How Fear of Intimacy Can Cause Premature Ejaculations?

How Fear of Intimacy Can Cause Premature Ejaculations?

Premature ejaculation can be caused by different factors, these include in particular the lack of sexual experience, over-excitement as well as several other problems related to the health or the lifestyle of the men affected by this type of disorder. About forty percent of men around the world will deal with premature ejaculation issues in their lifetime. Depending on its cause, this sexual disorder can be temporary or chronic. In this case this problem can become serious, if it is not treated this disorder can have harmful and lasting consequences on all areas of your life.

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation often turn to psychologists to try to solve their personal problems because they hope that this method can also help them to deal effectively with their sexual problems. Psychologists point out that the majority of men who are affected by this type of problem often have a deep fear of intimacy which affects their sexual performance. But what is the relationship between these two factors and what can we do to know if we are affected by this fear of intimacy?

Living in fear of intimacy

Men who have premature ejaculation problems ejaculate too quickly during sex. According to psychologists, some men ejaculate quickly so they can get away from their partner quickly because they don't realize they don't really like them. These men may also have unresolved issues and some pent-up anger in particular, but in any case, they all ejaculate without having consciously decided to do so. This action is caused by their brain against their will.

The situation is similar when these men are afraid of intimacy. Their brain encourages them to ejaculate quickly in order to end the sexual relationship as soon as possible because it avoids them sharing a moment of intimacy with their partner. This usually happens with all of their sexual partners. In order to confirm this thesis, psychologists question all their patients as a couple about their sex life. They ask first about the frequency of their sexual relations and their moments of intimacy.

It is important to explain to women who have a partner who seems to be afraid of intimacy that this problem usually has nothing to do with them. If the latter fails to prolong the duration of his erections, this does not necessarily mean that he does not like his partner or that he has unresolved problems concerning her. In most cases, this fear affects men since childhood and they will have to undergo a long therapy in order to get rid of it.

What are the factors that can cause a fear of intimacy?

It is not surprising to learn that the fear of intimacy develops during childhood. This problem is almost always caused by the way our parents treated us during our childhood or by the way we interpreted their exchanges or their relationships. Whether they were abusive, neglectful, or emotionally inept, all of our parents' behaviors have an impact on our psyches.

It is again important to clarify that this is never a conscious process, this fear becomes a biological reaction that represents the experiences we have had growing up. When we grow up with a distorted vision of intimacy, we are almost condemned to adopt the same behaviors in our future life. In addition, the unpleasant emotional experiences we had during our youth make us go to great lengths to run away from negative emotions, which therefore prevents us from forming an intimate relationship with another person.

A Solution Exists

If you're not ready to face your feelings just yet, that's perfectly understandable. Many treatments and methods are now available on the market to help you solve your premature ejaculation problems and enjoy a fulfilling sex life. But if you don't take action to resolve your emotional problems, your sexual problems may reappear in the future and you will then have to deal with all the stress, anxiety and torment they cause again.

We therefore recommend that you consult a therapist in order to identify the problems that prevent you from fully enjoying your sex life with your partner. This method can be very effective. Premature ejaculation is a disorder that can seriously affect your life and that of your partner, so you must join forces in order to solve your problems and restore intimacy within your couple.

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