Good Health Optimizes Your Manhood

Good Health Optimizes Your Manhood

It has been medically proven that problems with virility generally appear with age, especially from the age of 40. But can these disorders be treated and cured in healthy older men? It's akin to asking if it's also possible to reverse the effects of aging.

Good general health goes a long way to preserving the quality of men's sexual performance. Passing the quarantine, they can also improve their sexual performance by using dietary supplements specially designed to improve virility. But these improvements are still temporary.

Pills like Viagra and Cialis can improve the quality and duration of erections but their effects do not last more than a few hours, at most for a weekend. And when these disappear, your problems arise again. These drugs do not make it possible to improve your sexual performance in the long term and the men who use them must take them before having sexual intercourse.

If men notice a significant deterioration in their sexual performance or libido before the age of 40, they should take action because they are probably suffering from erectile dysfunction. And this disorder, when left untreated, can also indicate circulatory or heart problems.

People who eat too rich foods, who smoke or who drink too much alcohol can also suffer from Atherosclerosis: it is the accumulation of fatty substances inside the arteries. These deposits gradually impede blood flow to the penis, which can cause erection problems.

Dr. Karen Boyle, who is a urologist at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, says: "The small blood vessels supplying the penis can become damaged much faster than the [larger] vessels supplying the heart. In younger men and middle-aged men, erectile dysfunction is often the first sign of atherosclerosis."

Sometimes Viagra pills or other drugs of the same type do not effectively treat erectile dysfunction, says Dr. Boyle. These men need to address the source of their problems, such as losing weight or lowering their cholesterol levels. They should quit smoking and limit their alcohol consumption. Lifestyle changes have been proven to greatly improve libido and sexual performance, Dr. Boyle adds.

To sum up, it is possible to improve one's sexual performance by improving one's general state of health. By using this method, you will not have to use drugs designed to enhance virility. Some treatments such as male extra are available without a prescription and are generally very effective in increasing libido and sexual performance, if the men using them are in good health.

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