Foods That Boost Libido

Foods That Boost Libido

After long years of sexual activity, men sometimes see their libido drop. However, such a problem can significantly affect their sex life and their life as a couple. It is then necessary to remedy it. What if diet had a relationship with sexual desire and performance? Science recognizes the stimulating effect of certain foods because of their nutrient composition. Here are some examples of foods that boost libido.

7 foods known to be effective sexual enhancers

Among the foods reputed to be an effective sexual stimulant, ginseng stands out. Many men know of its effectiveness in boosting libido and increasing sexual desire. In addition, it is recognized for its anti-fatigue properties. Clove is also considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Besides its aroma that exalts the senses, its components also act as vasodilators on the genitals. Garlic contains allicin, a substance that can also boost libido. This active ingredient has the role of increasing testosterone levels and inhibiting cortisol. For its part, mustard acts on the secretion of the sexual glands. It improves the cardiovascular system even if it stimulates the nerves and the genitals. Nutmeg is no exception. It is a stimulant that has a euphoric effect. The same goes for cayenne pepper. It is rich in vitamin C and stimulates blood circulation. It is also effective in promoting erection. Last, though seemingly innocuous, is celery. Containing apigenin, it allows erotic effects and acts on the formation of spermatozoa.

Essential foods for a one-on-one dinner

To boost your libido and increase your sexual performance, you must watch your diet. Apart from the regular consumption of sexual stimulating foods, also try to choose the foods to garnish your dishes during a dinner alone.

During the day:

* Avoid taking too many stimulants such as coffee.

* Prefer organic fruit juice to fill up with vitamins.

* A little physical exercise such as walking will also be appropriate. Don't overdo it though, as you risk exhausting your body.

Now, on to the essential foods for a good dinner:

* For the aperitif, a cocktail without alcohol or based on red wine would be ideal.

* Add some spices like ginger or cinnamon. For starters, it is best to opt for dishes based on raw vegetables or raw fish macerated in olive oil and lemon juice.

* Garnish them with seafood or hard-boiled eggs.

* As for the main course, brown rice with poultry (rich in zinc) is perfect for stimulating the libido.

* Spice up the poultry with a sauce made from chillies and exciting spices to awaken your senses.

* You can choose from the sexual stimulants mentioned above. Finally, for dessert, chocolate mousse or slightly vanilla-flavoured fresh fruit will be perfect.

A meal that awakens all the senses

With these different foods, your senses of taste and desire will be satisfied. But you should also not forget the other two senses which are sight and smell. Indeed, foods that stimulate these two senses can have positive effects to awaken the libido. Spicy dishes stimulate the sense of smell, while recipes with beautiful colors will delight the eyes. A garnish of carrots, cucumbers, radishes, peppers and cauliflower is always nice to see. With a mustard vinaigrette sauce and a few pinches of cayenne pepper, these raw vegetables will delight your taste buds. Spicy poultry skewers dipped in soy sauce and fruit salad for dessert are a feast for the eyes, a delight for the taste, good for the sense of smell and stimulate sexual desire. Know that your diet really has a big impact on your sex life. For a fulfilling sexuality, eat healthy and balanced. Engage in regular physical activity on a regular basis. Attach great importance to aphrodisiac foods if you want to increase your sexual desire and performance.

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