How to determine the size of his penis?

How to determine the size of his penis?

Many men want to know the size of their penis, and wonder if it is too small, normal or long enough. All these questions intrigue men first, and their women too. There are a thousand ways to measure your penis, but you can never be sure that the method used is the right one, or that the result is credible.

The measurements to take into account to know the size of the penis

To be able to measure a penis correctly, certain measurements must be taken into account, whether for length or width. First, you need to know the length at rest. To do this, take a ruler and put the end in contact with the pubis, taking the bone as a reference point. From there, place the ruler parallel to the penis and note the measurement displayed on the ruler, which corresponds to the tip of the penis. Then you have to give the circumference of the penis. This time, the use of a flexible tape measure is essential for more precision. These measurement methods are valid for a penis both at rest and in erection. However, the measurements must be taken in a warm environment, otherwise the result will be distorted, because it is known that under the effect of the cold, the penis shrinks.

The correct technique for measuring the penis

Taking a ruler and/or a tape measure and putting it on your penis is not enough to give the exact size of your penis, because you still need to know the measurement techniques. There are several methods ranging from the simplest to the most complicated, which allow to take the measurements of the penis, in particular that which consists in measuring your penis using your hands. Simply fold the middle finger into the palm of the hand, then mark a point where the finger stopped, and finally measure the distance between the point and the end of the finger. This is the simplest technique, but the result is not always satisfactory. We can also take the measurements of the penis when it is at rest, after sport, on waking, after the shower. This method makes it possible to have different sizes of the penis in all circumstances. Then proceed to add the figures obtained, then to divide them, according to the number of measurements taken. For a more plausible result, take the measurement at each variation. This second technique is more precise given the multitude of measurements taken.

normal penis size

A large number of men place great importance on the size of their penis. And that's also the reason why they want to know the caliber. However, you should know that the normal size of the penis varies according to age and certain circumstances. A flaccid penis is normally around 7.6 to 10.5 cm long. For an erect penis, on the other hand, the normal length is 12.9 to 15.26 cm, with a circumference of 11.4 to 14 cm. Anyway, there are always ways to make it bigger for the most dissatisfied.

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