How long does a sexual relationship last on average?

How long does a sexual relationship last on average?

Am I lasting long enough in bed?

This is a very common thought among most men. There's nothing worse than the fear of not being able to satisfy your partner, and premature ejaculation or the time it takes you to dump your load too soon can become a huge problem!

Let's put it this way…

Have you ever had completely mind-blowing sexual fantasies? It is very likely that in many of these fantasies you imagine that the sex will last a long time.

A lot of people generally think this way, they believe really good sex is meant to last a long time. But in many cases this is not the case and they end up disappointed.

3 to 13 minutes is all you need to be within the norm. Really?

There are people who know the area very well and say that sex only lasts from three to thirteen minutes. I know, it sounds crazy, but usually the best sex is really intense. Because the sex is intense, both people end up orgasming very quickly.

When this happens both people are out of breath after the act. It could be argued that when sex lasts a long time, it takes both people longer to reach orgasm.

Not everyone is the same…

Now, before you get mad, I'm not saying this applies to everyone. Some people are able to arouse their partners and bring them to orgasm, and then reverse the roles. Other people are able to get aroused and ready to go again, and the second time around their bodies can last longer without even having an orgasm.

There have been many studies done by doctors, psychologists and other health professionals. In many cases, all of these people have dealt with patients who were asked how long it would take for a particular sexual act to be considered good. In most cases, the time between the different responses was very short.

Many people consider a minute or two not enough. Some consider the norm to be between seven and thirteen minutes, while others consider more than 30 minutes to be excessive. But these figures do not apply to everyone, there are many factors that can come into play.

Sexual rhythm of partners and its relation to orgasm

The ideal is when the two people are in rhythm and synchronous. Sometimes sex can be so good that neither partner wants it to end. In other cases, women take longer to reach orgasm. In any case, there can be no strict rules.

The study that was conducted only showed that when it comes to good sex, duration matters very little. Seven to thirteen minutes is not a lot of time.

But I guess when the sex is good, you don't feel the time passing, do you? A good sexual relationship can go on and on, especially if both people want it.

The final conclusion of this endless debate on sex?

Well, to be honest, it's hard to pin down the ideal length exactly because we're all different and have different sexual mechanisms in our bodies. The key is to find a balance and ways to please everyone. Lots of pills like Male Extra and VigRX Plus can help you last longer in bed, while making the act much more enjoyable.

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