How To Enlarge Your Penis: 9 Solutions To Increase The Size Of Your Penis

How To Enlarge Your Penis: 9 Solutions To Increase The Size Of Your Penis

How to enlarge your penis: 9 solutions to increase the size of your penis

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For some men, the size of their penis can be complex and prevent them from having a fulfilling sex life. But today, certain methods can be adopted to gain a few centimeters.

Dietary supplements have proven their worth and have conquered thousands of men. We will also present to you all the other existing techniques: penis pumps, penis extenders, penile exercises, surgery and we will tell you if these methods are really effective.

1 How to enlarge your penis: discover the 9 solutions
2 Why enlarge your penis?
3 How to enlarge your penis naturally?
4 Tricks to make the penis look bigger
5 Our preferred solution to enlarge your penis

How to enlarge your penis: discover the 9 solutions

Solution 1: food supplements, a really effective method

The most effective way to increase the size of your penis is to take dietary supplements. Composed of natural ingredients whose effects have been scientifically proven, they give visible and lasting results. Here are three dietary supplements with real effects on the size and circumference of the male sex.

The products presented below are natural and therefore pose no danger to health.

Member XXL

By acting on nitric oxide, Member XXL widens the blood vessels and therefore facilitates blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis. Therefore erections are promoted and sex can be enlarged.

To optimize results, it is advisable to take Member XXL over a period of 3 to 6 months. It is a gentle but effective treatment that takes time for the results to last.

The dosage to follow is 2 capsules per day to be taken before meals. Member XXL has no contraindications. Find our opinion on Member XXL to learn more about this pill.

At the moment, for 2 boxes purchased, Member XXL offers you the third. So you maximize results with a treatment that's been proven on thousands of men.

To avoid counterfeiting, only buy from the official website available with the link below.

go manly

Goviril is another penis enlargement pill. This dietary supplement acts on several levels to boost sexual performance. He :

– has an aphrodisiac effect by increasing sexual desire – improves stamina in bed – enlarges the size and volume of the penis – improves erectile functions

Its actions are permitted thanks to the combination of several natural ingredients including:

– maltodextrin – maca – damiana – pomegranate.

These natural ingredients will promote muscle mass gain in the penis. Its assets also boost cell formation, necessary to enlarge the penis. To find out more, we also invite you to read our opinion on Go Viril.


Xtrasize ensures fast and lasting effects. It consists in particular of:

– matzah roots; – pumpkin seeds; – tribulus terrestris (known to be a natural aphrodisiac); – L-arginine.

In terms of results, the penis gains in size (up to 35% more) and enlarges (see our opinion on XtraSize for more information).

Solution 2: Penoplasty, penis surgery

Penile enlargement surgery is a drastic solution and not without risks. Among the operations that can be performed, there is penile lengthening penoplasty. This innovative technique is achieved by hyaluronic acid infection. This natural product has volumizing properties that increase the volume of cavernous bodies.

Local anesthesia is required for an operation that lasts nearly 45 minutes. The increase in size can vary between patients from 2 to 7 cm in length at rest. It is necessary to establish a preliminary diagnosis with a specialist surgeon and an anesthesiologist.

There are no contraindications except those related to local anesthesia. Some side effects have been revealed: uneven distribution of the product causing irregularities in shape, pain and a tingling and itching sensation.

The cost of such a penis enlargement surgery is also to be taken into account from 3500 to 4500 euros.

Solution 3: lipofilling

Lipofilling is also a surgical procedure which aims to increase the circumference of the male sex at rest (2 to 3 cm on average) by injecting fat from another part of the body (generally the belly) into the penile tissues. This plastic surgery technique is generally performed on the face to slow down facial weight loss associated with aging. This intervention which aims to have a bigger penis is carried out under general anesthesia and lasts for one to two hours.

The surgeon cuts the suspensory ligament at the base of the penis which provides support during an erection. By cutting it, the angle of the penis is modified, which can make it appear longer: this intervention would increase the length of the flaccid penis by 1 to 3 cm. However, the satisfaction rate of people who have performed this penis surgery is quite low: between 30 and 60% (source).

There is no contraindication concerning lipofilling apart from those related to general anesthesia. It is important to note that this operation to enlarge his penis is rather painful for the patient, especially when he wakes up and in the days that follow. On average, 30% of the injected fat remains in the sex after one year.

