Guide: How to Stretch Your Penis?

Guide: How to Stretch Your Penis?

What is penis stretching?

Stretching the penis is a method that differs somewhat from Jelq. The purpose of this operation is to lengthen the penis in its entirety by stretching it "manually" on a regular basis.

To perform this action, you can use a penis extender, but the benefits of manual stretching are:

– This is a natural process – This method is free – You can start practicing it immediately – You can practice wherever you want (as long as you do it in private!)

Is Penis Stretching Effective?

The most reliable penis enlargement methods all include stretching. This method is very important because it can effectively improve the length and girth of the penis. It also speeds up the enlargement process.

Many men are content with just a few Jelq exercises and the use of their sizgenetics extender to enlarge their penis. They could, however, obtain much better results by stretching.

You will be able to reach your goals much faster by including stretching in your enlargement exercises.

I have been doing these exercises since the beginning, but at first I favored the Jelq exercises more by devoting less time to stretching.

This choice considerably limited my progress during my first months of training. My method was not effective. I therefore recommend that you do not neglect stretching because these exercises will allow you to optimize the final result.

The different methods of stretching the penis

There are several methods that allow you to stretch your penis. I have already mentioned this, but now I will only describe the most well-known stretching methods. Here are the different techniques in question:

Penis Extenders : I have already briefly touched on this subject. These devices allow you to stretch your penis for long periods of time by subjecting it to moderate pressure (learn more about the sizegenetics extender).

You can use these devices while you sleep or after your penis stretching exercises to optimize the results obtained. These devices are very easy to use and allow you to enlarge your penis effortlessly.

Penis Weight Suspension : To apply this method, you must suspend a weight from your penis and let it hang down. The amount of pressure your penis experiences depends on the type of weight you are hanging.

This method is undoubtedly one of the oldest that is used to enlarge the penis. This is also the most unpleasant process, but it can still be particularly effective.

Manual stretching : This is also a method that I have already mentioned. To perform this technique you must pull and stretch your penis manually in order to exert effective traction on the muscles of your penis.

The amount of pressure your penis experiences depends on how much force you use to stretch it. This method is usually used in conjunction with other Penile stretching exercises.

We recommend that you begin by performing manual stretches and include these exercises in your daily training. Then after several months, when you are a little more experienced, you can use a penis extender to complete the manual stretching exercises.

What are the effects of manual stretching on the penis?

Manual stretching should be done in two ways: the first is to enlarge the ligaments of the penis (mainly the suspensory ligaments). The penis does not contain any bones, it consists entirely of smooth muscles.

The ligaments connect the muscles to the bones, the suspensory ligament connects the penis to the pubic bone. It is this ligament that defines the upward angle (and length) of your penis when erect.

This ligament allows us to have erections but it also defines (by limiting it) the distance that separates our sex from our body when it is at rest.

The suspensory ligament is therefore one of the most important elements of the penis.

The second mode of stretching helps to strengthen and stretch the muscles of the penis (mainly the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum).

This method is similar to all those used to stretch muscles. When the muscles are contracted, their size shrinks. And when stretched, they become longer and more flexible.

The same is true for the muscles of the penis. You can stretch them to make them longer. In the end, these exercises make it possible to lengthen your penis in its entirety.

How do we get results?

Stretching exercises designed for muscles are similar to resistance exercises. These target a particular muscle group and allow us to strengthen them by practicing specific stretching exercises on a daily basis.

Your bulking & stretching program will work the same way. You will be required to perform specific exercises in a specific order to optimize the results obtained.

How to practice manual stretching?

Just like Jelq exercises, stretching should be done by hand. You can perform these exercises wherever you want (as long as you do it in private) and this method is completely free.

We advise you to perform a few simple stretches to prepare your penis for this type of exercise.

Later, you can integrate more complex stretches into your program and you can also start using machines. We will first study the basic stretches.

