Erectile Dysfunction: How To Avoid Erectile Dysfunctions

Erectile Dysfunction: How To Avoid Erectile Dysfunctions

The erectile mechanism is a physiological fact during which the penis becomes hard and enlarged by a sufficient influx of blood into the cavernous areas of the penis. The fear of erectile dysfunction is a worry that men hope never to encounter. At present, erectile dysfunction is very common and increases with age. It is for this reason that preventing this kind of problem has become essential.

A balanced lifestyle to prevent erectile dysfunction

As we know, erectile dysfunction can manifest itself at any age. Preventing it is therefore more than a simple necessity. To do this, it is above all recommended to have a healthy lifestyle which consists of taking into account your diet, doing some exercises and avoiding the consumption of certain substances. Having a good diet and especially a balanced diet based on fruits and vegetables and low in fat is essential, because it is what allows blood to flow better to the cavernous area. Added to this, exercises are also a great way to avoid erectile dysfunction. Acting on the blood vessels, the exercises will allow the maximum amount of blood to be pumped towards the penis and therefore allow a firm and sufficient erection. Stopping smoking and tempering the absorption of alcohol: these are the main resolutions to take to prevent the organic risks of erectile dysfunction.

The need for dialogue to avoid erectile dysfunction

As we know, erection is a process that requires the intervention of the five senses (sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing), but it happens that certain factors block this process, in particular the lack of dialogue within the couple. Although it is not the direct cause of erectile dysfunction, psychology is one of the plagues that could cause erectile dysfunction. Indeed, the dialogue makes it possible to solve all the problems related to the sexuality of the couple while ensuring to find the good practices to avoid any erectile dysfunction in the future. Monotony is also a real problem that could cause temporary or recurrent erectile dysfunction. To this end, the dialogue will make it possible to vary the pleasure by trying new things which will have all their reasons for being, because they will allow the man to have a good erection. A good understanding within the couple is thus more than a simple necessity to minimize the risk of erectile dysfunction.

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