As side effects, some cases are reported:

– ulceration – random-looking sex – noticeable granules on the surface of the sex- infections, hematomas, erection problems, blood clots (source)

Finally, the American Urological Association claims that surgery to increase penis size is neither safe nor effective (source).

The price is also to be taken into account: count between 4000 and 5500 euros.

Solution 4: The penis extender

The penis extender is a more drastic technique: it exerts a continuous and gentle traction to stretch the tissues of the penis and create micro-lesions, which when they heal, make the penis appear larger. Concretely, the penis extender will act either by stretching the muscle fiber of the penis, or by inflating it by injecting air directly inside the penis. This device must be worn daily to enlarge your penis.

The penis extender can cause side effects like:

Lesions if you choose a poor quality model. – Pain : this is not normal and may be a sign that your penis extender is poorly positioned or that the force exerted is too great.

Attention! The penis extender is not effective on all men.

Few studies have proven the effectiveness of this device on penis elongation. Moreover, it is recommended to wear it for several hours a day, which is really not practical. Side effects such as redness and irritation in the penis have been reported by users. It is necessary to consult a doctor or a sexologist before using such a device.

Solution 5: The penis pump

Originally, the penis pump was intended to promote erections. But for some years the manufacturers also claim that this device can also enlarge the penis. What is it really?

To use a penis pump, you insert your penis into the cylinder to pump and create a suction effect. This would improve the circulation of blood in the penis, which would make it possible to obtain an erection. Once your penis is erect, you must place the ring of your penis pump around your penis, then remove the tube. The ring should be kept on for a maximum of 30 minutes. After this time, this could be harmful to your penis and your blood circulation.

Note that the effect of the penis pump is temporary : it lasts as long as you wear the ring. Its effectiveness is also limited: while it can sometimes be used to treat erectile problems, there are no studies to prove that it can increase penis size.

In fact, according to a study conducted in 2006, participants who used a penis pump for 6 months did not notice any significant physical effects. Some of them, however, felt satisfaction from a psychological point of view.

A penis pump is not without side effects: discomfort, painful ejaculations, red spots on the skin, feelings of numbness can be felt in particular. Injuries can also appear according to the Mayo Clinic website.

In terms of contraindication, the penis pump cannot be used by all men either. It is not recommended if you:

– Have clotting problems or are on anticoagulant therapy. – Present a curved penis or have a loss of sensations in your penis. – Have suffered from prolonged erections.

These devices are effective in curing erection problems. However, no studies have been able to prove their effectiveness in enlarging penis size.

Solution 6: Creams to enlarge the penis

Easy to use with application on an erect penis, 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, ointments or creams to enlarge the penis consist mainly of plants. These creams to have a bigger penis, the best known of which have not yet proven their effectiveness through serious scientific studies.

Side effects such as redness and burning sensations have been reported by users of these penis enlargement creams. It is essential to consult a doctor in the event of the appearance of these symptoms.

Solution 7: Exercises to enlarge your penis

The results of exercises to enlarge your penis have never been scientifically proven and these exercises are not without consequences for your health. We present to you the two most well-known penile exercises: the Jelqing exercise and the Kegel exercise.

Jelqing exercises

These exercises are similar to masturbation and consist of pulling on the penis to create micro-lesions. The theory behind these penis stretching exercises is that when the micro-lesions heal, they will grow in size, making the penis bigger. To practice this exercise:

– The penis must be in a flaccid state. – You must form a 0 with your thumb and index finger. – You must go up from the base to the glans of the penis by gently pulling on it.

This practice can be dangerous if you do it incorrectly. Consequences and side effects are: bruises, pains, bruises, aches and other damage that can sometimes cause erection problems. For some specialists and sexologists, jelqing is also dangerous and useless. Additionally, some scientific studies claim that manual stretching is not effective in increasing male girth and length (source). The practice of jelginq is therefore not recommended to enlarge your penis.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises can be done to strengthen the pelvic floor. Some research suggests that these exercises can help restore bladder control after prostate surgery. For some men, they can also help treat erectile dysfunction and prevent premature ejaculation. They would also increase the intensity of orgasms (source). On the size of the penis, however, they have no scientifically proven impact.

To practice these exercises:

– Locate your pelvic floor muscles, also called the pubococcygeus muscle. To identify them, you can urinate and stop urinating halfway through. The muscle you use to hold your urine in is the pubococcygeus muscle. – Contract it for 5 to 20 seconds. – Release.

