Erection In Men: How Does The Erection Process Work?

Erection In Men: How Does The Erection Process Work?

Male erection is a well-known phenomenon, but it still remains a very complex subject. Its operating process remains a mystery and raises many questions in the couple. In this article, find everything you need to know about how erections work in men.

Erection, how does it work?

The erection is a psychological reaction of the man linked to certain stimulation (physical or mental). This means that men have very little influence in controlling their erection. It is therefore a neurological and vascular phenomenon driven by the blood flow to its vessels. It is indeed the blood which converges in the penis which causes the swelling. More reasonably, to activate the rigidity of the penis, the blood must be maintained, thanks to the compression of the veins until ejaculation. The erection can also stop on its own, when there is no form of erotic stimulation.

The different phases towards erection

The process of erection functioning takes place in several and different phases:

– Arousal: during sexual stimulation, the brain transmits signals to the nerves of the penis to create an erection. – Tumescence: the blood will converge towards the vessels and the volume of the penis will then increase. – Rigidity: at this phase of erection, the penis becomes very rigid – Detumescence: after orgasm, erection is no longer useful. The arteries will get closed and the blood pressure will decrease.

Involuntary erections

Generally, men have an involuntary erection at night or in the early morning. Nocturnal erection is a phenomenon that occurs during the phases of REM sleep. That is to say that the brain is asleep and no longer responds to the actions of man. And if the man is erect very early in the morning, it is the fact that he wakes up from his paradoxical sleep. This is the famous 'wake-up erection'. She is much stronger than the others, because the testosterone level is very much felt between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.

There are also other phenomena that can trigger an involuntary erection: a wonderful moment of relaxation, the swirl of a moving train or the glimpse of the girl of your dreams. There are also certain medications that can cause an involuntary erection in men.

However, you should know that these automatic phenomena of the penis tend to diminish with age. Nocturnal and morning erections have the role of nourishing the penis by oxygenating it.

Is there a link between penis size and erection quality?

Many people think there is a connection between penis size and erection quality. Contrary to popular belief, on the contrary, large penises require higher blood pressure, and are much more susceptible to blockages. While normal sized penises require very little blood flow. As a result, men with a small penis are more likely to stay erect for a long time.

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