How to Fight Male Impotence Naturally

How to Fight Male Impotence Naturally

Men, with their dominant male instinct, like to show off their strength and their virility, especially when they are in front of their partner. It's kind of a way to show their strength and power. This character is present in men in all sectors of activity and even in their daily lives. It's exactly the same in bed. However, some men have erectile problems. This impotence can be caused by circulatory failures that cause a breakdown of desire. Naturally remedying this situation is possible.


Ginger is an excellent vasodilator and also a fabulous and very effective aphrodisiac. The ideal would be to consume it fresh and natural. Thus, it can be added to the meal. To do this, the roots are to be grated then, you just have to sprinkle the dishes and starters with them. This is the best way to consume it. But it is also possible to use powdered ginger which can be added to the dessert. The other version would be candied ginger.

A preparation based on ginger to produce a massage oil is also an excellent remedy for impotence. To do this, you need a drop of essential oil of ginger, Ceylon cinnamon and sandalwood and a tablespoon of apricot kernel oil. Pour the essential oils into that of apricot kernel, dilute them well. Coat the hands with the preparation and warm the hands well. Apply it to the bottom of the spine. Make a good massage so that the solution penetrates inside.


A small glass of cinnamon wine every evening during dinner is an excellent remedy for impotence. This wine can be prepared at home. You just need 60g of cinnamon, 1 liter of Muscat de Frontignan or a product of the same category, and 30g of vanilla. Macerate everything for 15 days and the wine is ready.

Cinnamon tea can remedy the problem of impotence. The ingredients are 1 cinnamon stick and just 150ml of water for a cup of infusion. Place the cinnamon stick in the cup, then pour boiling water over it. Wait 10 minutes for the solution to infuse before removing the cinnamon stick. Being a natural product, every day man can drink as much as he wants.

The celery

Celery wine is also effective against impotence. The preparation is done at home. You need a head of celery, a liter of white wine and 5 tablespoons of powdered brown sugar. Mix everything and let the solution macerate for 2 days. Drink 2 to 3 small glasses of this wine every day.


A rosemary bath for 15 minutes, without rinsing, is an excellent way to relax the muscles, to remove any feeling of stress and to regain one's power. Thoroughly mix one tablespoon of bath solution or powdered milk with 20 drops of rosemary essential oil. Pour it into your bath water and enjoy at least 15 minutes of relaxation in your bathtub.

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