Disorders

Ejaculation Problems: The Different Ejaculation Disorders

Many men suffer from ejaculation problems. 30% of them face the problem of premature ejaculation, while others suffer from another much more serious problem. They have downright difficulty ejaculating. Three cases can thus arise: delayed ejaculation, an-ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation. Discover in this article the causes of these different sexual breakdowns.

The causes of premature ejaculation

As a reminder, a man who suffers from premature ejaculation does so involuntarily before or within two minutes of penetration. This happens every time you have sex. Ejaculation is often linked to a man's inability to manage his arousal. He reaches orgasm too quickly and doesn't feel his ejaculation coming. There are two types of premature ejaculation: primary premature ejaculation and secondary premature ejaculation. The first case is often caused by performance anxiety. Specifically, the man is afraid of what his partner might think of him after sex. He always wants to be up to it, and in the end, he is no longer aware of what is really going on in his body. It should also be recognized that the feeling of guilt and the fact of being afraid during sexual relations can quickly trigger ejaculation. This is often the case during the first sexual relations, during sexual acts after an unresolved argument, or in the event of ambivalence of behavior where the man wants to dominate, but at the same time, he is afraid that it will be his wife. who dominates it. The causes of primary premature ejaculation are therefore rather psychological.

In the second case, ejaculation can be psychological or pathological. Indeed, secondary premature ejaculation appears after a period of normal sexual life. It can be caused by infections of the urethra or prostate. When a man suffers from these diseases, he often feels unpleasant pain in these organs, which causes him to ejaculate quickly. Erectile disorders also promote premature ejaculation. Indeed, when a person has trouble maintaining an erection, she tends to end it quickly for fear that he will lose his erection.

Drug use such as cocaine or amphetamines can also contribute to this problem, as these substances act on the nervous system. Finally, premature ejaculation can also be linked to anxiety: the fear of not being able to assume in bed, the worry of wanting to delay ejaculation as long as possible, the complex about virility and so many other reasons that sometimes disturb the mind.

The causes of difficult ejaculation

A man has difficult ejaculation when he has trouble ejaculating. During a late ejaculation for example, the patient finds he is unable to trigger his ejaculation, and often the latter is slow in coming. Medication may be the cause. Indeed, the substances contained in certain drugs can influence the ejaculatory reflex, and most antidepressants contain them. Difficult ejaculation may therefore be due to the side effects of medical treatment. The man can also find himself confronted with a delayed ejaculation when he has trouble raising his excitement to the highest level to trigger ejaculation. In this case, the problem is psychological. By the way, to reach orgasm, a man must be able to erotically stimulate his mind to promote physical arousal. He must learn to find the paths of pleasure alone without depending on his partner. Some men ejaculate normally but find it difficult to do so during oral sex or manual caresses. This is often due to a psychological problem. They do not know how to take advantage of it and indulge in their pleasure.

Obviously, this reflex is involuntary. The opposite case can also occur. More precisely, he ejaculates normally during oral sex or manual caresses, but slows down his ejaculation during intravaginal penetration. The other form of difficult ejaculation is retrograde ejaculation. In this case, the man ejaculates and reaches orgasm, but the semen, instead of being poured into the vagina, goes up into the bladder. This deviation is due to dysfunction of the bladder muscles. The lock of the urethra is no longer able to block the sperm during the ejaculatory thrust.

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