Jelq and stretching exercises form the basis of the penis enlargement program. Stretching exercises should be done with caution to limit the risk of injury.

If you perform these exercises correctly, you are safe. If you rush or if you do not follow the usual recommendations, you risk injuring yourself (and damaging your penis).

Pre-Stretching Warm-ups

You must warm up before performing the exercises that make up your penis enlargement program. This is a basic rule. By following this advice, you will limit the risk of injury and optimize the results obtained.

Before you start stretching exercises, you must make sure that you have thoroughly dried the skin of your penis. Your penis should be at rest while you perform these stretches. This will allow you to optimize the effects of stretching and to manipulate your penis more easily.

Ascending Stretch

To perform it, you must pull your penis upwards, grabbing it by the glans. You must use your index finger and your thumb to grip the latter. This exercise allows you to slightly stretch the penis by gently pulling it.

Adjust your grip so that you stretch both sides of the penis equally. Both sides of the penis should experience equal pressure.

You should feel the base of your penis stretch slightly as you pull it toward your chest.

The base of your penis is where your penis meets your pubic bone. This sensation should not be painful. If you feel pain, it means you're pulling too hard and you might hurt yourself. If so, you should stop the exercise immediately.

Each stretch should last about 30 seconds. You should pause for 15 seconds before performing another 30 second stretch. We recommend that you repeat this operation five times.

VARIATION: after performing a first stretch, you can also stretch your penis and hold it in this position for 3 to 4 minutes (no more than 5 minutes). You can then interrupt the exercise. I prefer this method because it is much easier to apply. You just have to stretch your penis in order to feel it lengthen.

This technique is easier because you don't have to count the seconds during stretches and breaks to apply it.

These two methods are effective and they will allow you to obtain visible results. For my part, I simply have a preference for the second technique.

Descending Stretch

It is the same exercise as the upward stretch, the only difference concerns the direction in which you stretch your penis, in this case the movement must be carried out downwards, towards the ground.

You should follow the same tips for this exercise as for the previous movement. We recommend that you gently pull your penis until you feel it stretch from its base. This exercise should not cause any pain, if it hurts you should stop immediately.

Your penis must also be at rest during this exercise, you must avoid performing it if your sex is semi-erect.

We recommend that you place two of your fingers where your penis meets your pubic bone to optimize the stretching of your penis. That said, I do not recommend this practice for beginners.

Pro Tips

After about 5 minutes of exercise, we recommend that you enter a semi-erect state (50%) to stimulate blood circulation inside your penis. This will allow you to enjoy a recovery period as the blood will carry nutrients and cells through your penis, in order to repair the micro cracks present. This practice will also help you limit the risk of injury, which is a significant advantage.

In circumcised men, the area under the glans may be very sensitive when stretching. They may therefore find it difficult to grasp and hold their sex firmly.

This problem can prevent them from performing the stretches effectively. To solve it, we advise you to use a dry tissue to wrap the upper part of the penis. This fabric will allow you to grasp and manipulate your penis more easily.

We recommend that you limit your efforts and stop exercising when you feel tired or uncomfortable. You should perform the stretches slowly, gradually increasing the pulling force. This will allow you to improve the size of your penis without pain.

You should always take a break after stretching. This recovery time allows blood to flow back into your penis and reduces the risk of injury.

We recommend staying partially erect when performing stretches (10-20%). Your penis must remain flexible enough to allow you to perform these exercises correctly.

Ignore advice that tells you that you can stretch in an advanced state of erection (60%). This information is unreliable and you risk injury if you attempt to stretch in such a condition.


For my part, I started my program by alternating stretches during my exercises: ascending stretches then descending stretches.

Beginners can perform these stretches without difficulty and these exercises will allow them to achieve visible results. You now have all the information you need to start a penile stretching program.

We will soon offer a complete guide to detail the most complex penile stretches. These exercises are perfect for people who have been on a training program for several months.

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