Here Are The Differences Between Flesh Penis And Blood Penis

Here Are The Differences Between Flesh Penis And Blood Penis

Here are the differences between penises of flesh and penises of blood

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The blood penis and the flesh penis are the two possible types of erect penises. The first goes, during the erection, to gorge itself with blood and thus take drastically in length and thickness. The second will fill less with blood so that its dimensions will vary to a lesser extent than the gender of blood. To illustrate this, it is possible to compare these types of phallus to the two states of the puffer fish.

Either way, it's important to know your penis type. Indeed, in this way you will be able to identify the cause of a possible erectile dysfunction. Because, depending on whether you are a penis of flesh or a penis of blood, you expose yourself to disorders whose causes will be different.

1 Penis of flesh, penis of blood: what is the difference?
2 How do you know if you have a penis of flesh or a penis of blood?
3 Possible erectile dysfunctions, depending on the type of penis

Penis of flesh, penis of blood: what is the difference?

Whether you have a flesh penis or a blood penis, an erection works the same way. The penis of flesh is gorged with blood, however in lesser quantities: its size therefore does not vary enormously between the flaccid state and the erectile state. The blood penis, on the other hand, absorbs a lot of blood and therefore varies in size more (source).

Note that this does not mean that one is bigger than the other or that one works better than the other. The blood penis will tend to be smaller in size, when in a flaccid state. Once erect, it will be the average size of an erect penis. As for the flesh penis, its size varies little or not between the two states.

This difference will depend on your genetic heritage. This means that the blood penis will remain blood penis and vice versa. It is a characteristic of your penis, like the shape of your penis, its color or its size. It has no impact on your erections and does not influence the quality of your sexual intercourse.

How do you know if you have a penis of flesh or a penis of blood?

To find out which penis category you belong to, you will need to measure your penis. Attention, it will be important to take the dimension of your sex in the flaccid state and in erection. Also measure the height and width. Then compare these data.

1. If your penis doubles or triples in size between the two states: you probably have a bloody penis. Your penis contains numerous blood vessels which fill up with blood when you are aroused. You really see the difference between the flaccid state and the erectile state. 2. If your penis only grows a few inches, then you have a flesh penis. When you are aroused, your penis does not grow enormously, on the other hand, it hardens.

Again, this has nothing to do with ideal penis size. Thus, the average length of a flaccid penis is 9.1 cm (source). However, if you have a blood penis, it is very likely that you are below this average. On the other hand, if you have a penis of flesh, it's a safe bet that your sex in the flaccid state measures a little more than 9 cm.

Possible erectile dysfunctions, depending on the type of penis

Before lifting the veil on the different possible sexual dysfunctions of the chai r penis and the blood penis, it is important to know how an erection works. When you are stimulated, ie sexually excited, your libido increases and your brain will send nerve messages to your penis via sex hormones such as testosterone (source). This will have the effect of dilating the blood vessels of your sex so that the blood is more abundant at the level of the penis (source). This is because in order for your penis to swell and harden, your blood vessels will dilate.

Erectile dysfunction can affect penises of flesh as well as penises of blood. This results in erectile dysfunction and impotence (source). However, depending on the type of penis, the causes can vary. We explain here the different reasons why erectile dysfunction can occur depending on your type of penis.

Possible erectile dysfunction for the flesh penis

Thus, in the case of a penis of flesh, the dimensions vary very little between the flaccid state and the erectile state. The reason is that the blood vessels tend to be well dilated at rest, much as they should be under excitement. However, the penis remains flaccid because the blood pressure is lower than in the erectile state. If your penis is as rigid when erect as when flaccid, this may be a symptom of priapism.

Thus, this means that if you experience a breakdown or a soft erection, it is not your blood circulation that must be called into question, but rather the triggering of excitement, ie your libido. It doesn't necessarily mean that you don't feel like having sex, or that you don't have desire for your partner. Indeed, sometimes the stress of daily life or an unpleasant event can interfere with sexual life and induce a libido disorder (source).

To remedy this, it is advisable to first consult a health professional or a sexologist. Another solution is to use an aphrodisiac or a natural Viagra such as Viasil. We have also examined it. So, you can read our full Viasil review for more information on this non-prescription viagra alternative.

Erectile problems for blood penises

With regard to the penis of blood whose size can sometimes triple in the erectile state, it is the opposite. Your penis is obviously less irrigated when you are in a flaccid state than in an erection. However, when you are excited, your organism sends a nervous message which will considerably increase the blood flow in your penis. On the excitement side, you usually have no problem.

On the other hand, if for one reason or another you have blood circulation problems, then you may experience some episodes of impotence (source). Erectile dysfunction due to poor dilation of blood vessels is not to be taken lightly. Indeed, over time, it could get worse and become more and more frequent (source).

In this case, the solution to your erection problems is to improve your blood circulation and play on the dilation of your blood vessels. For this, it is advisable to consult your doctor or a urologist who will probably prescribe Viagra. If you prefer a more natural solution, do not hesitate to read our opinion on Viasil. Indeed, this food supplement is composed only of natural elements which will make it possible to increase the libido but also to support the dilation of the blood vessels to support the erection.

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