You can repeat these steps 10 to 20 times in a row, between three and four times a day. Over time, increase the number of contractions and the length of time held between each one.

Kegel exercise has interesting effects to strengthen the pelvic floor but in no case will it have an effect to lengthen the penis. Jequing exercises are to be avoided because the side effects are too important and the effectiveness of these exercises has never been proven.

Solution 8: Penis massage

Penis massage stimulates the penis, testicles and glans. Done well, it will be a source of excitement and will also improve erection management. But no scientific study has proven the effectiveness of penis massage on enlarging it.

The massage of the penis is a source of pleasure but in no case a way to enlarge the size of his sex.

Solution 9: Weight suspension

For this technique, a traction device or weight is attached to the sex at rest to stretch it. However, this method can be hazardous to health. In addition, no scientific study has proven its effectiveness in lengthening your penis. It is therefore not recommended.

Weight suspension is a method to avoid because of its ineffectiveness and the many side effects it could cause.

Why enlarge your penis?

It is natural to wonder why to enlarge your penis. Indeed there are three main reasons that lie in the fact that the size of the penis in men is a subject of concern.

Although the majority of them are in the national average which varies between 12.9 cm and 14.7 cm (source), some find that the size of their penis is insufficient. This feeling can develop very early in children and adolescents and persist into adulthood.

This complex, sometimes called locker room syndrome or genital dysmorphophobia, can take the form of an obsession with being afraid of being naked in front of someone else. This complex is independent of the actual size of the penis is more of a psychological order. This is why enlarging his penis can become an obsession for them.

The other major cause that drives men to want to enlarge their penis is more objective. Some men actually have a small penis or even a micropenis and naturally want to increase the size.

Finally, men who have an average penis size want to have a bigger sex, both to feel more pleasure but also to give more to their partner. Influencing through pornography is a desire that drives men to test a method to lengthen their penis.

In these three cases, there are solutions that we have detailed for you previously.

How to enlarge your penis naturally?

Certain foods such as natural aphrodisiacs have an action on the male sex. On the other hand, the latter would be effective in remedying erectile dysfunction and not in enlarging or modifying the size of the penis. Among them, you can find:

Ginger : very often, aphrodisiac ginger products are used to improve sexual performance. By consuming it regularly, your stamina, vitality and vigor could be improved. Your erectile dysfunction could also be remedied.

Study demonstrating the effects of ginger on erectile dysfunction: A 2014 study showed that daily ginger extract supplementation in mice boosted sperm production after 22 days compared to a control group. Other studies have shown that ginger extracts reduced male infertility in rats (source).

Ginseng : this root is said to be effective in increasing endurance and obtaining better erections (source). – Onions : researchers claim that onions improve blood circulation, especially in the penis. – Avocado : its vitamin B5 content would help strengthen virility and fight a soft erection. Avocados are also rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that would widen blood vessels, which would reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It would also reduce the damage caused to spermatozoa (source). – Oysters : this food is said to be effective in improving libido, increasing sperm production and promoting testosterone production. With oysters, erections would also be stronger. This is due to their high zinc content. Indeed, zinc would help the body to produce testosterone, a hormone linked to sexual desire. It would also help to synthesize the thyroid hormones, necessary to have energy. (source). – Asparagus : rich in vitamin K, asparagus is essential for muscle strength. With asparagus, erections would also be stronger and more vigorous.

Natural products are effective aphrodisiac foods to achieve better erections and sexual arousal. On the size of the penis, however, they have no proven action.

Tricks to make the penis look bigger

To make your penis seem bigger, these tips can be put in place:

Cut your pubic hair short. This will create an optical effect: by cutting the pubic hair, the penis will appear larger. But be careful, because shaving must be done well at the risk of suffering from burns, itching, ingrown hairs… – Lose body fat if you are overweight. Indeed, losing fat on your abdominal belt will make the length of your penis stand out more.

Our preferred solution to enlarge your penis

Before asking yourself how to have a big penis, and want to increase the circumference of your penis, ask yourself if it is really important for you to have a more imposing sex. If so, you have seen that there are many so-called solutions, but few are really effective.

Indeed, only food supplements like Member XXL are effective over time. This is why we advise you to take it, which will allow you to gain several centimeters, boost your libido and improve your erectile functions.

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