Endocrine Diseases, Neurological Disorders And Libido

Endocrine Diseases, Neurological Disorders And Libido

The human body regulates its vital functions through a process called homeostasis. To carry out this regulation, the body essentially relies on the proper functioning of the endocrine and neurological systems. Neurological disorders can appear if these systems do not work properly and these problems can also affect the functioning of several glands:

– Hypophysis/ Pituitary Gland – Thyroid – Parathyroid Gland – Pancreas – Adrenal Glands – Gonads

This helps to identify the various neurological disorders and symptoms that frequently appear when the endocrine system is affected. These elements make it possible to effectively diagnose and treat endocrine diseases.

We classify endocrine diseases into two different categories, depending on their cause:

– The glands produce too much or too little hormone – hormonal imbalance – A developing tumor affects the functioning of the glands

Causes of neurological or endocrine disorders include:

– Negative feedback in the endocrine system – Disease – Gland dysfunction (if one gland fails to stimulate another, the second gland will fail to produce the required hormone level) – Genetic disease – Infection – Damage to an endocrine gland – Presence of a tumor on an endocrine gland (most tumors are benign but they can affect hormone production)

Endocrine disorders greatly affect the balance of our organism, which includes sexual stamina and libido. Testosterone is a hormone that plays a major role in the male body, its production depends mainly on the adrenal glands.

Types of endocrine/neurological disorders:

– Adrenal Insufficiency (the adrenal glands do not produce enough hormones) – Cushing's Syndrome (excessive production of hormones-pituitary gland) – Gigantism (dysfunction of the pituitary gland) – Hyperthyroidism (excessive production of thyroid hormone by the thyroid ) – Hypopituitarism (pituitary gland-absence or low level of hormones) – Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (disorder of genetic origin)

These disorders cause significant imbalances within the body, they can have serious consequences, even fatal if they are not treated. Although the visible symptoms are sometimes minor, these diseases must be treated. Otherwise, they can cause the following complications:

– Insomnia (related to the thyroid) – Coma (in case of hypothyroidism)- Depression (linked to several thyroid pathologies) – Cardiac Disorders – Nerve Damage – Potential organ damage or failure – Multiple health problems that affect quality of life

Hormonal imbalances are usually treated when they begin to negatively affect the lives of affected patients. Specialists prescribe different medications to regulate the functioning of the glands and the production of hormones. They also prescribe synthetic hormones to treat hormonal disorders. Symptoms improve and patients' quality of life improves when doctors are able to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.

Some major neurological disorders greatly increase the risk of impotence because they prevent the brain from sending signals to the reproductive system. This type of disorder can prevent men from having erections.

Several pathologies that affect the nervous system can also increase the risk of impotence. These disorders also prevent the brain from communicating with the reproductive system. They can therefore also cause erectile dysfunction.

Neurological disorders that are frequently associated with impotence are:

– Alzheimer's disease – Parkinson's disease – Brain or spinal cord tumor – MS (Multiple Sclerosis) – Stroke – Temporal Epilepsy

What are the consequences of endocrine diseases and neurological disorders on male sexuality?

Endocrine or neurological disorders affect male sexuality and cause the following symptoms in particular:

– Difficulty getting an erection – Difficulty maintaining an erection – Reduced libido – Low testosterone levels.

Endocrine or neurological disorders require strict clinical monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment and the recovery of the patient.

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